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Fresh Touch
The Ethiopian EP

This is an interesting one. XL boss and Gil Scott-Heron producer Richard Russell and The XX / King Krule producer Rodaidh McDonald team up for a little EP post Ethiopian holiday after collecting a bunch of soundbites and cut-ups of traditional African sounds and instruments. Th...view item »

This Many Boyfriends
(I Should Be A) Communist

Mike has written this review for me calling it The Smithfits (The Smiths and The Misfits). Good. Yeah, it's punky poppy stuff with a tune. It's produced by Ryan Jarman (The Cribs) and his weird fringe. I like the picture on the inner label of a boy with arms outstretched. Great. That side...view item »

This Many Boyfriends
This Many Boyfriends

Hmmmm. This is the kind of indie I’d have adored as kid. TMB are apparently from Leeds and do the scratchy tub-thumping jangle pop of old, late ‘80s style, Malcolm Eden/Morrissey/twat out of Gene-es...view item »

This Many Boyfriends
Young Lovers Go Pop!

This Many Boyfriends are an indie pop band from the riot free city of Leeds. These kids ain't got nothing to complain about so it's no surprise that they deliver an ultra positive slice of youthful musical fun. 'Young Lovers Go Pop!' is the group's call to arms or anthem as it were. These fun loving boys and girls have gone hell for leather ...view item »

These New Puritans

Phil really like the These New Puritains 'Elvis' single. So much so that he's chosen for me to review it because he's so angry the only words he can write are about kicking peoples faces off. 'Elvis' is an obvious choice for a single as it's probably the most catchy and immediate track from the album. It sounds nothing like Elvis but it does have a...view item »

Gyratory System
New Harmony

Now I wasn't aware this guy was a trumpeter or that GS was a vehicle for such a type of man. Listening through headphones I understand a little more what is happening with this strange act. They are led by Andrew Blick who has a history as a popular session musician but this project is his cosmic electronica baby and has absolutely oodles of cha...view item »


Does anyone realise just how wired & strange this record actually is? Any album that starts of with such an escalatingly animalistic slice of driving new wave experimental pop as 'Thriller' just HAS to be heard. By absolutely everyone! Intoxicatingly, restlessly inventive and inviting, this is what happens if you tip Tuxedomoon, early B-52's...view item »

Cold Waves And Minimal Electronics Vol. 1

Attention those that have been busting moves to 'The Minimal Wave Tapes' compilation on Stones Throw. Angular Recordings have a super smart collection out that digs up a load of old 80's gear in a similar vein. You may well be familiar with a few of the names on here like Absolute Body Control and The Neon Judgement. Oh yeah I'm totally digging thi...view item »

These New Puritans
Hidden Remixes

This kicks off with an intro which is like a big Congolese drumming thing and then SBTRKT's 'We Want War' remix gets going with techy and bleepy flourishes working the rhythm into a clever beast of a floor friendly post dubstep number. '3000' gets redone by Main Attrakionz who apply their Californian hip-hop swagger which is an original take but...view item »

E. Gold (featuring Alexis)
Separate Our Hearts

Fucking hell, have I got the new Kylie single here? Oh no - it's by E. Gold Ft. Alexis. Well thanks for this Angular. After the semi-incredible Cold Waves & Minimal electronics comp you throw this lame, plodding chart fodder into the market? So, the original is pretty throwaway but the Flatline mix gives the track that euphoric, pulsating Eu...view item »

Je Suis Animal
The Mystery Of Marie Roget/ Secret Place

Je Suis Animal have a 7" out on Angular of female fronted melodic jangly indie pop called 'The Mystery of Marie Roget'. I haven't a clue what to say about this other than the band released a well received 7" on Cloudberry and an album on Angular. Phil has suggested I write about animals made of swiss rolls. Not one to disobey the gaffer.....view item »

These New Puritans

That beguiling bunch These New Puritans are back with a new Graham Sutton produced opus that is already dividing the office, always a good sign! After the decidedly schizophrenic 'We Want War', i'm left unsure what to expect. The stark rhythmic attack & relentless barked mantras of their debut seems to have evolved into something a little more ...view item »

