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Love Buzzard

Messy, boozy, ballsy, hell-a-fun DIY psych-garage rock. Yeah, think that sums this up. Dangerous mid-week listening. Love Buzzard’s debut album after Sean McClusky managed to get them in front of some microphones from constant touring, and this live energy has been captured on wax. The limited 12” co...view item »

Twisted Charm
London Scene

I hate London. Full of idiots. (apologies to any Londoners out there who aren't idiots). Before you all get on the dog and bone and have a quiet word in my shell like... I'm joking. London is an interesting place and there are even cockneys out there I nearly like. But you get sick of hearing how great it is all the bleeding time. So anyway whe...view item »

Sound Of Music

You know, I knew these Lowline fuckers were from Manchester two seconds into this track even though this is the first I've ever heard of them. It's really clearly in that whole Manc indie rock tradition that's emerged since Oasis shat themselves out of their own arseholes and on to the hosepipe clean doorstep of the world. You'll probably know from...view item »


Indie rock time then folks with a 7" on 1-2-3-4 Records from Lowline who I know cack all about other than they've made a record that I'm listening to. A quick peep at the press release and I realize I know nothing about tem as this is their debut release. They're from Manchester and they actually create a reasonably powerful rock'n' roll sound...view item »

Gun In My Side

Lowline are well Manchester. I can't think of a more Manchester sounding band from recent times (possibly Twisted Wheel). It's got a sub New Order bassline running through it and the guitars are ever so slightly Pil-esque. It's not complete toss but the guys vocals are slightly irritating. That level of irratating is somewhere in between standing i...view item »

No Order

Trafalgar: 'No Order E.P.' (1-2-3-4) Is a four track twelve inch single in the mode of British punk. Sounding at times like the Damned doing a pub rock thrash going into a little cod reggae skank halfway through the second track 'Seduce and Destroy'. The flip has two alternate mixes of the lead track. One goes all retroclash designed no doubt for m...view item »

The Bishops
Higher Now

I got into that Bishops album that came out a while back. It seems 1-2-3-4 want you to get into it as well as their re-issuing all the singles with new B sides. 'Higher Now' has been out before and it's a forceful slab of 60's sounding beat pop music. Moptop tastic!...view item »

The Bishops
The Only Place I Can Look Is Down/ She Said Bye Bye

Over the last month I've secretly got into The Bishops and not told anyone... until now. The albums is cracking 60's pop and here 'The Only Place I Can Look Is Down' is one of the standout tracks. Complete merseybeat. In fact the lads thought it was The Coral and you can really hear that... their songs are pretty strong as well. I Can't Stand It An...view item »

The Bishops
I Can't Stand It Anymore

What is it worth every band sounding like they're from The 60's. THE BISHOPS have turned into a jaunty early sounding 60's pop band you're mum would be more than happy to bring home for biscuits and that. There's hints of cheekiness like The Coral in there and overall it's a great little tune which isn't pretending to be anything else. I'd like to ...view item »

The Bishops
The Only Place I Can Look Is Down

Now I have The Bishops new 7" on 1234 records. Saw these cheeky chaps live and it was like being in the Cavern all over again. Not the one when Jesus (or someone like that) hid from the Romans .... The Beatles man!! (said in New York accent)... It irritated me at the time actually... they even had the shaky mop...view item »

The Bishops

Now cheeky Beatles pop fantasists THE BISHOPS with Breakaway on 1-2-3-4 Records. Sounding not a sweet as I remember the lads have goner all raucous and rocky. Maybe the touring road has toughened them up with Western guitar action and sounding more like a The Coral .... ahhh B side has gone back to the early ...view item »

The Light At The End of The Tunnel

Another thing we forgot to mention from last week- the Whitey album has been getting rave reviews everywhere. It has that trendy electro thing going on  - there's a bit of Gary Numan, Add N to X, Fat Truckers sleazy type garb. On CD and LP...view item »