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Mono No Aware

Iconic experimental / electronic label PAN release their first compilation album - curated by Bill Kouligas. 'Mono No Aware' explores the boundries of the common perception of "ambient" music. Comprised of unreleased tracks from label regulars and new blood that includes Jeff Witscher, Helm, TCF, Yves Tumor, M.E.S.H., Pan Daijing, HVAD, Kareem Lotfy, ADR, Mya Gomez, Sky H1, James K, Oli XL, Bill Kouligas, Flora Yin-Wong, Malibu, and AYYA. Pressed on white wax and cut by Rashad Becker at D+M  for maximum clarity.
  • Vinyl Double LP (PAN77)
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The latest envelope-pushing visionary to join the Pan roster is Queens-based artist Eartheater. With a name like that one comes to IRISIRI expecting a metal band, and though Eartheater’s music tends more towards the turbulent electronics of Aisha Devi and Alice Glass this LP also has a whiff of the electro-industrialism of, say, Nine Inch Nails. The rock influence brings IRISIRI into the orbit of recent drops by Hirakish, Zola Jesus and IVVVO.
  • CD (PAN086CD)
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Cocoon Crush

To the great concern of caterpillars everywhere, brainy Berlin DJ and producer Objekt is back at the Deconstruct-A-Club Workshop with another LP for brainy Berlin label PAN. Cocoon Crush is as immaculate as its predecessor Flatland, but contrasts in being much more focused on manipulating recordings (of all sorts of stuff) into organic textures, rather than synthesising material from scratch.
  • Vinyl Double LP (PAN97)
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Pan Daijing

Debut full length from Berlin based experimental artist Pan Daijing. Lack is made up of from painstakingly going through and editing field samples and recordings of her own improvised performances from touring the world. A lot of it is really quite disconcerting, from Pharmakon-esque brutality to harrowing organic sources and operatic vocals.


I’m addicted to you, don’t know that you’re Toxe?! The STAYCORE-/Halcyon Veil-affiliated Swede comes through with her debut release for PAN (Yves Tumor, Visionist). Blinks is a tense, sombre EP that sits on the border between IDM, electronica and club deconstructionism. ‘Big Age’ and ‘Perfect 2’ have the energy of a Rustie tune, while ‘Honey Island’ and ‘Blue Warm Up’ contain fewer drums yet still pack a punch.
  • Vinyl 12" (PAN88)
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Stine Janvin
Fake Synthetic Music

Norwegian composer and performer Stine Janvin enters PAN’s labyrinth with new album Fake Synthetic Music. Mainly for voice and delay, the album tests what can be done with such a limited (conceptually, at least) source of sound. Very exciting, and not to be brushed off as similar to Norwegian voice performer Maja Ratkje; the two get distinct results from their processes.
  • Vinyl Double LP (PAN84)

Amnesia Scanner
Another Life

They took their sweet time about it, but four years on from their breakout mixtape AS Live [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Berlin-based duo Amnesia Scanner have delivered their debut LP. Another Life is, of course, a record as brilliant as it is difficult to pin down. The pair’s sound has always been a helter-skelter mix of genres glued onto an industrial-techno chassis, and with the dozen tracks of this record they draw on everything from chopped-and-screwed tapes to trance. Pan Daijing guests on two tunes.
  • Vinyl LP (PAN96LP)
  • CD (PAN96CD)
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Yves Tumor
Serpent Music

Yves Tumor presents a grand, strange, epic pop-soul album with thick streaks of experimentalism running through it: a record that sounds like little else. Serpent Music can move like the sleekest plastic soul in town, but it also feels comfortable confronting the listener with noise, ambience, broken electronics and surprise spoken-word. Impressive work from Tumor. Released by PAN.

