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Emily Wells

Emily Wells is a singer, songwriter and producer. Her new album, Promise, has a unique mix of classical, folk and hip-hop sounds that underpin her atmospheric vocals and violin. She is fiercely independent in her approach to her music, touring alone and releasing music on her own Theis & Instinct label.

Shelf Life
Everyone Make Happy

Fondly assembled indie rock in slightly slackery vein. Shelf Life is the solo project of Scotty Leitch, a veteran recording engineer and the drummer for Alex G. Everyone Make Happy is his debut under the name, and is warm and lovely way to make an introduction. Released by the Lefse label, with very sweet cover artwork.

Dominant Legs

  • CD (LEFSE027CD)
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Running Back

Grunge is not dead and here to prove it are Weed, they’re from Seattle, too!. Running Back is their second album and follow-up to 2013’s Deserve. They’ve spent a great deal of time since then touring the world and changing the minds of critics. During this time they have built up a band of loyal followers. They look to continue this momentum whilst touring US and Europe.
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  • Lefse

A Grave With No Name
Feathers Wet, Under the Moon

Although both Feathers Wet, Under the Moon and A Grave With No Name prepared me for a Death Metal group, here we have some gentle, breezy folk. Recorded by Londoner Alexander Shields in Nashville, the tunes have a distinct yet subtle American folk edge to them, with the occasional foray into electric guitar and blues type arrangements.

French For Rabbits

Lapins. Though these lot might not know that as they come from the remote setting of Waikuku Beach in New Zealand where I'm sure there is no internet and no books. Regardless they've made an album influenced as much by the West Coast dream pop of Opal and Mazzy Star as it is by the current young person sounding like old person drift of Daughter or Laura Marling.  

Absolutely Free
Absolutely Free

Toronto based trio Absolutely Free present their self-titled debut LP following the release of well received singles ‘UFO’, ‘Glass Tassel’ and ‘On The Beach’. Making music that is largely based on instrumentation and compositional structure, Absolutely Free are no strangers to musical experimentation, and here they have delved into more hypnotic, neo-psychedelic terriroty compared to their last venture as members of the now defunct punk band DD/MM/YYY. With myriad influences ranging from Bollywood to Krautrock and Phil Spektor to Gang of Four, ‘Absolutely Free’ promises a diverse collection of music. 

Sea Oleena

Dream pop artist Sea Oleena returns with 'Shallow', her debut full-length after years releasing EPs and working on material worthy of a record proper. Oleena's folk and pop retains its traditional form here, recorded in a variety of confined bedroom spaces but nonetheless filled with orchestral tricks and Oleena's powerful, ascending vocals.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Sea When Absent

It’s been a while but A Sunny Day In Glasgow are back with ‘Sea When Absent’, their third album proper. ‘Sea When Absent’ situates itself in the science fiction that is life in 2014 and goes looking for what new myths might speak to us in our post- Fukushima, post-quantum, post-everything world. Recorded over a year and half with Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Kurt Vile) at his Uniform Recording Studios in Eraserhood Philadelphia, the album is a conscious move away from the bright-dark, ambient maximalism of the band’s acclaimed double album ‘Ashes Grammar’ and a move towards a post-millennial, upfront pop sound. ‘Sea When Absent’ is simultaneously A Sunny Day In Glasgow at their most accessible, most insane and most rock. Appropriately for new beginnings, ‘Sea When Absent’ marks a number of firsts for the band - it’s the first album recorded in a ‘real’ studio by someone who isn’t Ben or Josh, the first album not written mostly by Ben, the first album with next-to-no reverb and the first time in A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s history that it has existed as an actual band (and not just Ben or Josh playing everything). There was also a conscious effort to get away from aspects of recording that have defined this band in the pasts, namely heavily reverbed and buried vocals. Vocalists Jen Goma and Anne Fredrickson have beautiful voices and it was time to explore the possibilities of their abilities / talents. Jen took on a central role in the making of this album, stepping up to write most of the lyrics and melodies. Annie also contributed melodies throughout the album and put her classical cello training to use adding string arrangements.

The Space Project

The Space Project is a 14 track compilation featuring, most notably, Spiritualized, Beach House and Porcelain Raft. The songs are built around recordings made by the Voyager space probe. The project came about after the boss of Portland-based Lefse label, Matt Halverson got talking to President of Exogenesis and Chief Scientist, Sean Anklam who told him about the hours of sound recordings that were in existence. The Space Project is available on vinyl LP and CD.
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  • Lefse

Big Search
Distant Shore / Lost Coming Down

  • Vinyl 7" (LEFSE046)
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Teen Daze
All Of Us, Together

  • CD (LEFSE036)
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A Classic Education
Call It Blazing

  • CD (LEFSE028)
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