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The Art Of Pretending To Swim

The return of ol' wobble voice, Conor O' Brien has sat and made this latest Villagers record all by himself in his Dublin studio. Despite this lonesome pursuit, it's an album that adds all kinds of sonic detail and soulfulness to his songwriting resulting in possibly his most accessible music to date. There's an indie's only red...view item »

Young Marble Giants
Colossal Youth

Excitement abounds this week as my quest to restock, revisit and relive some revelatory Peel discoveries of yesteryear comes in the form of Domino's reissue (is that enough re's for you?) of Young Marble Giants: "Colossal Youth". A band definitely of their time but still of great relevance today. For me the sound of YMG summons up listen...view item »

Panda Bear
A Day With The Homies

We now have a reason for why Noah Lennox sat out Animal Collective’s Meeting of the Waters EP that came out midway through 2017 - he was finishing off his first solo release since 2015. This limited-edish 12” sees Lennox retreating into the deeper frequencies, combining his trademark ...view item »

Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage

It's been awhile but since Melody Echo Chamber's debut in 2012 since then she's fallen out with its producer Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) and had a serious but unspecified accident which left her hospitalised. On the early sections of opener 'Cross My Heart' it sounds that nothing has really changed. It is gorgeous, gallic pop with a beautiful mel...view item »

Consolation EP

Now that they are quite popular, Protomartyr have made a new friend. She's not just any old friend though. She's none other than Kelley Deal from the Breeders. Everyone's favourite 'jellied eel' cockney rhyming slang appears on two tracks on this new EP which follows the bands rather successful Relatives in Descent LP. ...view item »


Tirzah has been reaching a particular audience with her contemporary, streetwise voice since her debut EP for the Greco-Roman label in 2013. Now her soulful style reaches a wider audience on her debut LP for big boys Domino records. Co-created and written with Mica Levi who also produced, 'D...view item »

Slanted & Enchanted

This was the Pavement I liked. A sloppy sprawling lo-fi charm fest taking heavy influence from the Velvet Underground and the Fall but stumbling blinking in the sun with classic melodies glinting through the fuzzy production and madcap drumming. On top of that add Malkmus wordplay and you get an...view item »

Dirty Projectors
Lamp Lit Prose

After their bleak and rather ham-fisted, one sided self titled break up album, Dirty Projectors are hopefully back doing what they do best with this lovely-titled new record. Information is thin on the ground but we hear that Lampo Lit Prose is a return to the band's infectious and inventive pop music as showcased on Swing L...view item »

Anna Calvi

Why is she so wet? What has she been doing? Anyway for this third album for Domino Anna Calvi has made a visceral and truthful record that explores those very 2018 themes of sexuality and gender identity resulting in her most raw and primal record to date. Recorded by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, ...view item »

Constant Image

I saw a rather sniffy Uncut review of this the other day but presumably because they are not called Drive-By-Truckers then this won't appeal to their world view. We found this rather catchy when we played it in the office the other day. Well no-one turned it off so that is a start. There's elements of the Breeders...view item »


Domino have snapped up London group Sorry off the back of two promising early mixtapes. Following on from Spring single ‘2 Down 2 Dance’ we now get ‘Showgirl’, a pleasant grungy slope. The press release describes it as ‘ferocious’, which it isn’t, but it’s a nice b...view item »

Joe Goddard
So Much / Human Touch

After a decade and a half with Hot Chip, time as half of 2 Bears, owning the record label Greco Roman and two solo albums, Joe Goddard has decided to focus his energy on the club scene with the first of two 12” singles. So Much brings some deep house to the ...view item »

King Creosote And Jon Hopkins
Diamond Mine

Having tuned in out of guilt to the Radcliffe and Maconie show the other night following its Radio 2 cancellation (preposterous), I was reminded of King Creosote's 'You've No Clue Do You' which is a fine slice of pop, I'd forgotten how near the mainstream he'd reached at one point. So I was interested to hear this collaboration with hardest work...view item »

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Sparkle Hard

It’s plain sailing for Stephen, who doesn’t like being called that nor Steve, and his Jicks, who just have to deal with the name Steve gave them. Their first record in a hot minute, the group devised as a holiday home to the retirement residences of Pavement are relaxed as heck and probably not getting ...view item »

