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Soap And Skin
From Gas to Solid / you are my friend

Third album from inexplicable Austrian chart topper Soap&Skin. I say inexplicable not because the music is bad, far from it, but because this is clearly not 'pop' music. From Gas to Solid / you are my friend is an album of sparse gothic beauty, which explores Anja Plaschg's sense of self as sh...view item »

The Back Room

Interpol oh Interpol. What would we do without them. We would have no Apartment, The Killers, The Departure, The Bravery, The Colour, Editors., White Rose Movement or countless others. Here are the Editors with a new single. Its catchy. It sounds like Interpol or Joy Division with a bit of U2 thr...view item »

David August

David August has always felt an affinity to the parts of him that came from Palestrina in Italy. On D'Angelo he takes his first steps in exploring this feeling in public. Recorded in Italy (by necessity), the album is a muscular mixture of Balearic pop and darker sounds of the noir soundtrack...view item »

Teen Creeps

Teen Creeps hail from Ghent in Belgium. Their debut album is throwback to the ‘90s with noisy guitars and melodic vocals. It was produced by Rory Attwell who has previously brought the nineties-ness out of Yuck and Veronica Falls as well as helming albums by The Vaccines. ...view item »

Neil & Liam Finn

Nice family get together here as new Fleetwood Mac guy Neil Finn (Crowded House etc) teams up with son Liam Finn. Mum is on here as well as is Liam's brother Elroy and weird uncles Connan Mockasin and Mick Fleetwood also put in appearances.  No sign of Tim Finn but there's ...view item »

Dinosaur Jr

Beyond is the first album with all three original Dinosaur members since the release of Bug in 1988, when bassist and future Sebadoh leader Lou Barlow left the band shortly thereafter. This reformed group sounds as energetic and fresh as they did over eighteen years ago, but was ther...view item »

De La Soul's Plug 1 & Plug 2 present First Serve
First Serve

Great concept album by the great De La Soul. Though I am confused because I thought it was a solo album but that is De La for ya... always paving their own way. Dave is hilarious, it has been awhile since I enjoyed the skits on an album so much. It's not often that a hip-hop album can be charming and touching while not being corny. "First Serve" ac...view item »

Agnes Obel

Philharmonics, the debut album by Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel has shifted quite a few units worldwide. Its universal appeal surprised me as it doesn’t usually happen with something this stark. The key to its success lies in the fact that some tracks have been used on TV shows a few times, worming their way in to people’s brai...view item »

Public Service Broadcasting
Every Valley

Public Service Broadcasting carry on with a third full-length album, this one focusing on (and recorded in a key hub of) South Wales’ faded mining tradition. As well as the usual line-up, Every Valley features Welsh guest appearances from Manic Street Preacher Mr. James Dean Bradfield...view item »


On her third opus, Dominique Dillon De Byington (or Dillon to us music listeners) looks at something over to the right. Enough about the cover - Kind is a feast of brass instrumentation over an electronic pop backdrop, with Feist and Bjork comparisons to boot. As with all...view item »

Basement 5
In Dub

Dub companion to the reissue of the London post-punk band’s sole LP, the Martin Hannett-produced 1965-1980. In some cases the craze of using dub techniques to expand the aesthetic horizons of guitar bands seemed opportunist or overly optimistic, but Basement 5’s origin...view item »

Basement 5

Hard to believe that a prime post-punk era Martin Hannett production has languished in relative obscurity for so long. Basement 5 were a short-lived, all-black London band operating in a similar dub / punk territory to early Public Image Ltd and Killing Jo...view item »

Témé Tan
Témé Tan

Teme Tan, aka multi-instrumentalist Tanguy Haesevoets, presents this self-titled debut offering, which reflects upon the producer's wanderlust. Brought up to and from the corners of of the DRC, Belgium and Kinshasha, the pioneer's well-cultured attitude is reflected in his works; this is unique and complex material....view item »

Angus & Julia Stone

Angus and Julia Stone are two siblings that have come together to create some nice sounding indie-pop music together. Some may find it a little weird that a brother and sister can sing to each other about their lovers and relationships, but I don't. Snow is a great sounding record that is released on [PIAS] Le Label and...view item »


INHEAVEN will release their self-titled debut album on September 1st. Not straying away from their indie rock identity, the album expresses the energy and electricity of which makes the band so easily recognisable. The 12 track debut album is available on both CD and Vinyl, available on Play It Again Sam....view item »

J. Bernardt
Running Days

Taking some time out from the day job, Balthazar member Jinte Deprez comes through with ten tracks of chest-swelling indie-’n’-b. The press release claims influence from How to Dress Well and Gorillaz, but there’s also more than a pinch of Plan B and Ad...view item »


