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Ensemble Economique
no thing-ness

Ensemble Economique are next up on the luscious series of Dekoder 12”s celebrating ten years of the label. no thing-ness branches out from EE’s ambient Not Not Fun jams and into industrial worlds full of foreboding sonic architecture, grey concrete and, er, grist. On a wall-mount-worthy hybrid pictur...view item »

Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester
II: Music for Film and Theatre

High quality electroacoustic-music-concréte-industrial-sound-art wonder from Felix Kubin along with his Mineralorchester. This is the second volume of a series compiling the man’s works for Film and Theatre, where I can only imagine audiences must have been wowed by the acrobatic sonics on ...view item »

Le Revelateur

The abstract electronic duo Le Revelateur here participate in Dekorder’s ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ series: this is the ninth edition. ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ is a new variation on the format, containing high-quality audio on one side of the record and a picture-disc image on the other. Best of both worlds. The wild ...view item »


Vindicatrix steps up to participate in Dekorder’s ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ series: this is the eighth edition. ‘Hybrid-Vinyl’ is a new variation on the format, containing high-quality audio on one side of the record and a picture-disc image on the other. Best of both worlds. Al-Bashariyya is strictly...view item »

Machinefabriek/ Nils Frahm

Celebrating the video release of 'Daux', Dekorder records have decided on a cheeky 7" single release of 'Daux' the titled track composed by Machinefabriek and originally available on the long playing record (you guessed it...) 'Daux'. Warm and inviting in tone, Machinefabriek's handy work is on full display here. Haunting guitar and piano play...view item »

Keine Oase In Sicht

Fresh from a stint at the Death Metal School of Logo Legibility, space-headed German DIY psych collective Datashock are back this week with a follow-up to 2010's superb 'Pyramiden von Giessen'. This time around their deep space theatrics have taken a slightly earthier (dare I say hippier) turn with the swirling synth drones and subtle modular ...view item »

Janek Schaefer
Unfolding Luxury beyond the City of Dreams

A gripping collection of soundworks from a range of installations by Janek Schaefer. Showcasing his knack for ambient composition alongside more theoretical pieces, Unfolding Luxury beyond the City of Dreams is an exquisite entry point as well as a collector’s essential. Out on vinyl LP from Dekorder....view item »

Janek Schaefer
Inner Space Memorial in Wonderland

Some galactic fruit matter from Janek Schaefer. Inner Space Memorial in Wonderland is an endless cloud of encouraging sonic divinity. Schaefer is clearly a sci-fi buff, with the first track made as an ode to J.G Ballard. The track in question seems to act as some intense relief from Ballard's d...view item »

Daniel Padden
Ship Chop

Very interesting LP of collaged world musics here, curated and arranged by Daniel Padden. I'm not sure what the intention of this record is but as a mashed-up document of intriguing African, Far European and Eastern sounds it works on many levels. Stylistically 'Ship Chop' is a rhythmical...view item »

Phantom Horse
Phantom Horse

Phantom Horse is the duo of Ulf Schutte (aka Alien Radio, also involved with Datashock, Aosuke, Black to Comm...view item »

Toad Blinker

This is the second of these bonkers picture discs from Sculpture, the first of which jumped off our shelves like a frog with a rocket up its arse. Apparently if you set the thing spinning and then film it at the right shutter speed there's a zoetrope/flick book type effect but I've not fi...view item »

Experimental Audio Research
All Things Being Equal

I'm finally putting this interminable week to sleep with this gorgeous one-sided 12" of cosmic synth bliss from Experimental Audio Research, aka Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember.   On one side there's music and on the other it's a picture di...view item »

Black To Comm

One of my favourite customer reviews ever submitted to this site came in just under a month ago from a certain "Vanessa Emma Goldman", who had apparently never heard Black To Comm but was furious - seriously livid - that he had named himself after an MC5 song. Why? Because she loves the MC5. ""Black to Comm" is most certainly NOT the 'chappie ...view item »

The Stand

Exciting series from Dekorder, pleasing both the eyes and the ears with a 12” record that is audio on one side, picture disc on the other. The sound side of things on this release, number  six in the series, is occupied by Exceptor, a side project of John Fell Ryan which also involves the vocals of his 18-month old so...view item »

Kemialliset Ystavat
Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa

Impossible to pronounce name? Check. Madcap sleeve, lots of colours .....and a christmas tree? Check. Impossi-listen opening few minutes? Check. But this lot were more interested in the concept of melody than you may think on their previous effort 'Kultaista Kaupunkia Etsimassai'. After a few minutes of wierdnesss, ‘Alempana Kuin Enkelit&r...view item »

Straight Edge XXS

This record is sending me brilliantly insane. It's by some Finnish drone merchant called Uton who's gone to India, right, & captures, beautifully, the very essence of the country in groove after gibbering groove of tribal scree, rural farmyard noise, street market chaos, found sound, psychedelic wibbles, improvised noise, cerebral free jams, or...view item »