Arctic Monkeys
Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino

Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? Those are the words that preceded the world’s introduction to one of Sheffield’s great institutions. 12 years ago, the band were just a bunch of scrappy teens. And now? Who the fuck are these guys? The band are almost completely unrecognisable from ...view item »

Galaxie 500
This is Our Music

Extremely classic and crucial album here from Galaxie 500, the dream-pop slow-indie band with one of the most particular sounds around. 1990’s This Is Our Music is the last album they released before splitting up, and contains songs as special as ‘Fourth of July’ and their Yoko Ono cov...view item »

Galaxie 500

Debut album of the short-lived dream pop band. Galaxie 500 are the kind of band whose mastery of texture and unrepentant slowness makes them an ideal salve for the mind. I don't know how hectic life is on a Tugboat, but if I was on one, I'd be content knowing this calming trio were at the helm. ...view item »


Debut album from frequent Mica Levi collaborator Tirzah. Devotion is her debut album, 11 tracks of cool and patient down-tempo R&B. Levi provides the production on the album while Tirzah's voice carries the melancholic atmosphere. Available on deluxe coloured vi...view item »

Animal Collective
The Painters EP

They've been hinting at it pretty much since the release of their masterpiece 'Merriweather Post Pavillion' but Animal Collective have finally convincingly jumped the shark. The actual moment comes later in the EP but the whole thing reeks of an ageing wacky comedian still trying to entertain despite their skills having long been eroded by the a...view item »

Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins’ last album started with a recording of him closing the door of his East London studio. His latest, ‘Singularity’, opens with a single beam of light. It slowly grows in intensity, it distorts, and finally a rhythm. ‘Immunity’ was grounded, for all the euphoria on the record there was something muted abou...view item »

Arctic Monkeys
Who The F**K Are The Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner knows how to grind a hook into any song. He finds the melody in two bar tunes that no one else could, and he then works around it, slowly piecing together the song. The EP is based on an idea that could go wrong or right, depending on how you perceive it. They're singing about success and fame, and the pressures the lifestyle brings ...view item »

Alexis Taylor
Beautiful Thing

You really have to hand it to him. Alexis Taylor really has some chutzpah. His last album was a disc of him singing solo piano songs endlessly whilst he managed to ingratiate himself with Charles Hayward resulting in the About Group's blot on the latter's otherwise ...view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Wolf of the Cosmos

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy has always been of particular interest to me - not because of his music - but because of his name. Why exactly does he need to claim to the 'Prince' status? Is he actually a prince? Or is he actually an unnecessary ego? Who knows. Either (or neither) way, Wolf of the Cosmos is available on vinyl LP and CD on Domino. ...view item »

Four Tet (Fourtet)

This Fourtet LP is beautiful. Mentioned this a while back and it really is lovely stuff. It's instrumental, ambient in places, has a nice chinesy feel. Find it really hard to describe for some reason but it trust me cos it's one of the best records I've heard this year... I can't do with the word fol...view item »


It's a hard job but someone has to do it. I'm trying my utmost not to be annoyed by Superorganism. Visually a band seemingly created from some kind of cross breed of Vice magazine and the new Guardian Guide (2018's answer to Look In). Their music can be utterly brilliant though as single 'Something in Your M.I.N.D' proved yet on this freezing co...view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy
Quail & Dumplings

Here's Bonnie Prince Billy with his latest single on which he does his Bonnie Prince Billy subtle countrified thing sounding almost exactly as you expect.  The video reveals how devoid of hair Mr Oldham's head has become. He wants to get some sunscreen on that. Or move to a cold climate. Up to him.  ...view item »

Wild Beasts
Last Night All My Dreams Came True

One of the better bits of news I heard all year was the information that Wild Beasts were to break up. Not that I dislike the band in any way. I wish them well but really the only reason they had left to stay together was to see if it was actually humanly possible to make an album worse than 'Boy King'. Their despairing swan song is somewhat ove...view item »

