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Johann Johannsson & BJ Nilsen
I Am Here

Interesting to see Touch stalwart BJ Nilsen turning up on the soundtracks to films that star Kim Basinger. This is the LP release of I Am Here’s original score, in which Nilsen works alongside Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson (and wonderful cellist Hildur...view item »

Richard Chartier

Minimalist sound designer Richard Chartier explores the relationships between sound, silence and focused listening, with many of his works made as exhibition pieces and releases through Line, Important, and Raster-Norton. Removed consists of two compositions that play out like distant, formless, icy drones, but sit in i...view item »

Anna von Hausswolff
Källan (Betatype)

Kallan (translated as The Source) sees Swedish singer/songwriter Anna Von Hausswolff get out the ol' pipe organ again. It is a song inspired by the novel of the same name by Swedish author Walter Ljungqvist in which three children are searching for magic. The 12” single features a screen pr...view item »

Ande Somby
Yoiking with the Winged Ones

Yoiking With The Winged Ones is a document of a core cultural tradition of the Sámi people, from Sweden. Ande Somby sings these yoiks (some traditional, some his own compositions) with passion, technical talent and reverence. The ‘Winged Ones’ of the title refers to the fact that these performances we...view item »

freq_out 1.2 ∞ SKANDION

freq_out is a project marshalled by Carl Michael von Hausswolff. With typical rigour, he divided the audio spectrum into 12 parts and gave each to an illustrious experimental musician (BJ Nilsen, Jana Winderen and the like) to make a piece with. The results were overlaid to prod...view item »

Simon Scott

Insomni is the latest sound-work from Simon Scott. He builds up involving soundscapes from noise picked up around his home with induction coils and hydrophones, shaping these background ambiences into an abstract piece of music by adding guitars, Buddha Machines and electronics. Released by Ash International....view item »


Okay, I’ve never seen the film which this Fennesz CD is the soundtrack to which leaves me with a slight handicap in being able to appreciate the intentions of this music, but the stills in the booklet are absolutely beautif...view item »

BJ Nilsen
Draught No. 1

Unsure who this Bill Nelson fella is. Did he not sing in Be-Bop deluxe? My old manager used to love them. But then again, he was a total wanker. Oh? It's not that Bill? Not William De-Luxe ala Be-Bop? Ah....that explains why I feel like I'm hearing something akin to a digitized tropical bird's lonely love craw amplified over this bed of twinkly ...view item »

Thomas Ankersmit
Live in Utrecht

This Berlin sound artist has been around for a while with only very few physical releases, which were a couple of CDr's and an LP on Tochnit Aleph. Rather preferring to work in the realm of installations and from what I can gather his setup consists of Serge Analogue synthesizer, alto saxophone and computer. The audio here is a recording from a ...view item »