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The fifth and final installment of Varg’s Nordic Flora series lands via Posh Isolation (Internazionale, Croatian Amor). Those familiar with the previous four entries will find plenty more to enjoy across these fourteen tracks. Weaving in and out of the worlds of c...view item »

Boli Group

Boil Group are an ensemble lead by Copenhagen based Asger Hartvig. It would be easy to bracket them alongside the other cross-over neo-classicists, but that would be to do Boil Group a disservice. There is a rich vein of experimentalism that runs through this music typified by the subtlety with which t...view item »

Vanessa Amara

The most elegant of noise labels, Posh Isolation, continue their recent descent into kinder, more gentler experiments. Vanessa Amara made the lovely drone record You're Welcome Here a while ago, the duo offering low-key streams of sound with the occasional dramatic and bell-tolling payoff. They're back wi...view item »

Body Sculptures
A Body Turns to Eden

Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation label have a seemingly limitless of compellingly dark music, and new project Body Sculptures brings together several of their leading voices. Members of Damien Dubrovnik, Varg and Vit Fana are all here, as is the potent Puce Mary...view item »

Puce Mary
The Spiral

Puce Mary has been accused of diluting the original formula of noise/ industrial music with “weedy synth”. I can see the point, although I don’t see it as strictly following the same lineage. I just see it as something different. Had the groundwork not been layed, someone surely would have eventu...view item »

Hvide Sejl, Varg & F. Valentin

Welcome to “Brazil”. I “hope” you have a nice “time”. With all the air-quotes in the world, Posh Isolation reissue this gorgeous collection crossing over the disciplines of the Scandinavian artists Hvide Sejl, Varg and F. Valentin. Though the Posh Isolation aesthetic M.O. always feels pretty clear -- I once sa...view item »

Erik Enocksson
Farval Falkenberg

Posh Isolation present a remastered vinyl edition, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Erik Enocksson’s ‘Farval Falkenberg’. If you never copped this first time around when it came out on Kning Disk, then now&rsqu...view item »

Vanity Productions
Only the Grains of Love Remain

Vanity Productions is the work of Posh Isolation's co-founder Christian Stadsgaard - one of his many projects (also The Empire Line, Damien Dubrovnik, Sarah's Charity, Limepit etc.) active since 2011 with a slew of cassettes and now the first vinyl offering. ...view item »

Music for a Dance Performance

The latest Posh Isolation release is a collaboration between joint-label-boss Loke Rahbek and Lower / Vår member Kristian Emdal. Using the project name Olymphia, they produce low-slung, sinisterly-reverbed tracks of synth drone and drum machine, apparently...view item »


These Posh Isolation types are busy people: Hannes Norrvide is the sole force behind Norin, but he also collaborates with others in projects like Kyo and Lust For Youth....view item »

The Water We Drink

Khalil is a new project from Nikolaj Vonsild (When Saints Go Machine / Cancer), produced by Simon Formann (Yen Towers / Lower) and Villas Klint. Debut album ‘The Water We Drink’ is a bold, brave move ...view item »

Damien Dubrovnik
Great Many Arrows

The Danish duo of Loke Rahbek (Croatian Amor, Lust For Youth etc.) and Christian Stadsgaard have reached their sixth studio album with ‘Great Many Arrows’. The title could be mistaken for tha...view item »

Love Means Taking Action Remixes

The latest album from Posh Isolation prime dude Loke Rhabek’s Croatian Amor project gets handed over to a bunch of pals including Félicia Atkinson and Age Coin for remixing. The ambient-synth-melancholy tone of the original album lends itself to all sorts of interes...view item »

Croatian Amor
Love Means Taking Action

Croatian Amor is one of many projects helmed by Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation. It leans away from the sharp noise he often dabbles in, instead presenting some pretty shimmery synth songs. Love Means Taking Action  is a joint release between Posh Isolation and Luke Younger’s A...view item »

Croatian Amor
Finding People

Loke Rahbek returns as Croatian Amor with a 4-track EP, following last year's well received ‘Love Means Taking Action’ album on Posh Isolation / Alter. The overall mood and ...view item »

I Musik

Kyo is a danish duo made up with Hannes Norrvide (Lust For Youth) and Frederik Valentin. Returning to Posh Isolation with their third full length installment. Modern classical brewed up in a world of electronics the pair create near abstract pieces which blend and blur the lines...view item »

Croatian Amor
The World

The 2013 debut album of Croatian Amor, one of the main musical projects of Posh Isolation main-man Loke Rahbek. The World finds Loke playing around with moody drama, using synths, unidentified noises (vocals?) and, perhaps more surprisingly, melodic guitars to carry the listener through...view item »

Loke Rahbek & Puce Mary
The Female Form

The dark Danish sound of the Posh Isolation label is very well represented by this collaboration between one of its bosses, Loke Rahbek, and one of its harshest stars, Puce Mary. The Female Form digs into a bleak soundworld of droning electroacoustics, keeping the listener at a distance even as they are...view item »

Marching Church
This World is Not Enough

Nope, not the soundtrack to Brosnan’s Bond shooting hundreds of guards (that was Garbage, remember). This World Is Not Enough is he of Ice Age notoriety indulging another project as part of his ever diversifying portfolio. As Marching Church Elias Bender Rønnenfelt imagines a world where he is rich in ...view item »

Star Alliance

Varg’s Star Alliance, previously a vanishingly-limited 6-tape box-set, now makes it onto vinyl. The Varg sound is electronic but varied, with a slightly dark mood the main point of consistency. Oh and it isn’t the racist black metal Varg by the way, I checked. Double LP (with most of the ori...view item »

Aktuel Musik

This is a pretty interesting little thing right here. Kyo is a new project featuring one of the Lust for Youth synthsters and a musically inclined friend making weird ass sounds that range from jazz drumming to intense low droning strings and synthetic screeches, all treated with intricate textural prowess....view item »

Yen Towers
Bidders Must Justify Their Price

Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation label have a seemingly limitless of compellingly dark music, from the harsh noise of Puce Mary to the relentless techno pounding of Yen Towers (aka Simon Formann of Age Coin and Lower). Bidders Must Justify Their Price ...view item »

Motor City Remixes

Accompanying the vinyl reissue of Motor City, Sand Circles’ (aka Martin Heterich) slab of neon synth melancholy is this set of remixes of the original material. Some emphasise the Detroit associations, some strip out the dance in favour of the drone. 4 different approaches, from producers includin...view item »

Mats Erlandsson
Valentina Tereshkova

On Valentina Tereshkova, Mats Erlandsson crafts six electroacoustic compositions that balance his love of sound design and compositional training, with a dark, roughness he channels from harsh noise. The tracks on this vinyl LP from Posh Isolation are poised between graceful, cinematic drone and gritty industria...view item »

Erik Enocksson

Fourth album right here from this Stockholm artist who has previously released on Kning Disc. 'Apan' was inspired by a 2009 Swedish drama film directed by Jesper Ganslandt. Oh man this sounds fantastic ...view item »

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