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Happy Earthday

Bjarki’s versatile electronic music always has some ambient undertones going on, even if they’re muffled by manic jungle beats or haunting techno kicks. Happy Earthday, the successor to 2016’s AE, promises a little bit of everything, -- but never without that distinct and personal atmospheric base layer.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7378LP)
  • CD (K7378CD)

Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall has taken us on a bunch of journeys through his ambient house universe. Now the beneficent and mysterious life-force called !K7, responsible for the DJ Kicks series, has invited him to put together a mixtape. The man has risen to the occasion and focused on an interesting selection rather than smooth mix, accelerating from 79 to 169 BPM over the course of 26 tracks from the likes of Tomaga, Primitive, and AFX.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7377LP)
  • CD (K7377CD)

Robert Hood

The latest instalment in the ever-growing catalogue of stellar mixes in the 'DJ-Kicks' series arrives from truly a giant. It's pioneering Detroit techno legend Robert Hood of course. The Motor City's very own, and a founding member of Underground Resistance with Banks and Mills, Hood laid down a blueprint for minimal techno. His DJ-Kicks here presents a crucial, timeless snapshot of techno history: 22 tracks on a mixed CD including 4 of his own, new exclusives to this release. Also on double unmixed LP, on !K7.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7376LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • CD (K7376CD)

Reto A Ichi (aka Prefuse 73)
The Lapse Of The Exchange / Alone Moving Often

Who is this new kid on the block? Guess again! It’s none other than Mr. Prefuse 73 himself, Guillermo Herren. Can’t refuse the Prefuse. Here we have a double-album narrative that begins in Manhattan’s Chinatown and is driven by the foulness of city life out into the peaceful sticks. Lots of intricate, Prefuse-esque melodies and sample-slicery to enjoy.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7363LP)
  • CD (K7363CD)

Mount Kimbie
Mount Kimbie DJ-Kicks

Mount Kimbie fans -- particularly for their selecting and mixing skills -- rejoice, for finally have !K7 got around to giving the duo a space in their hallowed DJ-Kicks series! Featuring a plethora of goodies from the likes of Severed Heads, Object Blue, Via App and an exclusive from the boys themselves of course, the seeds of the mix were sown when they toured with Actress across a run of six dates. A whole box of drums and textures on the CD (23 tracks, mixed) or 9 tracks on 2x vinyl LP of course, should you prefer. 

Midori Takada & Lafawndah
Le Renard Bleu

The first new release from Midori Takada in almost two decades! Le Renard Bleu (translation: ‘The Blue Fox’) is a single-track, twenty-minute EP that sees the Japanese composer step out alongside NYC’s Lafawndah. Takada plays tuned percussion and also employs waterphones, Japanese strings and various drums in her composition. Meanwhile Lafawndah offers vocals that appear to draw strength from both Western and Eastern opera. It’s potent stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (KENZ01)

Carl Craig
Carl Craig Sessions

Carl Craig is a phenomenal Motor City DJ-producer with an impressive back catalogue; Sessions is a timely reminder. There are early Paperclip People tracks and masterful, classic remixes for Junior Boys, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom, Rhythm & Sound and Beanfield. A classily danceable collection and a beautiful retrospective on triple LP, re-pressed by those nice peeps at !K7.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (K7224LP)
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Kruder & Dorfmeister
The K&D Sessions

On its first release in the late 90s, this epic downbeat journey was ranked alongside Carboot Soul and Entroducing as an eternal late night classic. Now almost twenty years later its legend lives on. The numerous collaborations and session tracks still sound deep and wonderful, and are come on a vast and satisfying five LPs. Dig in.
  • Vinyl Deluxe LP box set (K7073)

Forest Swords

Matthew “Forest Swords” Barnes gets The Invitation from the !K7 crowd, a sure measure of success. The selections for his mix prove eclectic and certainly more interested in portraying a range of great music than a seamless, segued mix experience. You’ve got Kara-Lis Coverdale, David Toop, Pantha Du Prince, Mira Calix, the London Bulgarian Choir performing the famous ‘Pilentse Pee’ and Vashti Bunyan’s splendid ‘Here Before’... you get the idea.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7365LP)
  • CD (K7365CD)