Lal & Mike Waterson
Bright Phoebus

I'm probably about to receive a backlash as big as that which followed the time I said I didn't rate a the Fall album (um.. last week) but I often can't take folk seriously. I find it kind of comical - particularly the sort of knees up beer slopped jaunt that opens this record with 'Rubber Band' and Mike Waterson's...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Always Ascending

Franz Ferdinand have done that thing where they replace one leaving member with multiple new members (see also the Stone Roses at Reading '96, various incarnations of Last of the Summer Wine) as if it somehow stops people from noticing that a major cog has depart...view item »

Julia Holter
Don't Make Me Over / Hello Stranger

Julia Holter has a penchant for taking classic pop tunes and abstracting them into her own fascinating world of chamber pop and ambient. 'Don't Make Me Over' offers up two on a double A-side: the eponymous cover of the Dionne Warwick song, as well as the gloriously sustained and droning "Hello Stranger", which is a cover of Barbara Lewis' origin...view item »


Phew. Sounds like they worked hard on this one? Calibrating the forward momentum cheat codes of motorik with real, pop sheen can't be easy. On their clearest, most accessible record yet, Hookworms sound like individual worms bringing what they know apart, together. It trances like never before, but sheds psychedelic inclination in favour of a to...view item »

Palace Brothers
Days In The Wake

Will Oldham has used many names in his recording career. His early work was released under either Palace Music or Place Brothers depending on the band's line-up. Here, the band consists of his brothers Ned and Paul Oldham therefore the album was released under the Palace Brothers name. This is Will Oldham's second album and was released in 1994....view item »

Franz Ferdinand
You Could Have It So Much Better

OK so the Franz Ferdinand have a new album out. They already feel like the old boys of a scene which is about to fall really hard on it's edgey, spiky art rock arse. Mind you they've kind of left that art rock behind and replaced it with pure pop. This is pretty commercial folks..... though I suppose they always had that about them. So ...view item »

The House

“Don’t know how good it is, but it’s compulsively listenable”. So goes the only review of this record I’ve actually seen so far, from a friend, and if you’ll excuse my anecdotal lede here, I think it works well. ‘The House’ feels like a blank canvas that’s been slightly adjusted, its emotions...view item »

Bonnie Prince Billy

Disguised alt-country pioneer Bonnie "Prince" Billy released Singers Grave: A Sea of Tongues last year, a career watermark in terms of its contentedness and ability to steer between solo and full-band personas. Since then, he's also learned that you don't have to be singing a song to...view item »

Spiral Scratch

Pretty much your classic punk era single. Not only did this represent the early noisy Devoto era Buzzcocks at their most lethal but also was a true DIY statement with the band distributing the record themselves bypassing the then essential industry channels. This re-issue stays true to the original pressing with just 300 copies ...view item »

The Kills
Black Rooster EP

This was the Kills first ever record from way back in 2002. This was when former Blyth Power and Scarfo guitarist Jamie Hince teamed up with Alison Mosshart once of Discount to play a little bluesy punk rock. The rest, they say, is history.  This hasn't been available for a...view item »

The Cycle of Days and Seasons

Hood's fourth full-length album and their second for Domino Records. This one sees them deconstructing their songwriting with a dub-inflected sound incorporating decaying tape loops, found samples and half-speed beats alongside their usual gentle guitars and hushed vocals. Co-produced by Matt Elliott (Third Eye Foundatio...view item »

Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys

'Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys' was Hood's first album for Domino following on from their two earlier lo-fi albums for Slumberland. It announced a drastic departure in their sound from the previous inventive indie to a less noisy, more tranquil approach that haunted the edges of post-rock. These six lengthy songs sprea...view item »

Relatives In Descent

Beginning with the best thing I've heard since the last Ought album, Protomartyr from the get go make a better case for showcasing their talents than they did on 2014s lacklustre "Under Color of Official Right". 'A Private Understanding' is indeed the best possible way to announce that you've signed to Domino. A slice...view item »

Seamus Fogarty
The Curious Hand

Irish folky Seamus Fogarty makes songs that sound as lovely and scratchy as the hand drawings that accompany them. With nimble, reductive acoustic origins, they tend to grow into something lovely and serene, the arrangements emerging as the stories gain permanence. ‘The Curious Hand’ finds him working some of his loveliest flourishes...view item »