Kemialliset Ystavat
Kultaista Kaupunkia Etsimassai

Firstly, format chat time and I’ve never seen the like of it - this has a picture disc on one side and black vinyl on the other. The black vinyl side plays music whilst the picture disc bit is just for show. Being the kind of British 'meat and potatoes' idiot that I am, I almost ignored this because I can’t say, never mind spell the ...view item »

Alien Radio

The second edition of Dekorder’s limited Hybrid-Vinyl 12” series celebrating 10 years of the label. With a picture disc on one side and a standard vinyl release on the other it’s a unique piece of usable memorabilia for fans of the label. Kugeln is the work of Alien Radio (a.k.a Ulf Schütte) ...view item »

Luke Fowler
Fowl Tapes II

There’s an awful lot of ‘difficult’ music out there this week. Often with the emphasis on 'awful' - thankfully, this is an exception. According to the information provided, Luke Fowler played in the groups Lied Music and Rude Pravo and curates the ...view item »

Failing Lights
Dawn Undefeated

This awkward lad is a solo outing from Wolf Eye/Hair Policeman Mike Connelly. According t...view item »

Rotary Signal Emitter

This is the work of an audiovisual performance duo. Read the press for more details. I'm just gonna rant about the irrepressible silliness & delights on offer here. There's something cartoonish about this record. It covers a lot of bases in not a great deal of time! The main thing i'm gleaning is a remarkable propensity for blistering sound ...view item »

Ensemble Economique
Crossing The Pass, By Torchlight

Ensemble Economique is the tongue-in-cheek name of Starving Weirdo Brian Pyle's solo thing he does. It's synth-and-loop based stuff that's totally relaxing and melodic and gently paced and it's helping me calm down, since I'm completely hyperactive today in anticipation of tomorrow's big ...view item »

Keith Fullerton Whitman / Alien Radio
Keith Fullerton Whitman / Alien Radio

KFW. He the man. Always keeping things crispy and challenging on the fringes of electronic music! So here he teams up for an arresting split on Dekorder which effortlessly demonstrates his versatility and talent within the field of modular synthesis, on the famous ...view item »

The Sublime

I would advise you to look to the press release for a summation of what this project here is about, since this LP is technically the third in a trilogy from Xela. This one is full of dreamy synthetic tones, with warm drones counterpointed by analogue throbbing and grating. It's actually t...view item »

Andrew Pekler
Sentimental Favourites

Now Dekorder indulge themselves in a set of bastardised mangled late-'60s/early-'70s easy listening from Andy Pekler which in print sounds atrocious but believe me, this is sounding super interesting!! So in many ways this tapped album comes across more like a cosmic ambient record made b...view item »

Astral Social Club
Generator Breaker

The ever reliable Neil Campbell returns with yet another release, this time for Dekorder records. This is Campbell's second LP for the label following his collaboration with High Wolf under the guise of Iibiis Rooge. 'Generator Breaker' continues Campbell's evolution into the blissful a...view item »

King Kong Ding Dong
Youth Culture Index

When that little slaphead dude with the sad eyes and silly t-shirts barks at us the titles of records he wants us, like, to review & stuff, we all shun his democratic ways with sneery lips, hunched, indifferent shoulders and words such as "dunno", "not bothered" & "just give us any old shit & leave us alone, someone's ordered an ante...view item »

Stephan Mathieu
To Describe George Washington Bridge

This record is a hard one to describe as the press release says it all quite succinctly and far more academically than I could ever muster. The two tunes here are in many ways sister pieces to his last super-smash 'A Static Place', one of my sleepy-time CDs of the year. Dense, shifting classical-hued drone moveme...view item »

Alexander Rishaug
Shadow Of Events

Brand new CD from Osloite Alexander Rishaug which is his third waxing. I like that word. Waxing. I wouldn't like to be waxed though, oh no. I saw a friend go through it last year for charity & it were excruciating to watch I can tell thee!! This bugger is released on the astute & forward thinking Dekorder so there's a hallmark of quality...view item »

Pyramiden Von Gieben

Yes! This is great! A new double-LP from the German hippie-punk collective Datashock. This is a gleefully experimental semi-improvised krautrock epic. Considering that the tracks were performed live by a nine-piece band there's a real sense of pace and restraint and communication which is really engaging and it rarely gets cacophonous; the live ...view item »

Hanno Leichtmann
The African Twintower Suite

As far as I can glean, this record was made to function as the soundtrack to a film which then promptly morphed into an art installation, meaning that most of the music ended up not being used at all. Frustrating for the creator, I'm sure, but at least it's now made it onto the world's collective record player thanks to the good people at Dekord...view item »

Unexplained Objects

The 3rd vinyl LP from Uton has landed on the ever good useful Dekorder label called 'Unexplained Objects'. I'm not massively familiar with this Finnish chap's work but what I have heard has been pretty bonkers. This sounds even more bonkers than previous outings. It sounds like some kind of weird crazy forest folk played in outer space by small ali...view item »