Puce Mary
The Drought

Frederikke Hoffmeier aka Copenhagener Puce Mary joins PAN for her new album The Drought, where she is found tucking in to the world’s most suspicious-looking apple. The image suggests themes of temptation, self-destruction and self-preservation are encountered in these new tracks, while compositionally Hoffmeier seems to be using decidedly less aggression and more vulnerability and melody than we’ve heard from her before.
  • Vinyl LP (PAN87)
  • CD (PAN87)

Lee Gamble
B23 Steelhouse / Motor System (Extension)

Lee Gamble sneakily drops two new tracks white-label style on PAN, no doubt to the joy of many. Specifically, these tracks are for the dancers: Motor System is extracted from his Koch album but beefed up and extended for the club and B23 Steelhouse is similarly hyped. Mastered for maximum impact. 500 copies only.
  • Vinyl 12" (PAN65)
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The latest slice of PAN delight is the debut release of a new project: the album is sensibly titled 1. Lifted are an improvising crew, working with electronics and sometimes dipping into technoish and/or ambient territory, but always informed by a jazz sensibility. A smooth but unusual sound that is hard to pin down.
  • Vinyl LP (PAN61)
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Ruff Kutz

'Ruff Kutz' is a re-release of a mixtape originally issued by Spectre as a run of just 100 cassettes in 1998. Now mastered and pressed over two 140g LP's this is experimental hip hop infused with dub, featuring artists such as Bill Laswell, Kevin 'The Bug' Martin and Djini Brown. Ruff Kutz revisits the short lived illbient genre taking sounds from 1994 to 1998 documenting the clash of Bronx rap and Jamaican roots. Mirroring the development of trip hop in Bristol, this reflects on similar pioneering productions in Manhattan and worth investigating.    

Piteous Gate

M.E.S.H. presents a curious release indeed, a record that dips in and out of typical club forms, knocking dancers back with dramatically shifting rhythms and unexpected sonic elements metamorphosing in and out of existence. Great stuff for a debut. Piteous Gate is out on PAN, the obvious home for Berlin-based weird club electronics.
  • Vinyl LP (PAN66)

Oren Ambarchi
Live Knots

‘Knots’ was of course the half-hour centerpiece of Oren Ambarchi’s excellent Audience Of One album, a massive piece that spirals out from a guitar / drums core into a number of other instrumental areas. Now PAN are releasing two live versions, each with a different ensemble and focusing on different elements. Typically gorgeous PAN packaging too… Oooh, you’ll need this.
  • CD (PAN53)


M.E.S.H. gets back to business on PAN with the Hesaitix album, which continues his intriguing explorations into the possibilities of shredding apart the constituent parts of club music and reconstructing them into strangely-shaped new digital forms. Plenty to get your head around here, oh yes oh yes. Released by PAN, with Rashad Becker-mastered audio.

Superlative Fatigue

Errorsmith hasn’t issued an album for thirteen whole years, but guess what… now he is! Superlative Fatigue arrives bursting at the seams with inventive synth sounds: Errorsmith’s Erik Wiegand has spent much of the last decade literally inventing synths and plug-ins. The record is also full of joy and good times: two LPs-worth of them in fact. Delicious stuff, out on PAN.

James Hoff

Abstract idea artist James Hoff offers up this one for PAN, entitled 'Blaster', a word that has been run through a very bad anagram machine to produce seven tracks with the same letters (and one called, rather bluntly, "Scratch"). These compositions are experiments in the basest form of the word: they're focused around Hoff letting his beats contract computer viruses and seeing what the result was. Hoff's plan is to show the similarities between the music artists make and the viruses that ruin computers: in both cases, someone had to start the fire. True musique concrete if I ever heard it. 
  • Vinyl LP (PAN55)
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R/S (Rehberg / Schmickler)

  • Vinyl LP (PAN 18)
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Lee Gamble

The latest from much respected experimental dancehead Gamble, this further refines his work referencing the past sounds UK jungle, rave and techno but bring something wholly new to the party. This exploratory work sounds like a coagulation of the best bits of dark 90's underground danced, re-badged for the modern day techno enthusiast. A quick listen to 'Motor System' reveals a pounding, pulsating bedrock of percussion over which soft evocative synths are layered. It works splendidly, sounding new but also nostalgic at the same time. If the rest of the album is as good then this double vinyl, single CD record could be one of this years landmark releases.   

