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Louise Landes Levi
From The Ming Oracle

Bowed harp loveliness from Louise Landes Levi, also featuring Hilary Jeffery droning on trombone. Interpreting the Indian raga and The Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company plus The Theatre of Eternal Music. Contemporary reimaginings; beautiful, stirring and heartwarming sounds. This album also comes with a poetry collection writte...view item »

Toshiro Mimaki
Januari 22 2000

Enigmatic improvised duets featuring Toshiro Mimaki (percussion) and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics), both former members of seminal japanese psyche legends, Les Rallizes Dénudés. Showcasing the more abstract, ascetic side of their playing, this lp is accompanied by a 7" of the only available recordings from 1974 by the duo'...view item »

Von Himmel

Right. I was doing SOOOO well until I reached this. Immediately I loved it, the sleeve, the music...EVERYTHING. Now I have to BUY another record when I’VE TOO MANY ALREADY! I hate this job, it will be the death of me. Von Himmel have made some albums and CDrs for little labels such as ...view item »

Stay Away From The Towers

This is a tape of dark synth explorations that are on the more abstract side of cosmic. On the first side we've got drippy type sounds at different pitches which echo around until they're accompanied by a synth drone and a low pulse and some lasery noises. This is headphone music, I think...view item »

The Night Is Yours

Up-Tight are a three-piece from Tokyo who, from the evidence of this LP, play ponderous, overblown psych rock, of which this record contains five examples. Opener 'Blow Away' fades in with some insistent, repetitive bass and drums (the bass tone on this track is really enviably nasty) and then a load of noisy, squalling guitar over the top ...view item »

Majutsu No Niwa
Ecstatic Crystallization

You never know what you're gonna get with these lads, formed from the ashes of the genius Overhang Party. When this tape came in I was reminiscing about the time I stuck one of their CDs on in here expecting some blazin' jams, only to be greeted with some sort moderately psychedelic lo-fi pub rock (and much piss-taking). Here they've got their p...view item »

Yuka Ijichi
Peanuts Butter

Great name for an EP. Peanuts Butter.... genius! Info is skinny on the ground with this one but Yuka is a Japanese folk lady and she's backed up by Doronco from Les Rallizes Dénudés playing his axe and singing a wee bit here and there. The music is very simple almost twee folk. The opener is riciculously light and frothy and w...view item »

Stranger Son Of WB
Other Songs from Lakes

More Sloow Tape action this time from Manchester's post-punk obsessed Stranger Son of WB. I love these guys, especially the unhinged rants of frontman Gareth Smith whose vocal styling are totally reminiscent of Mark E. Smith. Musically the group indulge in a paranoid, lo-fi style of New Wave punk that oozes that unique northern charm. Occasionally ...view item »

Seven That Spells
You Must Do This On Stage Vol. 1

Got some cool looking tapes in from Sloow this week including a collection of live recordings from Croatia's premier psych rock outfit Seven That Spells. Primarily influenced by the likes of early Hawkwind and Acid Mothers Temple whilst also absorbing a little of post-rock's rhythmical dynamic, Seven That Spells kick out total psych party jams with...view item »