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Shida Shahabi

Whilst this is Shida Shahabi's debut release, the Swedish-Iranian began studying and writing music on piano at the tender age of nine. 'Shifts' is informed by a sprawling collection of influences, ranging from The Cure to Mozart and Gilles Peterson to Nils Frahm. But the piece is a cohesive body of stunning piano-driven melody, which knows exactly what it is.

The Growlers
Not. Psych!

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Dmitry Evgrafov
Comprehension Of Light

Moscovite Dmitry Evgrafov follows his 2015 debut 'Collage' with Comprehension Of Light, also on FatCat's neoclassical offshoot 130701. Richter, Jóhannsson and O’Halloran fans rejoice! For his 1st vinyl LP release, Dmitry upscales from electronics to real strings, courtesy Iskra Quartet. Buddies Abul Mogard and Benoît Pioulard are also present. Often recalling avant-garde film soundtracks, the album follows a through-line of redemption with spectral qualities. Includes download.

Traces - Remixes

Polish cellist Resina knows some real cool people: this remix EP takes two tracks from her Traces album and lets them get worked over by Lotic, Ben Frost, Abul Mogard and even Ian William Craig! With producers of this calibre, and the excellent source material, it will be no surprise to learn that Traces - Remixes is a great and varied listen. Released by 130701.

Ian William Craig

Ian William Craig is always very welcome round these parts, and Thresholder, the man’s first album in eighteen months, demonstrates why. Those tape machines of his are put to work in the construction of an eleven-track, forty-minute sound environment. Deep and gorgeous smeared ambience, on FatCat sub-label 130701.

Shida Shahabi

Swedish-Iranian composer Shida Shahabi incorporates her different backgrounds in intimate piano-based soundtracks & -scapes. No wonder she’s on FatCat’s modern classical 130701 imprint, among the likes of Max Richter, Johann Johannsson, and Hauschka. For Home, Shida has stuck to the piano, letting her creativity run freely.

Maarja Nuut & Ruum

Estonian violinist and vocalist Maarja Nut joins producer Ruum. Her airy voice and subtle violin create quiet lakes of sound, while Ruum’s electronic soundscapes seem to paint the depths that lie below. Muunduja is a haunting and reflective effort, out on FatCat, one of the finest world-pop/indietronica labels.

Resina / Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch / Shida Shahabi
The Sea At The End Of Her String

Three-part split EP between the three participants in a forthcoming UK tour: Shida Shahabi, a pianist, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, another pianist, and cellist Resina. Exclusive tracks from each artist, representing the breadth and depth of their creative talents. Fans of any and all of the artists will need The Sea At The End Of Her String for the exclusive materials, and anyone new to these musicians should get themselves introduced!

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch is a composer and a pianist, and this second album of hers is a mixture of modern chamber music, with her own piano performances bolstered by strings and electronics in order to fully map out her compositions. Epoques is a rich and melancholy listen, both grand and intimate. Released by Fat Cat’s 130701 sub-label.


Polish cellist Resina resurfaces on FatCat offshoot 130701 with more of her assured and poised neoclassical narratives, on Traces. The release marks somewhat of a career curve with an increased jaggedness and vitality, and in a bold move she employs her stark vocal to dramatic effect. Drums and percussion add extra dynamism and body to the work. 

Ian William Craig
Slow Vessels

Ian William Craig somewhat returns to his tremendously loved 2016 album Centres with an EP that relocates some of those pieces onto voice, piano and acoustic guitar, with just a few licks of subtle tape manipulation lapping at the edges. Slow Vessels proves that Craig’s songwriting is just as powerful when it stands naked as when it is wreathed in fuzz magic. 12” on 130701.

Olivier Alary
Fiction / Non-Fiction

Olivier Alary has produced experimental pop under the name Ensemble for many years, but now produces film soundtrack work under his own name. Fiction / Non-Fiction compiles numerous examples of his really rather luscious pieces, performed by various orchestras, choirs and ensembles. Released by 130701.


Rehydrated FatCat imprint 130701 continue to rain down new classical treats with the debut record from Resina, alias of cellist and general sound artist Karolina Rec. Resina emerged from an impressive demo tape and suggests an interpretation of the Polish underground scene -- as with most 130701 releases, it's a medley of both gorgeous and intense sounds.

Ian William Craig

Ever-prolific tape chemist Ian William Craig is readying yet another record of gorgeous crackle pop. Having broken our hearts with the fragmented opera loops of A Turn of Breath in 2014, he's since released the understated but equally beautiful Cradle For The Wanting for Recital, which consisted of nothing but his vocal run through reel to reels. From there he put out the noisy piano excursions of Zugzwang for Fostex with Patient Sounds and now he returns with Centres, his first record for FatCat's classical imprint 130701. He's one of our favourite artists and this record's early single suggests more accessible and narratively linear songwriting -- and even some percussion. Yes come on.

Eleven into Fifteen: a 130701 Compilation

130701, a spin-off label from FatCat Records with a focus on post-classical music, celebrates their fifteenth anniversary this year, and are doing so in style with Eleven into Fifteen, a star-studded compilation. Artists represented here include Ian William Craig, Hauschka and Max Richter: what a high-quality label eh?
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Dmitry Evgrafov

Dmitry Evragof joins the currently quite rich scene of young neo-classical piano-based composers with Collage. This record is pleasing on the ear, with Evragof using his compositional talents to build up sweeping orchestral movements around his stately piano. A grand record indeed, on FatCat sub-label 130701.

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
Like Water Through The Sand

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch is a French composer who is making her debut release with this record. Like Water Through The Sand is a weighty collection of pieces that usually place the composer’s piano at the forefront, though she also uses electronic treatments and sharp string arrangements to augment the sound. On FatCat imprint 130701.