The Divine

John Twells' offers up the second part of his new trilogy that has him in sinister gothic church mode. 'A Corpse Hangs In The House Of The Lord' begins with loads of church bells and then comes in a voice of some kind of sermon/preacher guy mixed with some spooked out drones and black ambience. So yeah, proper deathly gear that reminds me of my ...view item »


One of my favourite releases of the week (it was vying for album of the week!!) is the KUUPUU new album on Dekorder. Unilintu is the 2nd vinyl only release on Dekorder which compiles some of the early CDR releases. The last LP sold out in no time (though we have re stocks in now) and this is more of the same superb exp...view item »

Raymond Dijkstra
L'opus L'H

This chap is exploring the depths of sound through improvisation using a minimal setup of harmonium, scraping metal and glass. He gets some weird and strange sounds going and the overall effect is kinda surreal. There is also some tuba and strings making an appearance. At various points I'm reminded of some Nurse With Wound material and also Eli...view item »

Felix Kubin & Ensemble Integrales

One of the most charming week-a-day nights out i've had in recent memory was a trip to see Felix Kubin at a local club. The man just oozed European cool & had a proper classic showman's gait; a genuine air of the intellectual entertainer. I especially loved the fact he'd brought a selection of DIY films along with him, made by friends, fans ...view item »

The Illuminated

Ant here chilling (literally as its freezing) to the fine 'Illuminated' LP from Xela on Dekorder. Chilling also because the sound is kinda scary at times. This was originally released on Cassette on Digitalis industries. 'Black Scripture' sounds like a buddhist monk ceremony being interupted by someone doing the hoovering then some nutter pops in w...view item »

Iibis Rooge
IIbiis Rooge

It took me far too long to write Iibiis Rooge. I was squinting counting the I's... no need for multiple i's in any band name. For some reason I find it brain-meltingly complicated. Anyhoo the band in question are in fact a collaboration between Neil Campbell (i. e. Astral Social Club) and High Wolf. I'm new to these guys as I've not heard them b...view item »

Giuseppe Ielasi
(Third) Stunt

This is the 3rd part in a series of vinyl releases where the source material is one turntable and a bunch of records. Time for Mr sample....From the start I was sucked into this one. The opener is a weird alien sounding glitchy looped beast that reminds me of Sutekh or something from the clicks and cuts era a while back. The strange cyclical loo...view item »

Richard Youngs
Like a Neuron

'Like a Neuron' is a new LP from legendary underground lad Richard Youngs and when we put it on this morning it slapped our faces with surprise. Maybe the gnarly sleeve should have served as a warning.. All the stuff I've heard under his own name is ace and weird folky stuff but this one's chock full of amazing rhythmically instrumental psychedelic...view item »

Our Love Will Destroy The World
I Hate Even Numbers

This record is a right old mad badger. It's just what I need right now. Never really checked much of this talented Kiwi's stuff out before but this is a total treat. With its thrilling title & sweet artwork, I can only describe this in the same way as i'd comment on one of Astral Social Club's more erm...clubby outings. Munchkin techno. Ther...view item »


The other release on the label is an album by KUUPUU. Who's name you may remember from a 7" a while back on Time Lag Records. This is the 1st of 2 vinyl albums coming out on the label comprising of the best material from her 1st 4 CDR's. The LP is a beautiful collection of haunting (sometimes spooky) home baked freeform folk...view item »

Black To Comm
Wave UFO

Black To Comm follow up the excellent Type LP with a double 7" set on Dekorder. As soon as the needle hits the first 'Wave UFO' record (to be played at 33rpm) I'm in some kind of odd alternate dimension with stuttering rhythms like an alien train that is about to derail. There are fluid, gloopy electronics and sinister spooked organ sounds wit...view item »

Black To Comm/ Machinefabriek
Stofstuk/ Stickstoff

Black To Comm / Machinefabriek: 'Stofstuk' / 'Stickstoff' (Dekorder) 7" grey vinyl edition, handmade sleeves 100 only. From this sneaky imprint who almost slipped under my radar. Dark ambient tones and glistening, swarming flecks opens up the Black To Comm side, drifting through drones & adding high tones. The flip motions through more ton...view item »

Felix Kubin
Music For Theatre

This is the first time I've ever written about a Felix Kubin release in the time I've been doing this. His latest creation Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchestera 'Music For Theatre And Radio Play' is an eccentric blend of classical, electronic, jazz, soundtrack and just plain strange and exotic sounds sometimes pretty, child like and playful. The so...view item »

John Hegre
Colors Don't Clash

One of a few releases on Dekorder has made it's way to my desk. This one's by JOHN HEGRE (Jazkamer). 'Colors Don't Clash' is comprised of 5 pieces based around the electric guitar. The sounds on opener 'Don't' range from subtle melodies to drones and loops, really quite beautiful and not what I was expecting from a mem...view item »

Black To Comm
Ruckwarts Backwards

We had a Black To Comm lathe cut 7" a while back which shat out. Some of you may remember?? This album is called Ruckwarts Backwards and it's an edition of 222 copies. Ostensibly it's an album of ambience with some odd little samples, loops, field recordings chucked in here and there. At times I'm reminded of some of the earlier...view item »