Nina Kraviz

Premium contemporary DJ Nina Kraviz is responsible for perhaps one of the most successful entries the extensive DJ-Kicks mix series, and so the powers that be at !K7 is giving it a vinyl re-press. A deep journey through thirty finely chosen cuts, almost half of which are taken from Kraviz’s own label трип. Double LP re-press.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7315LP)

Boom Boom Boom (The Going Going Going Remixes)

The Austrian downtempo duo Tosca released their tenth full length Going Going Going in February 2017, and now return to !K7 Records with another remix project taking hand picked producers and giving them there album source materials. With 9 widely diverse takes on the album tracks that go through funk, house and space.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7360LP)
  • CD (K7360CD)

Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters are an LA trio with a pleasingly abstract-tinged approach to electronic pop music. The core is very much songs-based, but you can expect to see fizzy noise and warm drones flashing about the place as well. Communicating is their first full-length album after five years of activity, so you know it is honed just right. On !K7.
  • Vinyl LP (K7355LP)
  • £21.49 £12.89 (saving: £8.60)
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Hior Chronik
Out Of The Dust

Trying to put your finger on what musical style this is, is like trying to remember what you had for your dinner 3 years ago on the 12th Tuesday of that year. Some describe is a 'neo-classical' others go with 'ambient-indie-neoclassical-drone-music'. Either way, it's one of those that you have to hear for yourself to truly be able to put your finger on what you think it is. Out Of The Dust is the brilliant record from Hior Chronik and is available on vinyl LP and CD and released on !K7. 
  • Vinyl LP (7K4LP)
  • £20.49 £12.29 (saving: £8.20)
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Skilled Mechanics

New tunes from the man Tricky himself! Skilled Mechanics is titled for a certain kind of CIA assassin (not, as I’d hoped, in tribute to some guys who fixed his car), a theme which suits Tricky’s brand of shuffling paranoia. As usual, he pulls in a range of vocalists to help him craft his world, including Chinese producer  Ivy 艾菲. Out on !K7.
  • Vinyl LP (K7328LP)
  • CD (K7328CD)


After seven albums and multiple releases through Werk Discs and R&S records, Lone is dropping his first ever commercial mix. Features exclusive new productions from himself as well as tracks from Drexciya(CD Only), Boards Of Canada, Radiohead, Gnork, and many more. A bright and vibrant mix that echoes his own production flares.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7353LP)
  • CD (K7353CD)

Reto A Ich
The Lapse Of The Exchange

It’s been a while since we heard anything new from Guillermo Scott Herren, but here the man best known as Prefuse 73 returns from the wilderness with a new alias. The concept for The Lapse Of The Exchange is based around a man in Chinatown, Manhattan, feeling the intense clamour of 21st century big city life as expressed through advanced sample chops and crooked melodic flurries like only Herren can do.

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Bochum Welt

Bochem Welt returns with his sixth studio album, April. He is known as an experimenter of sounds and styles -- he released music for Aphex Twin's Rephlex label back in 1994 -- and here the 16 tracks encompass a gamut running from ambient through IDM through to downtempo. He has re-edited his own tracks and supplies for you some addictively crisp and crunchy beats alongside some gentle piano moments.
  • Vinyl LP (K7352LP)
  • Limited edition

DJ Tennis

DJ Tennis steps up to the plate for the latest instalment in the venerable DJ Kicks series. Tennis’s talents are so great that they’ve let him have two CDs (or three LPs for the vinyl edition) over which to work his craft, a first for a DJ Kicks release. Cuts from the likes of Biosphere, Caribou and Monolake, plus several exclusives. 2CD / 3LP on !K7.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (K7338LP)
  • CD (K7338CD)

Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer is one of the megaminds behind the crucial Kompakt label, providing gorgeous minimal techno sounds for years now. Now he’s compiled a DJ-Kicks compilation, and it is unsurprisingly supreme. He’s got Throbbing Gristle, Jon Hopkins, Dreems and many more in the mix here, many of them present via rare remixes. CD and double LP editions (each with different tracklistings) from !K7.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7348LP)
  • CD (K7348CD)

