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Johan G Winther
The Disappearing Act

Long time friend of Brian Records releases his third offering of sonic brokenness. After a minidisc, dictaphone cassette and 8" record with 50 different individually made sleeves, this latest offering is more straightforward in presentation. A double 10" set of lathe cut records (the final side is left blank for you to add your own ending) house...view item »

Hints of...

I met with Ersatz one dark evening, crouched around a table at the back of Bristol's folk house. That night I set them a challenge. To create a number of two minute tracks each with no more than two instruments. They wilfully failed. And I am so glad they did. The early sketches became songs, became a narrative, became a thing of wonder and of j...view item »

Andrew Broder
Picture of the Hostage Holding Today's Newspaper

Right, it's time to get it together with Andrew Broder. Hostage Holding Today's Newspaper are the far out excursions from the Fog man. This is a free jam, with Broder going to town and doing what he does best, which is putting all sorts in a pot and making a deliciously jagged & jarring yet warm ...view item »

James Norman MEng PhD CEng MICE FHEA
Brian Book

The Brian Book documents the development of Brian Records, who’ve made a much loved name for themselves by releasing small presses of unusual, obtuse, strange and exciting records over the past five years. This book is full of humour as well as lots  practical life lessons for anyone thinking of starting a label based on a love of unu...view item »

No Claim

Immigrant attempts the "5 inch challenge", an invitation from Brian Records to write two minutes worth of material. Fortunately, this prolific songwriter already has an arsenal of miniature tunes and so the whole challenge came pre-completed. No Claim is actually a record that looks back on a grand total of tw...view item »

Moon Ate The Dark
Molt & Grow

Here’s some interesting neoclassical minimal piano business from a duo whose debut on Sonic Pieces Phil really liked. This time they’re on a dinky 3” CD with two gorgeous tracks. ‘Verse Porous Verse’ has dizzying cyclical melodies which swirl around in a way which isn’t...view item »

Peter Broderick & Eluvium
I Am Darkness, I Am Light

This works much like records by the Caretaker do; the sound of old classical-based music obscured by the crackling, rapidly decaying grooves of a 5" lathe cut record. It's kind of perverse, you can clearly hear some beautiful, tender piano-based music playing but it sounds, ghostly and removed; frozen in time if you may and contaminated by t...view item »

Runge Kutta (featuring He Man)
He Man Theme

Sadly I can't play this 5 1/4" floppy disc as we are now in the future but handling it does take me back to the glory days of the BBC computer. A time when it seemed that the internet was the stuff of science fiction. So what we have here is some very silly hip-hop all executed tongue in cheek. MC He-Man even adm...view item »

Various (Harry Pussy , The Wrens etc.)
Radio Brian Volume 2

You may remember we've had a few bits in on this label before by Machinefabriek, Nils Frahm etc. and here's a new release on the label which is the first one in a while. It's a cassette in a nice wrappy foldy brown sleeve numbered of 100 copies. On this cassette you get a radio show of sorts where each song is introduced by the head honcho of Br...view item »

Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek
Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek

Lathe cut alert! Limited edition alert! Only 100 of these babies exist and we've not got many left now! Here Rutger and Gareth tackle some jazz standards! They tackle Miles Davis's 'My Funny Valentine' and 'Oh Doctor Jesus'. I think the latter was originally done by Gershwin but I could be wrong... Anyway, with Mr Davis's bass clarinet and Mr Ma...view item »

Nils Frahm
Unter Uber

This is a nice looking thing. Its a tiny 3" slab of lathe cut vinyl in wonderful fold out packaging. It contains two pieces by Nils Frahm, both are haunting music box melodies that are given added atmosphere by being pressed onto lathe cut vinyl. It literally sounds like the pieces are disintegrating in front of your ears. What I love about this...view item »

Peter Broderick, Machinefabriek, Various
Brian Records 0000001

That funny old lathe cut/CD set to promote the Brian music club sold out in an afternoon. But fear not, lathe cuts turn to putty & badger saliva but the full length compilation CD HAS been repressed (edn of 200 this time) in a miniature replica of the original package & this time we actually have some to sell! This features an exclusive ...view item »