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(8) Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir So that every mouth can be fed Pooooooor me Acolytes (8) That’s about the only thing that the work of Desmond Dekker shares with the racket made by this London group. On new LP Rupture, Acolytes combine computer m...view item »

Total Control
Laughing At The System

Laughing At The System is the first music from Melbourne’s Total Control since their second LP, Typical System in 2014. The band are essentially a post-punk band influenced by the likes of Joy Division, but throw a bit of ‘80s electro in the mix too. The band don’t necessarily always tour with the full...view item »

Yeah You‎

You want father/daughter lo-fi noise pop on cassette? Well Yeah You have just the thing for you, yeah, you. Distorted beats and synths melded with field recordings and stream-of-consciousness lyrics, recorded ostensibly anywhere - roadsides, car parks, and really wherever takes their fancy when out and about. VHOD, the title of ...view item »

World In Action Remixed

Fan’s of Helm’s recent EP World In Action will want to lap up this new release pronto: it’s stacked to the gills with quality remixes by killer producers like Laurel Halo, Low Jack, Sky H1 and Parris. Helm’s orig...view item »

Nick Klein
Lowered Flaming Coffin

Nick Klein is worried. Worried and anxious about living in New York at a time of such unstable political and social disharmony. Whilst he tries to filter it out, sometimes enough is enough and this is a war cry to intervene. Lowered Flaming Coffin begins nicely enough with shimmering cyclical tones before descending into forebod...view item »

Nick Klein
The Lonesome Dealer

Nick Klein comes to the dancefloor from a performance and sound-art background, mixing up noise-damaged industrial techno with a real kick to it. The 4 tracks of The Lonesome Dealer are heavy and woozy and carefully constructed for precision impact. This 12” is released...view item »

Low Life

Mmmmmm, fucked-up sleazy dredge-rock from Australian gang Low Life. Dogging feels like a document of bad goings-on (as pictured in the album artwork), approached with a wry nihilism and sharp guitars and synthesisers. Released in Australia in 2014, and now reissued by Luke Younger’s Alter label...view item »

Opera Mort

Opera Mort is French duo Jo Tanz and Laurent Gerard. Laurent’s sounds some of you may may be familiar with through his excellent Élg project and also you may well have heard both artists collaborating with fellow French legend of the avant garde Ghedalia Tazartés. Together they released two w...view item »

The Bomber Jackets
Kudos To The Bomber Jackets

Robin, in his capacity as super-sub for Clint, has just handed me… this… bewildering record. To review. Once I’ve recovered from the shock of the record cover, at least. The old Shredded Wheat factory on the edge of a Hertfordshire town is in that pic by the way, sadly missing a guard bulldog. ...view item »

Love Theme
Love Theme

By the end of his tenure as experimental outfit Dirty Beaches, you could tell Alex Zhang Hungtai knew his way around drone. Having piloted the project as a lo-fi rockabilly crooner, he divested into sepia-toned ambience, using the latter half of ‘Drifters/Love Is the Devil’ to detail dusty soundsca...view item »

Chain of Flowers
Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone

Double A-side single from Cardiff’s premier post-punk-shoegaze-pop outfit Chain Of Flowers. Let Your Light In / Flesh, Blood and Bone sounds like it could play to get the crowd excited before a Cure gig, with moody vocals and dramatic synth and guitar lines. Released as a 7” single on the Al...view item »

Basic House
I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me

I’m pretty sure this is like the eighth album by Opal Tapes lord Stephen Bishop aka Basic House. His second for Luke Younger’s aka Helm Alter imprint. If previous album, the dread f...view item »


Tomutonttu (aka Finnish artist Jan Anderzén) presents a vinyl distillation of the sound aspect of his Kevätjuhla installation work. The tone is garishly colourful and bizarrely fragmented all at the same time, with poppy fragments swimming around in a sea of bright electronics, all directed ...view item »

Chain of Flowers
Cadwyn O Flodau

Poor old our Ian. He’s living on the breadline and it’s all because of shoegaze. With Ride and Slowdive reforming, Swervedriver still going strong all his spare income is spent on going to see them in concert. I’m thinking of setting up...view item »

Croatian Amor
Love Means Taking Action

Croatian Amor is one of many projects helmed by Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation. It leans away from the sharp noise he often dabbles in, instead presenting some pretty shimmery synth songs. Love Means Taking Action  is a joint release between Posh Isolation and Luke Younger’s A...view item »

Basic House

I’ve been meaning to check out Basic House anyway because he’s playing round these parts in a couple of weeks with Gnod and Bass Clef, so it’s just as well I’ve wound up with it on my review stack this week. Turns out he’s actually the alter-ego of ...view item »

Oneohtrix Point Never/ Tomutonttu
Likaiset Pilvet / Wayland Lincoln Border

Tour 7" time! For the tour which most of us will be sampling down the road this Friday eve! Exciting times for which this 7" serves as a delightful appetiser. Tomutonttu released a couple of dementedly fantastic CDs on Fonal not long back that got Brian frothing at the pants and 'Likaiset Pilvet' keeps up the quality, mangling electronic sounds ...view item »

M Ax Noi Mach
On The Edge

On The Edge is the first full-length record we’ve heard from M Ax Noi Mach in 6 years. Pleasingly, the time away hasn’t resulted in him cleaning up his act: his negative feelings are still as raw as ever, and the soundscapes are mostly stark synth and industrial beats. It’s a menacing listen, the produ...view item »

The Pheromoans
I’m On Nights

Full review to follow.  A thumb back through our past reviews reveals that we have liked this lot for some time. The problem today is that we have a new policy of never opening sealed vinyl and I only have a sealed vinyl to hand. I'm listening to the Youtube clip of the fourth track 'Cones Hotline' and it's an incredibly woozy piece...view item »

Shallow Sanction
Without Light

Release number two from Shallow Sanction, who seem to make a kind of punk rock that is informed by a noise perspective. Indeed, harsh noise creator Cremation Lily turns up to add extra (power) electronics into the mix. Without Light is pretty ferocious, and the 7” is limited to just 250 copies, so...view item »


Lumisokea is a combination of an Italian and a Belgian, some pre-Wham synths and murdered instruments. When you encounter the words ‘Berlin’ and ‘Opal Tapes’ in the same sentence, a shiver runs down your spine, but as Mnemosyne progresses, those shivers move upwards toward the brain, ...view item »

Perfect World

Uniform is a group made up of two New York individuals, channeling their creativity through determinedly cheap equipment. The sound they aim for isn’t exactly lo-fi, though it comes across as a sort of Suicide if most of the synth was instead guitar. Crucially, they have that dogged repetition thing down. ...view item »


This is the first I’ve heard from Acolytes, an alias of London artist D Shan. I’m truly lost for words in describing this record. An album which veers schizophrenically from experimental indie / art-rock into cut-up tape music / musique concrete that at various points reminds of everything from Wire t...view item »

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