Matthew Dear

An exciting start for 2017 in the always high-class DJ Kicks series, this time with Texan subversive electronica mastermind Matthew Dear in charge. In addition to three of his own previously unreleased tracks, this mix contains songs by Simian Mobile Disco, ItaloJohnson, and Groovesh, and others, both well-known and underground.
  • CD (K7346CD)

Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery’s ticket has come up, so it's time for him to submit his DJ Kicks mix. Avery is a strong believer in the narrative of a mix, so this Kicks edition is definitely designed to be listened to ‘properly’, all the way through. The tracklist includes Planetary Assault Systems, Reeko and some exclusive cuts from Avery himself.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7342LP)
  • CD (K7342CD)

Marcel Dettmann

Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann contributes to the taste making mix series DJ Kicks. Showing his tamer, at home listening side delving into deep and intricate percussive pieces as well as wide textural soundscapes. Holds 6 unreleased edits and remixes including Rolando’s remix of Marcel’s ‘Let’s Do It’ and comes with download code.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7340LP)

DaM-FunK / Nite-Funk
Believer / Can U Read Me

Can U Read Me is a collaboration between Dam Funk and Nite Jewel and is a marvellously slinking tune with melancholic synths and Nite Jewel's sparkling vocals being all sensual. Love it. Believer is a track Dam Funk presented on his DK Kicks mix here re-worked by legendary house music godfather Mr Fingers.  

Gut Man Cometh / Destroyer

Audion is the long-running I-Love-Techno project from Matthew Dear, and recent album Alpha was first full album released under the name in 10 whole years! To celebrate, 2 of those mighty dancefloor cuts have been extracted and remixed, one by FOLD and one by Matthew Herbert, the other electronic-music-boffin-named-Matthew. 12” on !K7.
  • Vinyl 12" (K7333EP)
  • £9.99 £5.99 (saving: £4.00)
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Matthew Dear is a man of many aliases and many styles, from electro-pop to various experimentalisms. But as Audion, Dear is a man of the dancefloor, pushing high-powered techno that positively bursts with electro-claps and low-end thump. Alpha is the first Audion full-length in a decade. CD or double LP on !K7.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7333LP)
  • CD (K7333CD)

Seth Troxler & Tom Trago present T&T Music Factory
De Natte Cel

Here, Seth Troxler & Tom Trago pair up for a great slice of smooth rolling house with a warm ambience. This 12” has the original version of De Natte Cel (“Wet Cell” in Italian), originally integrated into Troxler’s DJ Kicks mix, as well as a new ‘Disko Miks’ from fellow premier producer Prins Thomas. On !K7.

Dam Funk

Dam Funk steps up to the wheels of steel for his contribution to the venerable DJ-Kicks series. You’d expect the man to deliver some compelling funk action, and boy does he not disappoint. Stacks of quality synthy-groove, sourced from producers big and small, and topped off with an exclusive Dam Funk cut. Different tracklistings on the CD and vinyl editions.
  • Vinyl LP (K7332LP)
  • CD (K7332CD)


Moodymann steps up to the plate of the famed DJ Kicks series, loaded with an eclectic set of records. The Detroit resident throws down artists like Flying Lotus, Nightmares On Wax and Marcellus Pittman, as well as 11 exclusive edits of his own tracks. 30 tracks on the CD edition, and 19 tracks on the triple-LP vinyl edition. On !K7.
  • Vinyl Triple LP (K7327LP)
  • CD (K7327CD)

Bird Matrix (Remixes)

Bird Matrix, a one-off tune that Actress dropped on his DJ Kicks mix earlier this year, is reworked by Kid606 (who turns in both a ‘Club’ and a ‘Dub’ version) and Simbiosi, both of whom take the track to deep new territory. Also included is ‘Pear’ by GNESIS, an unrelated track, but one well worthy of standing next to the rest of this disc. 12” on !K7.

Tricky presents Skilled Mechanics
Beijing to Berlin

Tricky has always been a serial collaborator, with his albums and live shows often showcasing other artists at least as much as he. Now he’s formalised that state of affairs with Tricky presents Skilled Mechanics, a loose grouping of musicians. Beijing to Berlin features DJ Milo and Chinese MC / producer Ivy. 7” on !K7.