These New Puritans
We Want War

These New Puritans. Promising to deliver something new & exciting, this new 10" is already dividing opinion in the office. One side of the room is curious & uncynical - he reckons the post kuduro/grime feel of 'We Want War' is initially reminiscent of something from the Nettle/Soot records/Filistine stable, then there's a whole chamber ensemble e...view item »

Findo Gask
One Eight Zero

Findo Gask are a new one on me so I'm hoping this 'One Eight Zero' 7" might be the start of an adventure. Now it's started and the only adventure it's taking me on is up Mt. What the Fuck Can I Say About This. Erm.. It's nice enough indie pop stuff that sounds quite a lot like later Simian. I wouldn't have known that myself, I had to cheat and...view item »


The 3 women that collectively make up off-kilter post-punkers Wetdog have truly come into their own on this second album 'Frauhaus', as if their debut wasn't already full of wonderfully authentic, ramshackle angular-isms! I could reel out the same list of names over and over - Delta 5, Au Pairs & Raincoats et al- but they've got unique, strange...view item »

Gyratory System
The Sound-Board Breathes

For some reason I thought Gyratory System were some sort of bland and dodgy guitar indie band but they're actually a much more interesting proposition. Laying down repetitive, rocky but danceable rhythms as a base they then layer up all manner of instrumentation over the top (main dude Andrew Blick is credited as contributing trumpet, ocarina, reco...view item »

These New Puritans
Numbers / Colours

These New Puritans: 'Numbers' (Angular) Posh picture disc action from the much anticipated new kids on the block. Coming across like a fuller sounding version of the Prinzhorn Dance School. This is a list record with a sort of call and response, terrace chant vocal. They sound like they're still in art school with their minimal attention to detail,...view item »

Lower Leg

It's nice to see Angular still keep on going ploughing the spiky post-punk thing even though it's not as fashionable as it used to me. That means they're doing it for the love and not for a quick buck and that's always admirable. Wetdog have a new 7" out on Angular called 'Lower Leg' this week which is great. I've not heard 'em before but immedia...view item »

Gyratory System
Sea Containers House

Gyratory System have a mighty intriguing 7" out on Angular records, the A side, 'Sea Containers House' harks back to that style of percussive post punk that genuflects in front of the altars of early 23 Skidoo, A Certain Ratio & Pigbag, then runs off into the vestry to piss mutant electroid sax & bursts of demented toytown keyboard all...view item »

Enterprise Reversal

Another absolutely smashing album is by Wetdog who not only win funniest name of the week but floor me with some proper primal & authentic agit pop, lo-fi garage rock & brittle lady-led new wave ala Slits, The Raincoats & Delta 5. They've got the old classic sounds down-pat, rumbling bass, guitar varying between spiky clean minimal &...view item »

These New Puritans
Beat Pyramid

I'm not surprised These New Puritans had their album held back for two months. For their remarkable debut to be lost in the Xmas mire would have been a tragedy. The only real thing that can happen now is fickle journalists leaving "Beat Pyramid' off their end of year snoozathons. The opening salvo of Numbers/Colours is just a perfect double he...view item »

Je Suis Animal
Self-taught Magic From A Book

The last CD of the week i've stuck to the top of the pile as I think it warrants a great deal of attention & love. It's an album by Je Suis Animal, a Norwegian band who make this gorgeous blend of scando/kraut pop, shimmering celebratory indie & sweet psychedelia. There's smatterings of Broadcast, Lush, Love is All, Stereolab, Electrelane &...view item »

Crystal Stilts

I really like Crystal Stilts but have suffered a slight problem with the vocals, as if they're merely incidental and detract from the relative richness & smoky analogue production of their 60's garage/noir-wave. It's not that they're remotely bad, or annoying. I merely wish they had a feisty female vocal to bounce of the slightly blurred sub JAMC...view item »

Idyll Intangible

After their scratchy debut assault on the senses (last year was it?), Sheffield's angular agit rock chimps Navvy have blossomed mightily with their itchy, minimal sound template with their debut full length CD through Angular. 'Idyll Intangible' hits me as a tightly meshed concoction of galloping drum machine, twangy cow-punk guitars & yelped s...view item »

