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Martin Kuchen Keith Rowe & Seymour Wright
Kuchen - Rowe - Wright

Martine Altenburger & John Russell

Chris Burn, Philip Thomas & Simon H. Fell
The Middle Distance

Havard Volden & Toshimaru Nakamura
Crepuscular Rays

Duo between Havard Volden’s contact mic-ed acoustic guitar and Toshimaru Nakamura’s no-input mixing board, on Another Timbre. Nakamura is of course an absolute maestro with his ghostly electrical currents, and Volden is no slouch: what is fascinating is that the two instruments, enormously different as they are, are sometimes indistinguishable.

Lucio Capece & Lee Patterson
Empty Matter

Two masters of tiny sounds meet up on this Another Timbre release. Lucio Capece predominantly plays soprano saxophone or bass clarinet, which he approaches more as tubes for breath than as traditional ‘instruments’. Lee Patterson uses all sorts of sound processes: on one track here, he amplifies the sound of burning hazelnuts. Absolutely beautiful music.