James Yorkston
Demonstration Of The Craws

The Demonstrations Of The Craws is a selection of raw and direct demos of James Yorkston songs, later to appear on his acclaimed The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society albums. Great for the hardcore fans, but also for those who prefer a sparser sound. Vinyl only, Record Store Day 2015 item (e....view item »

Avey Tare

The front cover for this new Avey Tare is a good sign. A swirling, psychedelic labyrinth of seemingly inane shapes, it’s only today I’ve realised that there’s actually more to it -- a painting of plants and a hint of the sky at night. A pastoral scene shot through a sizeable contribution of weird? It fits ‘Eucalyptus&rsqu...view item »

Terror Twilight

I wasn’t as filled with glee as I usually would be when I first heard Pavement’s final album “Terror Twilight”. There are some brilliant songs on here; I just feel that Nigel Godrich’s production took the Pavement out of Pavement, made them operate in a more confined space and reined t...view item »

Peter Perrett
How The West Was Won

Peter Perrett is the sort of old school rocker whose long term drug abuse has not only affected a potentially successful career but has left him looking and perhaps also sounding like Dot Cotton. Pete Doherty  - you have been warned. This is his first new music for 20 years and so any ...view item »

Anna Calvi
Live At Meltdown

Recorded in front of an enthusiastic crowd at David Byrne’s edition of the Meltdown Fetival, this live album finds Anna Calvi on bombastic form. Anna has a twelve-piece choir behind her (see the sleeve art) as well as her powerful regular band, and Mr Byrne even makes a sp...view item »

Sandy (Alex G)

Reading the early reviews of this record by prolific lo-fi guy Alex G has given me another example of how I feel totally isolated by the opinions of 99% of the worlds population. It's been getting sniffy sixes or sevens citing its all-over-the-shop experimentalism as being something of a failure. I do accept that there are skippable moments but ...view item »

Franz Ferdinand
Covers EP remixes: PART I

Milk anyone? Not content with releasing a bunch of Franz covers a while back Domino are releasing 2 12” singles of remixes of those brilliant cover versions. Milk anyone? The 1st EP sees LCD Soundsystem's take on Live Alone remixed by Toby Tobias turned into a bland house mix with th...view item »

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Best Troubador

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy just does what he likes these days. Gone are the times when a new BPB album would be an 'event' as such and I'm sure he's happy enough involving himself in projects like this which sees him covering songs by the late country legend Merle Haggard. He obviously has immense love for the material, the record is shiningly produc...view item »

Animal Collective
Meeting Of The Waters

Following on from their Painting With album last year, Animal Collective reveal the results of a recent trip to Brazil: four new tracks, recorded live in the rainforest by Avey Tare and Geologist and integrating field recordings. Animal Collective on location. Meeti...view item »

Little Cub
Still Life

It takes some confidence to call your EP 'Loveless' but that's just what Little Cub did on their 2016 debut. It wasn't, of course,  as good as the other 'Loveless' but Little Cub wrote enough pleasant electo-pop tunes to ensure they got a deal with Domino out of it. They make the sort of dance flavoured wry pop music that would earn...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack

'Mirror' was the final Flying Saucer Attack record before their long hiatus that was finally broken by 2015's 'Instrumentals'. It showcases a much more gentle and reflective side to FSA's oeuvre with wispy, folky compositions showcasing a band that seem to be drifting further into space than ever before. ...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
Instrumentals 2015

Returning after a sleepy 15 years is the noisewagon of David Pearce’s Flying Saucer Attack on Domino. I guess all the vaguely shoegazey '90's groups are getting bored of early retirements so why not make some more music? Because the world’s shoegaze quota is already full. Luckily, Instrumentals 2015 isn’t a ful...view item »

Yorkston / Thorne / Khan
Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars

Quick trivia: what does Yorkston have more of, friends or albums? Turns out it’s a trick question, for you see, his friends are his albums and his albums are his friends. Having committed to numerous duos and trios while making his own ample plethora of solo records, the folkie has by now come from every angle of the strum and done most of...view item »