Various Artists
Future Love Songs

And the other compilation is much better. Future Love Songs has been compiled by those folks at Angular and they've put together just about every buzz band imaginable to make the most now sounding compilation. You could almost say it's the future.... Future Love Songs is CD only and so it doesn't feel left out here's the track...view item »

The Long Blondes

The Long Blondes are no more we think. Here's Angular picking up the pieces with an ace singles retrospective cunningly titled 'Singles'. We've reviewed all of their singles before so ned to do do a full review on this but this is more a letting you know of it's existence. 12 tracks which I don't think have ever been out on CD before so now you can...view item »

Crystal Stilts
Alight Of Night

Yes their 'Alight of Night' LP has been pressed up over here by UK post punk revivalist label Angular and aye, it's a complete grower of the highest order indeed. Crystal Stilts are a slowly expanding NY unit. A lot has been made of their sound, from people enthralled by the snaky, smoky garage sound they employ to the blurred, disembodied / monoto...view item »

These New Puritans
Now Pluvial EP

Well thanks to Angular for finally getting us a few copies of THESE NEW PURITANS debut EP. (I've been pestering our Phil for bloody weeks now) We got the last 15 so if you've run into the wall trying to get one of these or Rough Trade have eaten them all in a fit of deviancy, then you may have ...view item »

These New Puritans
Swords Of Truth

I've taken one indie album home this year... it was the These New Puritans album. I think it's great... I like their energy... I'd like to put it in a crystal and sell it in my new age shop called 'one light'. You should come down... you'll be spiritually enriched. Listening to 'Swords of Truth' you'll realise how much better they are than most of ...view item »

4 Songs

Navvy are the latest hopes from Angular. 4 songs (Robot, Letter, Strange Book, Sticker) that remind me of some mental mid 80's Bogshed style band. 'A' side has rudimentary yelping guitar, simple frantic percussion embellished with cowbell, gibbering lyrics spat out in a frenzy of boggle eyed irrelevance, a crackpot drum machine exhaustably trying t...view item »

The Violets
The Lost Pages

The Violets are some London pop punkers that create a decent old racket. Their 'The Lost Pages' album makes me think of a female fronted P.I.L at times. Especially the single 'Troubles of Keneat' with its big dub bassline. The rhythm section is pretty tight and the singer Alexis really belts it out in a Siouxie Sioux style. I think I'm repeating my...view item »

The Violets
Troubles of Keneat

The Violets have an interesting 7" out on angular. The bare bones of 'Troubles Of Keneat' are of a punk /pop song but it's the use of the dubby effects that set this apart. It chugs along with a nice bassline and scratchy guitars, while female vocals that ooze attitude as she shrieks like a banshee (of the Siousxie kind)..... A handy little 7&...view item »

The Lodger
Grown Ups

The Lodger's debut album is released now. Here it is in fact. Grown Up's is 100% complete unashamed pop. It's not really my kind of thing these days but I really like this for some reason. It's great catchy indie pop music which harks back to the old days before style and fashion took over. There's bits of Ash, Lightning Seeds, Wedding Present...view item »

The Violets
Hush Away / In This way

Oh gawd. Another week, another bunch of new wave wanabees. The Violets are that dreaded amalgam of every post punk band ever with a Siouxsie meets Bellatrix bird shriek over a well paced but anonymous pastiche of angular guitar, flailing drums & fashionable jerkiness. If this had come out 2 years ago we'd be shouting th...view item »

The Violets

'Foreo' is the new single from THE VIOLETS, possibly the only current band apart from The Ivories to be digging up the grave of Siouxie & the Banshees. On this new job they bring in a bit of the Long Blondes rousing indie anthem focus but still have stern air-punching chorus's that even Andrew Eldritch would dismiss as a bit 'overplayed'. Not t...view item »

Elizabeth Harper
Elizabeth Harper

Elizabeth Harper has a new CD out (her debut?) well she strikes me as a lady who doesn't quite know who she wants to be  - on the first track she comes across as a female Morrisey - it really does sound like a Smiths song  -all the moves are there except maybe the lyrics.....later on she turns into PJ Harvey...view item »