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James Ferraro

Now our Li’l Biz has long sung the praises of big-haired pop culture vulture James Ferraro but she’s busy on the boxes today so it’s up to me, something of a Ferraro novice, to tackle his new one ‘Sushi’. Ferraro is a pla...view item »

Everything Is Working / Heartlands

The big buzz surrounding this single is that Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) is one half of the unit, along with Joel Ford. I guess this is the sort of stuff that's being labelled as "chillwave", and from what I know about the scene it does fit in with the aesthetic. i.e super summery, dreamy synthesizer heavy pop. The vocal is barely dec...view item »

Chunky Monkey

ADR some of you may recall was the chap responsible for the inaugural release on the Public Information label. Real name Aaron David Ross, he is also half of Gatekeeper. I was somewhat taken by surprise when the needle first ...view item »

Yung Lean
Unknown Memory

Melancholic hip-hop with a leftfield twist from eighteen year old Yung Lean. Debut album Unknown Memory blends off-kilter autotuning and sombre synths, all wrapped up in a distinctly digital aesthetic that could have only come out of the Youtube generation. Dark as a Swedish winter. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Hippos In...view item »

Dean Blunt
The Narcissist II

Well, as far as I gather this is a mixtape re-issue and Dean Blunt aka one half of post-dub weirdos Hype Williams’s solo debut. It opens with a lengthy, blurry, crackly analogue drone of sw...view item »

Dean Blunt
The Redeemer

Being a reviewing machine, I don’t often have trouble figuring out what to say about a record. Much of the time it’s actually difficult to stop talking about things, but on this record here Dean Blunt seems to have headed in a pretty new direction, easing off on the dubby weirdness and screwed up gl...view item »

James Ferraro

James Ferraro is back with this new CD ‘NYC, HELL, 3:00AM’, and it’s one of his darker efforts, mixing up cracked, blackened digital ambience, flickering samples, twitching synths grinding mechanically against sparse touches of warm jazzy brass and the occasional bit of skewed r’n&rsquo...view item »

Triad God

“Imagine Arab Strap if they came from Vietnam rather than Glasgow.” This is what Phil said to me as he passed me this record to review apart from saying he has absolutely no information on it. A quick google search reveals this to be the ...view item »


d'Eon is a relatively new artist hailing from Montreal. This "LP" is his first full-length album and is a meditation on spirituality and religion in an age of ubiquitous media and electronic eavesdropping. It's not all easy listening because of the serious subjects but it comes across as very genuine. There are upbeat poppy songs like the catchy ...view item »

Grimes / d'Eon

A strange record this. Two Montreal artists seemingly united a quest for the perfect left-field future pop & modern Balearic attitude. Lets try the D'eon side first. He's the muntered semi-dread on the sleeve. After an odd new age-flecked opener which is virtually ruined by stuttering frequencies we get into the meat of the record and guess ...view item »

White Car
Everyday Grace

White Car is the pseudonym of a certain Elon Katz. I've never encountered his work before, but what we've got on this record is weird mutant late night techno with submerged vocals, pulsing beats and minimal synth work. It's the kind of sound that the likes of Not Not Fun and 100% Silk h...view item »

Sleep Over

The relationship between Norman Records and Boomkat is a little like that between Leeds United and Manchester United. Strange inter-city rivals, one a massive international conglomerate and one a bunch of chancers from Manchester (joke!) or also see the relationship between the Father...view item »

Hype Williams
One Nation

Hype Williams return with another collection of ambiguous lo-fi space dub tracks this time on Hippos In Tanks. Unlike previous LP's/7"s by this London (and now Berlin) based duo I've had no exposure to this new material prior to us receiving our quota of LP's so this completely fresh! This pleases me. Unfortunately 'One Nation' has no sleeve art...view item »

James Ferraro
Farside Virtual

Jimi Jimi Jimi!!! Always excited to hear the results of any new Farraro POP ART obsessed experiments. The fuzzy headed one has clearly gone waaay beyond the scrap-book concepts that characterised early tape/CD-R releases as well as his contributions to eastern psych-prov pioneers Skaters....view item »

That We Can Play

I'm totally regret not picking up a copy of 'Everything Is Working'. The cover was so alluring and the tracks were totally rad odes to the best of 80s synth pop all reworked tastefully for the kids of 2010. What was I thinking!!! Luckily long time collaborators and tight bro's Joel Ford and Daniel Lopatin (of Oneohtrix Point Never) return with a...view item »

Sleep Over
Casual Diamond

Oh man, sleepovers. Best one I ever had involved staying up all night trying to complete Resident Evil on the Playstation, motherfucking Barry Burton and all. Dogs through the windows, like - pure brown PJs EVERY BASTARD TIME! Shit was SO cash. Sleep Over (with a little 'infinity' sign in the middle which would completely break our website) are ...view item »