Olympic Mess

‘Olympic Mess’ is the follow-up album to 2014’s ‘The Hollow Organ’ from Helm. Inspired by dub techno, Balearic disco and loop based industrial sounds, Younger has composed ten euphoric soundscapes using a variety of heavily manipulated samples, found sounds and electroacoustics, informed by the hypnotic potential of these influences.

Valerio Tricoli
Clonic Earth

Valerio Tricoli is a total boss when it comes to modern electroacoustic and tape-based music: many are still reeling from his Miseri Lares album from a few years back. Now another double-LP of Tricoli lands on PAN, again submerging the listener into a bristling sound-world of beguiling textures and tactile tones. Clonic Earth is premium material.

Olympic Mess (N1L / Beatrice Dillon Remixes)

Popular noisy dude Helm gets his material taken to the dancefloor by newcomer N1L and hot-property producer Beatrice Dillon. The jagged experimental electroacoustics of the original Olympic Mess aren’t exactly smoothed out; rather they are loosely squeezed into unruly shape by jumping / crashing rhythms. No-nonsense hand-stamped 12” on PAN.


The latest emission from the PAN roster is a full-length from Visionist, whose stock has been justifiably rising in recent years. Safe crashes in with a sort of bit-crushed flurry of thudding beats, rumbling bass and assorted samples, the whole thing recalling something along the lines of Holly Herndon having a panic attack. Very good.

Errorsmith & Mark Fell
Protogravity EP

‘Protogravity’ is the first collaborative single from electronic composers Mark Fell (SND) and Erik Wiegand (aka Errorsmith, MMM). Combining the creative methods of these two major contributors to the development of alternative dance forms, ‘Protogravity’ explores their various working practices and compositional styles to create a coherent collection of subterranean techno.

Vom Grill
Knerpen! (Bevel)

Vom Grill is a pseudonym for Dennis Tyfus, known for the famed Ultra Eczema label among many other things. Knerpen! (Bevel) finds him casting mad tape loops, vocal garble and warble, and electronics together and then cutting everything around into thrilling collages. Out, maybe surprisingly, on Berlin’s PAN label.

Afrikan Sciences

A third, sprawling double LP from Eric Porter Douglas’ Afrikan Sciences, and his first for PAN. Jim’s review describes this man as a “rhythm visionary” -- hard to contest with even a cursory listen to Circuitous. On CD and vinyl, some seductive, minimal artwork, and fourteen tracks from New York via all kindsa sonic places.

Florian Hecker & Mark Leckey
Sound Voice Chimera

Florian Hecker is described as a “German sound experimentalist” while Mark Leckey is “a multidisciplinary artist” but he might be better known as the winner of 2008’s Turner Prize. They originally presented Sound Voice Chimera at Tate Modern in an event called Push and Pull. Expect arty sound exploration from the two 17 minute long tracks that take up one side of the vinyl LP each.  


The future days of techno are here with Objekt's debut record, coming out via the ever-trusty PAN. Objekt has been prominent for a while now, releasing a bunch of 12" and making a name for himself in his home-town Berlin. 'Flatland' is his first full-length, offering those textures up for a sustained narrative. He tries to get cinematic on this one, hoping for "a world in which any scene can be seen from every angle". That's pretty Coen Brothers of him. 

Evan Parker & John Wiese

Lee Gamble
Kuang EP

Uk techno wizard Lee Gamble has been quiet for the past couple of years, remix obligations aside. Atmospheric and strangely melancholy, yet still immensely danceable, 'Kuang' is released ahead of long-awaited new album 'Koch' which comes out next month. Left-field and old school, and futuristic. All at once.  
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  • PAN

Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet
Grapes and Snakes

Mika Vainio / Kevin Drumm / Axel Dorner / Lucio Capece

Thomas Ankersmit / Valerio Tricoli
Forma II

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  • PAN