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As a man who spends more of his life than he would like reviewing records by non-American bands doing their damndest to sound American, it’s interesting to have a record here from Californian garage rockers Plateaus who sound like their main in...view item »

Dream Boys
Dream Boys

There was a piece on the excellent Danny Baker Saturday morning phone-in show on 5 Live where Baker admitted a man-crush on Dimitar Berbatov and invited male listeners to ring in with their same. One married forty something admitted that he had a ‘thing’ for...Gareth Southgate. The effortless jangle and strum of these three Americans...view item »

Las Robertas
Dissected Affair

Lovely 7” of loose and garagey lo-fi indie-pop here on Art Fag from Costa Rica’s Las Robertas, who chuck out two cuts of their own on the A side before covering Beat Happening’s Foggy Eyes on the other side. ‘Seconds Away’ kicks things off in lively fashion with big fuz...view item »

Cold Showers

Here’s a new 7” on Art Fag recordings who brought you the likes of Best Coast, Yohuna and ...view item »

Cheap Curls
Jackie Oh

Well that’s a cheeky band name isn’t it! Never mind that though, on this seven inch Cheap Curls are dropping three tracks of girl group-influenced garage indie jangle in the vein of the Vivian Girls or ...view item »


This is a four track seven inch EP and contains more o' that hazy ethereal pop/DIY chill-rock they have these days, this time from Wisconsin resident Johanne Swanson. The opener 'Keep Apnea' marries Julia Holter-esque stargazing vocals to a ...view item »

Best Coast
Sun Was High (So Was I)

I'm surprised this title's not been used before especially with all the medical marijuana that's being consumed in American indie rock circles nowadays. Anyway, cheeky stoner title aside, this is a fantastic slice of what you'd expect from Best Coast; blissed out, lo-fi indie pop with surfy/spaced out overtones. It's a simple refrain-based repea...view item »

Psychic Dancehall

First thing's first, there's an excellent pair of tits on the front of this record (with a very pretty girl attached). Really top notch boobs. Given that I can barely find any information about this band I have no idea if they belong to anybody involved in the recording or if they were ch...view item »


Jesus H. Corbett, it's like being at a Sixties psych-festival in here. Like a load of people doing that really crap stoned hippy dance and saying "Man.." then telling you how bad it is to be a square. This single from Dunes is not too bad. Sounding like a more monged out Best Coast, 'Armor' has a dark element to it, reminding me of Siouxie &...view item »

All Saints Day
I'll Come Around

They need to think about that name. Whichever way I look at it, it looks like All Saints. Alas its not the feted indie comeback by the Appleton sisters but a spin off of famed New York lady trio Vivian Girls alongside a gentleman who plays in Cat Power. The A-side is fantastic, fuzzy lo-fi 60's pop that most resembles lost 90's charmers The Aisl...view item »

Internet Forever
Break Bones / 3D

Internet Forever.. Story of my life. This is a two minute nugget of sweet, keyboardy indie pop gone ridiculously lo-fi. It kinda sounds like the three of them are 9 years old (which I don't think is the case) and are all plugged directly into one of those cute 5 watt desktop Marshall stack thingies. I used to have one of those and I can't rememb...view item »