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Taj Mahal Travellers
August 1974

Reissue of album by Japanese experimental group Taj Mahal Travellers, though they only managed to travel to the Taj Mahal in 1972, 3 years after their inception. 90 minutes of improvised ambience and drone, under the coordination of Kinji Hayashi. Released on Aguirre with liner notes by The Wire contributor Julian Cowley. 

Roy Montgomery, Emma Johnston
After Nietzsche

New Zealand-based artists Roy Montgomery and Emma Johnston get together once more for another collaborative album. Unlike last year’s Suffuse, however, the veteran Montgomery is writing specifically for his partner’s voice rather than for a series of guest vocalists, and the result is quite a different sounding beast. 
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Ian William Craig
Meaning Turns To Whispers

Norman fave Ian William Craig is back again with a reissue of his earliest, piano-based album: not in a straightforward way though. While the improvised melodies he plays have that pristine neo-classical Frahm-esque beauty to them, Craig has tweaked, looped and manipulated the source piano via tape, creating some totally different textures. Mmmmmm. Meaning Turns To Whispers is limited to 500 LP copies, on Aguirre.


Baltimore resident PJ Dorsey releases his first album as his solo project Tarotplane. First is a nicely psyched-out journey, with tasty lashings of komische. Guitars are treated and reverbed, tape loops and field recordings filter in and out of the mix, and the results are all-round transportative. LP release on Aguirre.

Sacred Tapestry
Shader Complete

Dizzyingly productive alias-hopper Ramona Xavier (Vektroid, Macintosh Plus, dstnt et al), best known as a vapourwave heavyweight, reworked her 2012 album Sacred Tapestry in 2016 and now here it is again, getting its first wax treatment from Aguirre. Ranges from cloudy ambience not unlike even Alva Noto’s Xerrox stuff to more typical, screwed old jingletastic vapes.

Infinite Sound
Contemporary African-Amerikan Music

Aguirre present a special 1975 suite of explorative free jazz by Roland P. Young’s Infinite Sound outfit. Contemporary African-Amerikan Music is a politically and spiritually conscious record, mixing jazz, avant-garde and African musical influences into a seriously rich and powerful sound. Remastered reissue with liner notes by Julian Cowley.

Black Artist Group
In Paris, Aries 1973

1973 session by Black Artists Group, recorded in Paris. Though this would be filed under Free Jazz in most record stores, In Paris, Aries 1973 spends a lot of time exploring territory some distance from the sax blowouts you might expect from that genre. Lots of thoughtful activity, with a great deal of interesting percussion as well as yer trumpets and trombones. Valuable reissue, with liner notes by Julian Cowley.

An Island In The Moon

Reissue of 1990s Italo-ambient minimalist charmer An Island in the Moon by Andreolina, portmanteau-tastic moniker of composers Pier Lugi Andreoni and Silvio Linardi. Besides piano and samples from Riccardo Sinigaglia on a couple of tracks, it’s all just a pair of synths and a Roland S50, resulting in light, fluid, melodic and very expressive works.

Ōgon Batto

Its Ogon Batto! The name of the game from this Belgian is a highly synthetic synthesis of Japanese-style sounds, put together with synthesisers and often suggesting a surrealistic video game. Hedoro has the feel of an exotic fantasia for the digital age, and will surely appeal to fans of some of what Oneohtrix Point Never has been up to in recent years. On Aguirre.
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  • Aguirre

Pulse Emitter

Steve Lacy, Yuji Takahashi, Takehisa Kosugi
Distant Voices

This 1976 meeting of three avant-jazz heavyweights gets reissued by Aguirre (La Monte Young, Steve Reich, Terry Riley). Pianist Yuji Takehashi - a player so innovative that Iannis Xenakis composed especially for him - joined forces with soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy and electric violinist/Fluxus favourite Takehisa Kosugi in a 1975 recording session while Lacy was in Japan. The resulting record employs unusual techniques - at times Takahashi plays with bells attached to his hands while Lacy pressed his saxophone up to the skin of a kettle drum - to create this surreal piece. Distant Voices takes in free jazz, cosmic jazz, post-minimalist composition and serialism.

Randall McClellan
The Healing Music Of Rana Vol. 2

Originally a 1983 cassette release, these two tracks recently resurfaced as part of a tape boxset on Sun Araw’s Sun Ark label, and appear here on vinyl for the first time. McClellan employs Moog synths and a rigorous compositional process in these immersive long-form pieces, designed for therapy and meditation. This isn’t massage parlour, crystals and incense guff, but New Age at its most potent and time-bending, to rank alongside the works of Steve Roach, Laraaji and Pauline Anna Strom.  
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  • Aguirre

Fifty Foot Hose

Fifty Foot Hose are an experimental psychedelic band from California. Cauldron was originally released in 1967. This reissue is the first since its initial release. The band took the rock music of the day added experimental electronics, jazz and far-out song structures. The result is one which still sounds pretty left field today. If you’re a fan of Silver Apples and The United States of America, you should probably give this a spin. Limited edition of 1000 on 180g vinyl.


The repetitive strains of bass, drum and hurdy-gurdy playing three-piece, France, will have you in a trance with their pulsating and pounding rhythms. The band are made up from members of Tanz Mein Herz, Toad and Jerico, whilst all three are members of the Novia Collective. Occitanie is a recording of a non-stop ferocious late night live set.
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  • Aguirre

J.D. Emmanuel
Rain Forest Music

After making a handful of ambient new age albums in the early 80s J.D. Emmanuel basically stopped, moved house and left all of his records there. Luckily rediscovered this album caused enough of a stir to see him return to music and now get reissued through Aguirre. Heavily inspired by Terry Riley and Steve Reich, Rain Forest Music is filled with serene twinkling synth melodies and calm field samples that sooth the soul.

James Ferraro

Former the Skaters chap and actual skater James Ferraro has forged an idiosyncratic path over the last few years producing a dazzling array of musical styles and in fact winning the coveted the Wire Album of the Year in 2011. 'Rerex' is a wildly ambitious three hour extravaganza using cheap casios, loops and found sounds to lull us into his musical world.  


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