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Werecats Powers Of The Crossroads At Midnight

Skullflower take many shapes, be it gruelling noise rock or their own (slightly more tasteful) take on power electronics. The frostbitten harsh noise of Draconis injected new life into their sound, and they continue to do weird things on this here record Werecats Powers of the Crossroads at Midnight, their latest entry into "the audio trilogy concerning the Darkness of Aegypt". 
  • Vinyl LP (NP-25)

Rock Power

  • Vinyl LP (NP13)
  • Label(s):
  • Nashazphone

Alvarius B
Alvarius B vs Abdel Baqy Byro in Cairo

Alvarius B, aka the great Sun City Girl himself Alan Bishop, presents this jumbled-up collaboration with Abdel Baqy Byro (unless this person is simply an invention of Bishop, you never can tell). The city of Cairo is dripping from every pore of this record, via both field recorded snatches of city life and playful guitar sketches. Very flavoursome LP on Nashazphone.
  • Vinyl LP (NP20)

Music for Zeitgeist Fighters

Kleistwahr is Gary Mundy, who fans of ‘extreme’ music will recognise as a crucial component of Broken Flag, Ramleh and the noise / power electronics / industrial scene in general from back in the day. With that in mind, Music For Zeitgeist Fighters is very listenable, shading almost into warm psych-drone territory at times. LP release on Nashazphone.
  • Vinyl LP (NP23)

The Black Iron That Fell From The Sky, To Dwell Within (Bear It or Be It)

Skullflower return with the evocatively titled vinyl LP The Black Iron That Fell From The Sky, To Dwell Within (Bear It or Be It). Since the 1980s Matthew Bower and assorted collaborators have been making pitch-black drone, noise, industrial and metal hybrids that defy classification. With this release on Nashazphone they’re once again leading the way.

Modern Journal of Popular Savagery

Porest is the audio-scramble project of Mark Gergis, who works for international reissue-lords Sublime Frequencies. Through this work, Gergis spent a lot of time in Syria, where parts of Modern Journal Of Popular Savagery was recorded. This album, the first Porest record in a decade, is a wild and darkly funny collage of samples, odd-pop and robot-voice drama. Out on Nashazphone.

Mauve Zone

Enjoy the strange sounds of el-g, a veteran weirdo and member of Orgue Agnes and Opera Mort. Mauve Zone is a little difficult to describe, since it seems to morph into a new shape every few moments, sounds never solidifying beyond the point of new-born putty before altering again. But what sounds they are! Grab a scoop and enjoy! Vinyl LP on Nashazphone.
  • Vinyl LP (NP21)

Pas Encore Mort

Wild, ridiculous, dangerous, bold artist Costes is one of a kind, performing whatever demented notions crawl into his head. He’s recorded and released over 70 albums, and this is another one. Pas Encore Mort is a fairly song-based record, with the French mutterings of Costes playing out over alternately smooth and messed-up kaleidoscope instrumentals. LP release on Nashazphone.
  • Vinyl LP (NP16)

Sam Shalabi
Isis and Osiris

Sam Shalabi makes a wide array of fantastic music (projects include Shalabi Effect, Land of Kush and The Dwarves of East Agouza with Alan Bishop): this is what he does as a solo artist. Isis and Osiris is pretty wild, dragging together spoken-word, frantic instrumental action, noisy tape manipulations, all sorts, into a properly psychedelic whole. Remarkable stuff, out on Nashazphone.
  • Label(s):
  • Nashazphone
  • Label(s):
  • Nashazphone