Probably unfair Monday morning styled non-review: sounds kind of like M.I.A. for a while, then one track sounded a bit like Kate Bush. Bit too loud really, for this time of day. Domino used to be leaders but they just sign people who sound a bit like someone else. Plenty of plaudits in the press though, so perhaps read that instead. ...view item »

Joe Goddard
Electric Lines

Joe Goddard of Hot Chip/The 2 Bears has kept busy enough with his other projects and has now readied his sophomore full length, after an 8 year wait but with trickles of singles. Electric Lines offers fantastic leftfield pop with a dancefloor at it’s focus. Disco grooves and laser...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
New Lands

Released in 1997, New Lands is the eight-track pioneering record from Flying Saucer Attack. A solid and creative album that brings together different elements of their dreamy yet distinct shoegaze sound. Underneath a few of the tracks is a constant mumbling drone to keep you on edge and this quietly influential ...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack
Flying Saucer Attack

Flying Saucer Attack's debut was one of those records that pointed the way forward in terms of how albums could be comprised and sequence. Half blurry pop songs, half wandering instrumentals, it contains two tributes to the then totally obscure Popul Vuh and an unlikely cover of Suede's 'The Drowners'. It's notable how twee the pop songs are sou...view item »

Real Estate
In Mind

When I saw that Matt Mondanile had left Real Estate I have to admit I panicked. You see for me their whole sound was based around the way the guitars of Mondanile and singer Martin Courtney tangled around one another. Yes Courtney's songs are generally great on their own but as was noted when listening to hi...view item »

Dirty Projectors
Dirty Projectors

Never trust clever people. Remember how clever 10cc were? They wrote great songs but they were just far too clever. That's why 'I'm Mandy Fly Me' was a haunting piece of pop brilliance interrupted by sections of awful music ...they were so clever they couldn't resist it.    So there's clever, there's ambitious and there's idiot...view item »

Time's Up

The original Buzzcocks were a much darker prospect than the chirpy camp popsters that came later. The band at this point was a fronted by the dome headed Howard Devoto later of Magazine etc and his art punk persona is a far cry from little Pete Shelley’s tuneful whinny. Tr...view item »

Future Politics

It's hard sometimes to figure out who exactly Austra appeal to. Their music is lifeless synthy dance music seemingly without emotion and Katie Stelmanis' voice is one part strangled cat and another part Madonna singing through a squashed hosepipe. Yet they have a nice little career going so what could it be?...view item »

Shirley Collins

Well I had no idea.  I had no idea that Shirley Collins gave up performing music in 1978 after a messy divorce and a hideous sounding diagnosis of dysphonia which rendered her unable to sing. Yet coaxed back by David Tibet of Current 93, Collins has now recorded her first new work since 1978. Whether...view item »

The Bohicas
The Making Of

Finally the boot is on the other foot. For months I have enjoyed placing dreadful records in reviewers boxes and watching them squirm. This week due to daring to take a three day holiday, review distributor Robin has his own back. The fun thing is that not being reviews editor for the week i can say exactly what I want without fear that I'm to b...view item »

Blood Orange
Freetown Sound

The best of Dev Hynes? Probably. ‘Freetown Sound’ is a monolithic record of smooth aesthetics and furious politics, a panoramic view of marginalisation covering blackness, feminism and queer struggles through song and sample. Seventeen songs long -- each brushed over the next like another coat of paint or an overlapping collage ...view item »

Super Furry Animals

It’s been 15 years since Super Furry Animals low-key Welsh language ‘Mwing’ album and as it’s been long out of print maybe now is as good a time as any for a re-issue. It sees their skyscrapingly melodious brand of psychedelic pop music as intact as ever. Obviously for those of us who don’t speak Welsh there is the ...view item »

Four Tet (Fourtet)

Hi Folks, Clinton here. First up in our mega review fest this week we have the new album by Fourtet. Well its not up to the standard of 'Pause'. Its pretty good, mind. The boy Hebden sure knows his way around a tune and puts in enough interesting/odd sounds to avoid the aural wallpaper of some of his c...view item »

Alex Turner
Submarine (Original Songs)

