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Mute Forest

180 gram vinyl in gatefold. Recorded at his home studio in Denver Kael Smith’s Mute Forest is a blend of warm electronics and acoustic songs wrought with pained emotion. Deforestation vulnerability can easily be compared to the likes of Caught In The Wake of Forever, Benoi...view item »

Black Box Animals

Lost Tribe Sound had better not rename themselves William Ryan Fritch Records after all - things are getting diverse again. Here Italian duo Luton slip out a little 200-copy run of their brooding new album Black Box Animals. It combines various orchestral arrangements with electric guitar, piano, electronics and other s...view item »

From the Mouth of the Sun
Sleep Stations

Leftover stuff from the Hymn Binding and Menashe sessions is what we have here, showing a fuller and heavier sound than was appropriate for Menashe especially. Yes, it’s From the Mouth of the Sun, known individually on Earth as indefatigable drone cellist Aaron Martin and fizzy d...view item »

The Green Kingdom
The North Wind and the Sun

With a steady stream of releases over the past decade through Dronarivm, SEM, and Tench Michael Cottone has delivered a huge and diverse catalogue of sun drenched, heartwarming ambience as The Green Kingdom. His first release on Lost Tribe Sound sees them convince him to strip back the electronics and focus on m...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
Behind The Pale

Clanging dark-hued composer William Ryan Fritch wrote this album around the time he was expecting his first daughter so the album naturally has the air of worried expectancy. This is a powerful music that will appeal to fans of Swans, Godspeed and Jon Mueller the latter of which...view item »


Haunting and evocative late night hazy classical is the name of the game from this composer who takes the Caretaker's sense of dissolving drift and applies it to comfortable swathes of strings. It's kind of like listening to a classical station come in and out of view on your grandad's long wave radio on Christmas Eve. It's also...view item »

From the Mouth of the Sun
Hymn Binding

Aaron Martin (Black Vines, The Cloisters) and Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) have individually had releases on Miasmah, Type and Denovali. Joining forces as From The Mouth Of The Sun they work entirely with acoustic sound sources, from guitars to or...view item »

Alder & Ash
Psalms for the Sunder

Montreal’s Alder & Ash take a leaf from Colin Stetson’s single instrument becoming a whole band, and takes the stark yet highly emotive soundtrack compositions of Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, adding in influences from noise and doom and a loop pedal. Made entirely...view item »

Alder & Ash
Clutched in the Maw of the World

Look towards Colin Stetson and Warren Ellis and Nick Cave soundtracks, take a cello, loop pedal and an array of effects and travel via noise, post-rock and doom influences. This is where you’ll find Montreal’s Alder & Ash. Minimal yet cacophonous it swings betwee...view item »


From his whirlwind of psychedelia, Seabuckthorn (aka Andy Cartwright) builds upon his 2016 full-length with 10 track album - Turns. Typically misty and embodied with confusion, this is an experimental twist of modern classical. Cold and metallic landscape are forged within this extremely cine...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters In A New World

William Ryan Fritch is the in-house music maker for action-camera manufacturers GoPro. Birkitshi: Eagle Hunters is a new project of theirs, focusing on the epic landscapes of Mongolia. Fritch’s soundtrack draws on the traditional instruments and the ever astonishing throat singing techniques ...view item »
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William Ryan Fritch
Ill Tides

William Ryan Fritch is known to many for his soundtrack work for films (on titles such as The Waiting Room), but Ill Tides is entirely its own thing. These songs are closely-designed things, with harps and strings and experimental textures. Released by Lost Tribe Sound as part of their Dead West Tape Series. Ed...view item »
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I Could See The Smoke EP

One of my favourite albums this year was the Western Skies Motel album on Lost Tribe Sound and it looks like the label have unearthed another winner in this second album by UK based guitar picker Andy Cartwright aka Seabuckthorn. The album has a darker hue though and is characterised by the use of 12 string...view item »
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Western Skies Motel

Gorgeous acoustic fingerpicking from Western Skies Motel aka René Gonzàlez Schelbeck. The dense instrumental ballads on Settlers are dedicated to the plains of the American West and capture a sense of vastness and melancholy. Schelbeck also spices his beautiful guitar playing with ...view item »
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William Ryan Fritch
New Words For Old Wounds

The limited edition of 250 physical copies come housed in a 7.5" x 5.5" panoramic gatefold case made of heavy stock. The editions were printed on an antique Heidelberg press by the world renowned Stumptown Printers based in Oregon. The artwork features a series of incredibly detailed ink paintings from Sail (uselessarm). Each edition comes with ...view item »