Leipzig is the new single from Belgian band Balthazar. The band wrote the song whilst touring Europe with Editors, who share the same label. Leipzig is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming, as-yet-untitled, third album which is expected to wow fans and critics alike. ...view item »


The debut album by Belgian five-piece, Balthazar is now available on vinyl for the first time since its original CD release in 2010. Applause won the best album of 2010 at the 2011 Music Industry Awards. The band have been likened to Arctic Monkeys, The Streets, The XX and...view item »

Dead Can Dance
Anastasis - In Concert (Deluxe Live Edition)

In Concert creates a new audio dimension for every song, especially those of the new album. At concerts DCD embrace the audience and the audience know that DCD care about music. This recording from their recent tour shows that the band still possess the magic that has brought them a ton of fans over the years. I must warn you however, this is no...view item »

Dead Can Dance
In Concert

Saw the concert and the mixed sound of this recording does sound just like being there, which is not something I can say for many live recordings. Just compare this to DCD's first live album Toward the Within to see just how far down this act has fallen. On that live album, half of the songs were never-before-heard, showing the audiences that th...view item »

Soap and Skin

Today could pretty much be the bleakest day since records began. It’s almost pitch black outside, so much cloud you’d think it was going out of fashion and it’s drizzling. Great. Perfect conditions though for a serious young lady like Anja Plaschg a.k.a Soap and Skin. The A side is full t...view item »


How does Punk influenced Hardcore mixed with Southern Metal sound to you folks? Because to me, it sounds like divinity. How a band from England can so easily exemplify and pay homage to a sound that was created thousands of miles away from, and many years past them, is beyond amazing to me. True punk, hardcore, and metal enthusiasts will marvel ...view item »

Dead Can Dance

When such acclaimed bands as Dead Can Dance rise from the dead it is always a great event and their new album Anastasis stands up to their high standards and our best expectations. And straight away with the first chords of “Children of the Sun” we are immersed into the atmosphere of grandeur – all melodies show vaguely orienta...view item »

We Are On Fire / Tearz For Animals

Coco Rosie are back with a new single ‘We Are On Fire’, which is not a version of ‘90s dance-metal chancers Sona Fariq’s ‘We Be On Fire’ but in fact a brand new single from the weird-pop duo full of watery grooves and distant vocals. It kind of seems lik...view item »

Liz Green
Displacement Song

Since when did everyone's voice turn into an amalgamation of Antony Hegarty and those Cocorosie lasses? Its a bit like that syndrome where work colleagues start looking like each other. I mean you should have seen the Norman Records line up circa 2005 -&n...view item »

Keep You Close

Bit of a divisive one around the office, this one. When we first tried to listen to it Brian stormed in and switched it off not once but twice. We even dug the reissued Worst Case Scenario out for a listen yesterday after Business Lady wasn't into this, and it still sounds totally brilliant. I...view item »

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore

"Take care America, wherever you are". The words of Jack Killian as he wound down another edition of "The Nighthawk". This film noirish soundtrack would fit perfectly on an episode of "Midnight Caller" featuring sleepy Rhodes piano and vibraphone overlaid by wandering clarinet. Mike Patton adds terrifying vocals sounding at times like a mut...view item »

Seasick Steve
You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Or maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks as Steve Wold discovered when he gave up the day job as Modest Mouse producer and Beach Boys touring member to become Seasick Steve, some homeless guy who ended up on Jools Holland. Apart from the fact that Wold hadn't been homeless since aged 16, it was a good ...view item »

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Will these NY kids cure my sore throat this morning? Will they soothe me with their skyscraping take on twee shoegaze? Perhaps, maybe, they may just. I've not really liked what i've heard of the new material so far but keep hearing squeaks & rattles of heavenly melodic wonder seeping through the floorboards at work & instinctively realis...view item »

Happy Songs For Happy People

Post rock monsters Mogwai return with a new album. I think this is their best effort for quite awhile The first track is just amazing with guitars chiming like church bells. They always hit the obligatory 'noisy bit' where sometimes you wish they'd keep quiet and explore different textures but... oh we...view item »

Soap and Skin
Marche Funebre

It's a side order of haunting singer songwriter... with a pinch of drama and lashings of melancholy. The new EP from Soap and Skin is called Marche Funebre.... It's no laugh riot, but would you want your laughs to start rioting? Kicking policemen, smashing windows of banks and not washing?? I didn't think so... anyway I digress... This record sound...view item »