Well, there's a girl very close to my heart who's a bit in love with Richard Ayoade (amongst numerous other wise-cracking contemporary comedians) and she informed me he was making a film. It's one of those coming-of-age comedy drama things but I reckon it'll be proper sound. Especially with these dinky songs forming a dreamy soundtrack of sorts....view item »

Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

Although by the time this album was composed Robert Wyatt had not yet suffered the accident that left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and was only recorded later, there's a certain touch of sorrow in his singing that creeps under your skin throughout the record. So I would say this is...view item »

Arctic Monkeys

When Arctic Monkeys announced the first single on their new album, a US online mag ran the story to which someone in the comments below said “Great, I’ll tell my dad”. It perfectly sums up the concerns that have become increasingly evident over their last couple of albums; that their cheeky ...view item »

Alexis Taylor
Await Barbarians

I do wish I had an ounce of Alexis Taylor’s self confidence. I find it amazing when musicians have the balls to record and release an album without seemingly ever having previously shown the talent to do such a thing whereas I can't put a leg inside a trouser of a morning without being wracked with doubt. Here he is then, vocally t...view item »

Julia Holter
Loud City Song

The best experimental record of the year was for me undoubtedly by These New Puritans. I urge anyone with a passing interest in late period Talk Talk, Scott Walker or David Sylvian to take a listen to t...view item »


A few years ago an unusual thing happened. I got massively into Zola Jesus and that’s despite one of the jokers here telling me she sounded like Shakespeare’s Sister. ‘Stridulum II’ is still one of my most enjoyed records of r...view item »

Robert Wyatt
Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard

At its heart, Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard is an active listening album. What I mean is, if you don't pay attention when you listen to it, you probably won't enjoy it very much. If you're not already a Robert Wyatt fan, I'm not sure if Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard is the best or most accessible place to start--that honour might go to Rock Bott...view item »

Knowle West Boy

I read that 'Knowle West Boy' is a reference to the council estate in Bristol where Tricky grew up. He said that when he goes back there that people are pleased he's done well for himself but "I'd still get knocked out if I got mouthy in a bar". So onto his first album in 5 years... hehe he's got the obligatory shot of himself chugging on...view item »

Liquid Liquid
Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon

Liquid Liquid: Slip In & Out Of Phenomenon (Domino) Sorry to bore all the heads reading this mindless bit off guff, but just to re-iterate: Liquid Liquid wrote Cavern and Optimo, one which formed the backbone (bassline) to a certain Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five record that was dead famous back when hip hop and ...view item »

Crooked Rain Crooked Rain

Really, if you don't own this, then you have no credibility as a music lover. This is what happens when parents give their kids too many e-numbers in their diet, and then send them off to college. No denying it, Malkmus is better than you, in every possible way... don't even bother trying to rebute it. Crooked Rain is the answer to all your life...view item »

Flying Saucer Attack

Further is the last 180 gram vinyl in Domino’s Flying Saucer Attack reissue series, and the only official studio album they are repressing. This record from 1995 finds the band in proper psychedelic form, balancing their drone and shoegaze experiments with ambient music. As always with the group, those gor...view item »

Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

I once nearly had a fight at a party due to my dislike of Neutral Milk Hotel. It seems I was the only one there who didn't think they were the best thing in the world ever (pre or post sliced bread). I accept people have different tastes and see different things in records - partly what makes this job so ...view item »

Dongs of Sevotion

Dongs is not what fans of Smog's early work will be looking for. It is loaded with songs that nuzzle up to popular song styles, with decent production (compared to the 4 track stuff on most of the old albums). Still, this album isn't selling the staunchly DIY Callahan out. Quite the contrary. The songs are still insightful and slightly weird. Fo...view item »

Internal Wrangler

Clinic don’t get enough credit for how great they are in my book. They have a lithe, groovy, weird psych sound delivered with unhinged intensity, and this is nowhere better displayed than on Internal Wrangler, their debut record. Highlights include the gorgeous ‘Distortions’ and ‘The Return Of Ev...view item »

Jim O'Rourke

“Insignificance” may well be Jim O’Rourke’s best album. It opens with the magnificent “All Down Hill From Here” which has the crunchy guitars of “Monster”-era REM but O’Rourke’s vocal is much less intense than what Michael Stipe would have delivered. Then there’s the gentle musica...view item »

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