William Ryan Fritch

Available on CD, and vinyl LP presented in a bound jacket alongside matte printed artwork limited to 300 copies. William Ryan Fritch pushes his highly cinematic blend of modern classical and world music which, in a strange way, is simultaneously pleasant and overbearing. Suits the Lost Tribe Sound label down to a T...view item »
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William Ryan Fritch
Leave Me Like You Found Me

Walking through the far reaches of modern classical music, William Ryan Fritch’s sometimes lures us further in with little bits of post-rock tension. Our ears twitch and rise as we recognize a growth behind the pretty melodies, something building. Leave Me Like You Found Me will only have 450 copies, all of which ...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
Emptied Animal

This is a very different beast from the previous William Ryan Fritch material I’ve heard. I had him down as an extremely capable musician veering around in the gentle neo-classical, electro-acoustic area but this is a full on orchestrated opus in the style of Grizzly Bear or latter day ...view item »
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Benoit Pioulard
Hymnal Remixes

Benoit Pioulard is the alter ego of American singer / songwriter Thomas Meluch. Releasing music prolifically since 2001, 2013's 'Hymnal' is his most recent recording. Here it is given the remix treatment by a plethora of mix magicians, lending a new vibe to Pioulard's experimental folk sound. Double CD on Lost Tribe Sound. ...view item »

William Ryan Fritch
The Waiting Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

I first came across William Ryan Fritch through a remarkable track he contributed to the bonus CD on the recent Yuri Lugovskoy album. I had no previous idea that he made such a beautiful sound. He is a composer and multi instrumentalist out of Oakland ...view item »

Graveyard Tapes
Our Sound is Our Wound

Please note this review is for the deluxe version which is now sold out. This new Graveyard Tapes CD has really fancy packaging - it’s bound in a hardback book-style cover with a ten-panel fold-out display of Jamie Mills artwork and an A4 poster of the bat which graces the cover. On the CD itself the duo of Euan McMeeken and ...view item »
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Vieo Abiungo & Peter Monro
Thunder May have Ruined The Moment

I think I know what these guys are on about. There's at least two or three times in my life when thunder has ruined the moment but I'm not sure if it's the same sort of thunder. This is essentially a new album by William Ryan Fritch, aka ...view item »
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Cock And Swan

Cock and Swan. Never a good combination except for when these two get together. I don't know who is who but there's a boy (the cock i presume) and a girl (the swan?) and they are both from Washington DC. Anyway together they create a lovely mid fidelity slightly clanky brew of drifting melodie...view item »

Various (Part Timer, Aaron Martin, Benoit Pioulard etc.)
Lost Tribe Sound - One

I'm only a coupla songs into this and it sounds mint! It's a 20 track comp featuring exclusive tracks by Part Timer, Benoit Pioulard, The Remote Viewer, Brael, Gavouna, Tokyo Bloodworm, Aaron Martin, Helios etc.... Loads of other folks as well. Basically, if you're into Type, Moteer/Mobeer then you're gonna love this as it's all of your favourit...view item »
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Vieo Abiungo
And The World Is Still Yawning

Vieo Abiungo is the work of one man, William Ryan Fritch, who creates semi-experimental neoclassical sound worlds for us to get lost in. Plays a lot of instruments, this lad. Loads. Opener 'With Each Forgetful Step...Progress' hints towards an almost God...view item »

Part Timer
Real To Reel

There's a lot of folk out there like this Part Timer dude. I kind of like him too. In a world where music is always trying to drive itself up its own arse in the name of progression & innovation, it's constantly reassuring to hear this gentle, pastoral folk style stuff. In an increasingly hectic world I appreciate these quietly evocative &am...view item »
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Pollution Salute

Sitting somewhere in between the retro 80's memory pop of Small Black and the dinky electronica of The Postal Service sit Pollution Salute. Its pleasant electronic bedroom pop with some comparisons to Papercuts and the like yet its a little too fey and airy to really grab the listener by the balls on first listen but maybe that isn't the point. ...view item »

Vieo Abiungo
Blood Memory

Vieo Abiungo is a pseudonym of multi-instrumentalist and composer William Ryan Fritch. Now this guy sounds like a clever fella on paper, a self taught player of over thirty instruments Fritch has also worked with a number of high profile groups and composers including Cli Martinez, Greg Tripi and odd experimental hip-hop outfit Sole and the Sky...view item »