Mr Beast

Blimey! Jocks Mogwai seem to be doing well for themselves, I seen them on telly the other week. I think they're a good example of how an independent artist can become successful and leap out of the underground without selling out and compromising their sound. The wait is over for the 'Mr Beast' album after the 'Friend of The Night' sing...view item »

Agnes Obel
Riverside EP

'Riverside Motherfuckers!!!'. Oh, wrong Riverside. This one's actually about hanging around down by the river and it's devoid of danceable beats and goofy melodies... Shame. Still, it's a good one, this. Magical piano-led balladeering and haunting vocal melodies and counter melodies. It's lush yet subtle, bold yet delicate. Comparisons to Joanna...view item »

The Jim Jones Revue
High Horse

...Get yer quiffs and beetle crushers on!!! This sounds well Bill Hayley. Its powered along by a boogie woogie piano motif and throaty vocals. It's quite a stomper actually. Its pretty direct and makes you want to race souped-up cars at Thunder Road with a total honey in the seat next to you and the wind rushing through your quiff while you smok...view item »

Grey Oceans

Luscious gender-bending sweeties Cocorosie land their fourth big record, now on PIAS after the Touch & Go empire folded their operations. The kooky kittenish vocals still snake & trill around your head like spangled birds high on nectar & fairydust (erm not PCP or owt, I don't think) The music ranges in style from Eastern tinged ...view item »

Friend of The Night

New 3 track Cd single and 2 track 7" in on PIAS/ Rock Action from Scotland's satan fearing epic feedback pre-gremlins Mogwai. 'Friend Of the night' is pretty standard Mogwai really. Dreamy and hypnotic with piano, treated guitars and general fuzziness going on, very pleasant indeed. The B-Side, 'Fresh Crown' is...view item »


Sooooo if you didn't know there's a film coming out about Zidane. If you're from another planet then you won't know he's an insanely talented French footballer who's feet are made of silk and magic. He's also rather famous for smacking that Italian dude in the world cup final with his big clever football filled monkhead. Golden TV moments eh....view item »

Gold Chains

Gold Chains has a new E.P. out on CD/12" through PIAS. Called 'Nada' it's very current with that Bollywood vibe going through it in places like all the curent R'n'B/Hip-Hop gubbins in the charts but not as good. Hmm. When will this man do something to at least suggest he made a good record ...view item »

Soap and Skin
Lovetune For Vacuum

At times this record is truly beautiful. I had the pleasure of seeing her live knowing nothing of her music. The set she played blew me away.If you are a fan of hauntingly beautiful voices, pianos and 'other bits' I would encourage you to give this a listen. ...view item »

Dinosaur Jr
Been There All The Time

From some young monkeys to some old Dinosaurs in the shape of Dinosaur Jr. Who have reformed with heir original line up including Murph and porn loving Lou. Incredible. Actually Been There All The Time is probably the best track I've heard from the forthcoming new album which I thought was a crock of shite. ...view item »

Shy Child
Drop The Phone/ Down On Yourself

SHY CHILD I've never heard of. Their single 'Drop The Phone' has made it's way in my direction. This is a stop-start synth driven cut with the rhythm having an almost dancehall vibe. It's not exactly terrible but then a hugely unnecessary saxophone appears only adding insult to injury.7" on Wall Of Sound. ...view item »

Zidane- A 21st Century Portrait

I did like that MOGWAI single we got in last week. I also really like this new album (which features said single) on PIAS. In case you didn't know it's the soundtrack to the forthcoming film about footie lord Zenadine Zidane. It does sound like a soundtrack as well. Moggers music is perfect for soundtracks if you ask me.... all em...view item »

Travel Is Dangerous

M m m m Mogwai. Its a fecking greet cover with a dog dressed as a gremlin (we make no joking reference to Mr Braithwaite here...he's setting us up to give us a Glasgow kiss). It's their new single called Travel is Dangerous. It's an alright tune actually with crashing soundscapes and a monotone vocal line to hook you in. Not as dramat...view item »

The Triffids
Born Sandy Devotional

The Triffids were one of 1980’s Australia’s greatest alternative rock groups. Grand, sweeping songs, driven by the basslines of Martyn Casey, later of The Bad Seeds and Grinderman. Born Sandy Devotional hasn’t been in print on vinyl since the original ...view item »

The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas

The Further Adventures of Lord Quas is the Trout Mask Replica of rap. Madlib, much like Captain Beefheart, has a unique style that is hard to penetrate and hard to pin down. The songs on this album aren't really songs per se, they are more like random clips and odd ball samples...view item »

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