Seth Troxler

The latest installment in the DJ Kicks series sees Seth Troxler stepping up to the decks. This isn’t a peak-hour club mix, but one that can be enjoyed in multiple scenarios. Tracks from Derrick Carter, Herbert and Sun Ra to name but a few. Different tracklistings on the CD and the 2LP. Released by !K7.
  • CD (K7324CD)


Akase is the joint work of Harry Agius (who produces as Midland) and songwriter Robbie Redway. Together, they make electro-pop with full-blown club credentials: Murmer clicks boldly into action at the start before Redway’s soulful vocals move in. The track is supported by two remixes from Ewan Pearson. 12” on !K7.
  • Vinyl 12" (K7321EP2)
  • £7.99 £4.00 (saving: £3.99)
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Akase is the new project of Harry Agius (Midland) and Robbie Redway, presenting house / techno in the form of songs: as in, actual songs, sung by Redway. It is a good formula, and Rust is the first chance to hear what they’ve got up to. 12”, accompanied by a Midland reworking of the track, on !K7.

Jabru / Will Saul & Komon
Church feat. Joel Culpepper / Two For One

The next instalment of the neat little DJ-Kicks format of putting a new original track next to a remix of same, providing instant fresh perspectives. Jabru with Joel Culpepper (plus a Zedd Bias reworking) on the A side, Will Saul & Kommon (with an Appleblim reimagining) on the B. Church / Two For One is on !K7.
  • Vinyl 12" (K7316EP2)


Actress is known for mixing it up in his DJ sets, unafraid to shift BPMs and genres dramatically. This mix for DJ Kicks (the 49th in the series) is his first commercially released mix, finally allowing the home listener to hear what he gets up to on the decks. Includes tracks from Autechre, Mark Fell and Shit and Shine, plus an exclusive from Actress himself.
  • CD (K7319CD)

John Talabot
Without You

‘Without You’ is released as part of !K7 record’s internationally applauded DJ-Kicks twelve inch series. This soothing, heady contribution by mysterious Barcelona based DJ/producer John Talabot features original mixes alongside a selection of remixes chosen and compiled by Talabot. Featuring an all star line up of pioneering artists including Melchoir Productions Ltd, Oskar Offermann and Mistakes Are Ok, this long awaited package is a moving compilation of irresistible, gently melancholic melodies.

Brandt Brauer Frick

Techno is good, but a techno mix is better. You know this. We know this. Brandt Brauer Frick definitely know this, and their DJ Kicks mix drives the point home. With two vinyl records thumping onward, they have made it possible for you to lose yourself in smooth mixes of today’s finest techno artists.
  • Vinyl Double LP (K7311LP)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Adrian Thaws

'Adrian Thaws' is a vivid, attention-grabbing set of songs which roamfrom hip hop to house, jazz to blues, rock to reggae. Itwas recorded in Tricky’s home studio in London, where he’s living again after almost two decades in New York, Los Angeles and Paris, and features an international crew of collaborators: Francesca Belmonte, Nneka, Mykki Blanco, Bella Gotti, Tirzah, Blue Daisy and Oh Land. It’s designed to be “I suppose this is my club/hip hop album,” he says. 

Hundred Waters
The Moon Rang Like a Bell

An electronic act with an interest in meditative sounds and folk music, Hundred Waters make a very specific melancholic atmosphere which is showcased on their second record, 'The Moon Rang Like a Bell'. Full of ornate arrangements on strings and the like, as well as striking ambient passages, this record derives its atmosphere from as many different spaces as possible.

John Talabot

  • Vinyl Double LP (K7312LP)

Getting Closer

  • Vinyl Double LP (K7309LP)
  • £19.49 £9.75 (saving: £9.74)
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False Idols

  • Vinyl Double LP (K7308LP)
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Hercules & Love Affair

  • CD (K7301CD)
  • £10.99 £5.50 (saving: £5.49)
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Apparat / Telefon Tel Aviv

Dave I.D.

  • Vinyl LP (K7287LP)
  • £17.99 £9.00 (saving: £8.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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  • CD (K7287CD)
  • £10.99 £5.50 (saving: £5.49)
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  • !K7

Various (Animal Collective, Toro y Moi, Small Black etc.)
F*ck Dance Let’s Art – Sounds From The New American Underground

Dani Siciliano

  • CD
  • £11.99 £3.60 (saving: £8.39)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy