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Georgia Anne Muldrow

Georgia Anne Mudrow can count Erkyah Badu, Mos Def, and Blood Orange as fans. So the question you should be asking yourself is why aren't you? Overload is Mudrow's first album on Brainfeeder, which turns out to be the perfect...view item »

Brainfeeder X

We all like a bit of Flying Lotus's imprint Brainfeeder but it can be hard to keep up with their deluge of releases. So this handy compilation could be a good place to get acquainted or re-aquainted with the LA based beats people. It's a 4LP (or 2CD) collection of their best bits containing all your favourites such as  ...view item »

Brandon Coleman

The fun times just keep coming as the party fortress Brainfeeder offers us Resistance, the new cut from Brandon Coleman. To put things in perspective, he happens to be a member of saxophonist Kamasi Washington's band, padding out that symphonic sound with fusion sounds on his keyboard and...view item »

Louis Cole

Uptown Funk? Nah thanks, Louis Cole has got you covered for all you infectiously groovy disco funk jams, with an added sprinkle of odd and playful (Brainfeeder ready). Having gained admiration from the likes of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Flying Lotus he is now releasing his first full l...view item »

Dorian Concept
The Nature of Imitation

After several EPs and an album on Ninja Tune Austrian producer Dorian Concept has been signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint. For his first full length with the label ...view item »

Ross From Friends
Family Portrait

Give Rossie the CDJs, Marcel. While he may have originally emerged back in 2015 as the clown prince of lo-fi house, Ross From Friends showed off a more mature aesthetic when he debuted on Brainfeeder in early 2018. He follows up that EP, Aphelion, with his first full-length. Family Portrait...view item »

Ross From Friends
Aphelion EP

Poshboy sounding British producer Felix Clary Weatherall is also known under the less posh name of Ross From Friends. But that's as far as the references to the strangely dated situation comedy go. He's been slowly unleashing sounds that reference old school house, hip-hop and Italo-dance and after releases on the likes of ...view item »
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The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam

Mind-bending bassist, and frequent Flying Lotus collaborator, Thundercat releases the mini-album The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam. Not only does FlyLo help out on these jazzy electro numbers, but the legendary Herbie Hancock lends his fingers to keyboards and pal Kamasi ...view item »

Thundercat + OG Ron C & The Chopstars

By now you probably know that Thundercat’s third album Drunk is a fast-moving masterpiece that augments his George Duke / Stanley Clarke-influenced fusion style with shades of Zappa and Todd Rundgren. An A Wizard, A True Star for our times, even, but one t...view item »

Kamasi Washington
The Epic

If you enjoyed the corners of Flying Lotus’ music where he flirts with psychedelic jazz, now is a chance to get more, much more… The Epic, released on FlyLo’s own Brainfeeder label, is a three disc super-album orchestrated by Kamsai Washington and utilising orchestra, choir, and a ban...view item »

Neo Wax Bloom

It’s Iglooghost and his debut album Neō Wax Bloom, 2 years after his Brainfeeder debut ‘Chinese Nü Year’ EP (4 tracks about a neon worm named Xiangj...view item »


Third album from producer Lapalux, developed from a theatrical score to a performance art piece and turned into the Ruinism you see before you. Lapalux’s style is a digital-industrial maelstrom tethered to beat structures for a wrecked-up club, with Ruinism being an apt descriptor. Guest ...view item »

The Golden Age Of Apocalypse

Bit of excitement surrounding this release as it's been produced by the big man on campus, Flying Lotus. Lotus managed to coerce touring artist/outstanding bass player Stephen Bruner to release some of his own solo material and has done a sweet job on the production too. Bruner seems ...view item »


If you move in certain areas of music (the LA Brainfeeder / cosmic jazz axis and surrounds), you will appreciate Thundercat as a god-like figure. The man plays electric bass like nobody’s business, but he is also a mighty songwriter, and Drunk is his own record. It features an amazing cast of collaborators (...view item »

Nothing Else

Not to be confused with the Black Metal act of the same name. This is the pseudonym of Marcos Ortega who joins the ranks of Ras G, Samiyam and the Gaslamp Killer with his debut release on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. This is dark techy hip hop with a slight dubstep swagger at times and even nods to the darker end of the old Bristol trip-hop ...view item »


Straight out of Holland comes Jameszoo, an eclectic DJ and producer who has turned to incorporating live instrumentation into his work on new album Fool. In doing so he contributes to the post-Kamasi Brainfeeder mission of re-engineering funk jazz music, working with veterans like Steve Kuhn...view item »

Kneebody + Daedelus

Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder imprint is constantly upping the ante when it comes to fusing deep electronic production and the freedom of jazz playing. Here Jazz quintet Kneebody pair up with equally face-paced and ever changing producer Daedelus. Aptly titled Kneedleus their two worl...view item »

DJ Paypal
Sold Out

DJ Paypal is here with Sold Out, stretching the pun as far as it can go there. Going for pure fun in a footwork world, this is his debut for Brainfeeder and the music is a mix of fast tempo remixes of genres such as jazz and salsa combining EDM and hip hop elements. Sold out? We'l...view item »


The second album from British Brainfeeder representative Lapalux is mood music of the highest order. Lustmore blends shuffling rhythm, simple melody and crisp production to fill the environment with a lush, modern atmosphere. Out on CD and vinyl double LP (black and orange splatter) from Brainfeeder....view item »
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Mr Oizo
The Church

Mr Oizo continues doing his thing on The Church, which is basically delivering slapstick but genius funk missives with aggressive and forceful dance sensibilities. Like listening to the dancefloor glitch out, shut down and restart, The Church is set to be one of 2015's hardest...view item »
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The Light Brigade

Daedelus makes joyous IDM informed by a myriad genres: be it jazz, downtempo, instrumental hip hop, he's swimming in it. This makes him a pretty ideal candidate for Brainfeeder, the spontaneous hybrid-lover record label fronted by Flying Lotus. On this record, Daedelus takes a serious turn, the record attempting to document the scenes of the Cri...view item »
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Golden Skies

Brainfeeder don't do too much wrong so hopes are high for this debut album from Mono/Poly (aka Charles Dickerson). Even better news is that Thundercat makes an appearance twanging his bass and Flying Lotus affiliates Niki Randa and Rebekah Raff, plus Mendee Ichikawa (Free Moral Agents) are here too. Mono/Poly already has fans in Erykah Badu and ...view item »

In My World

Featuring truly the most horrible sleeve I’ve seen this week. One of those naked man and child pictures that people sometimes post on facebook to show dad and offspring in perfect natural harmony but omitting to realise that nobody wants to see anyone naked. Particularly a defenceless child. Its on Brainfeeder so I’m excited ...view item »

Taylor McFerrin
Early Riser

Oh how we guffawed, “I bet...huh...I bet its Bobby McFerrin’s son”. Well of course it is Bobby’s lad and McFerrin senior even makes a guest appearance towards the end of this lovely album. Rather than saying “don’t worry be happy”, McFerrin Junior soothes your soul and eases your concerns with th...view item »

E s t a r a

LA producer and artist Mtendere Mandowa hits us with his latest full length on Brainfeeder Records, following on from the brilliant ‘Ardour’ released way back in 2010. This latest album ‘Estara’ sees Teebs in a rather meditative form, a cool floaty sort of Boards Of Canada ...view item »


This album is the masterwork of 22-year-old Brit Stewart Howard, the first UK resident on Brainfeeder and an album which really bodes well for the future. Yep some of the sounds or those in vogue Flying Lotus flamming or witch-house weirdness but it’s expertl...view item »
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Some Other Time

I’m a little bit tired now of that hyper-technicolour post-FlyLo/Tri Angle/Clams Casino sound where R’n’B, stunted hip-hop, watery sounding edits and moga...view item »
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The Gaslamp Killer

The mad-as-a-spanner turntablist that is The Gaslamp Killer is back with his debut album proper on Brainfeeder records. I loved this guys’...view item »

Jeremiah Jae
Raw Money Raps

Ah...new rhyme spitter, huh? Thanks very much. Jeremiah Jae hits us with his debut for Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label. Discovered b...view item »


Blimey it’s a new Bjork-type lass. Never seen one o’ them before. Ho-ha she’s got it all down-pat has this Ryat. Get the first track and it’s glacial dream-p...view item »
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Hello Darkness

Hello darkness my old friend. The ever impressive Martyn returns with another 12” featuring one original and two remixes. The title track is a wondrous thing indeed. It pours out of the stereo, a bass heavy perfect marriage of dubstep and techno, skittery beats, stunning bass line an...view item »
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Ghost People

Martyn has built up a cult following since his beginnings in the Dutch D&B scene but became the name on everyone's lips when he dropped a stone cold killer slice of future garage on Apple Pips. Then followed a slew of EP's and...view item »
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Sam Baker's Album

First clock this guy's material when he made his Hyperdub debut back in 2008. Sine then releases have been fairly few and far between, keeping the quality control high. This is the second album for his right hand man and fellow L.A dweller Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label and it's dro...view item »

Creature Dreams

Not heard Tokimonsta before but the press release informs me he's had stuff out on both Ramp and All City Records so he's probably a good lad. This 12" EP is a Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune jam and features eight lush tracks of jazz infused melodies, smooth future funk grooves and soothing synth tones. Opener 'Fallen Arches' starts things of in the spi...view item »
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Righteous Fists of Harmony

I like the sleeve to this. It's like a Twinsistermoon sleeve or something. The music couldn't be any further away though. It's released on a new label called Brainfeeder set up by some fella called Flying Lotus. Not heard of him but apparently he's like some huge martial arts guru who can fly. I saw him on telly last week and I couldn't believe my ...view item »
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