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Mark McGuire
Vision Upon Purpose

Great 90s style early day graphic design on this. This is the guy from Emeralds I mixed up with Steve Hauschildt last week. This is the one that does play guitar and makes stuff perfect to soundtrack an aerial helicopter-eye view of a golf course. Mastered by the genius that is James Plotkin. Th...view item »

Followed By A Wraith

It's too early for this crazy business. Hailing from the grimy Midwestern state of Ohio, this duo of Mark Van Fleet and Nathan Reynolds do their damnedest to replicate the sound of your worst Gothic nightmares to tape. This album is outright noise insanity! Primarily a collection of collages and cut-up home recordings, these sloth-like movements...view item »

Government Alpha
Altar Of Precogs

Japanese noisenik Government Alpha has been making music since 1994 and he’s recognised as one of the leaders in the extreme noise scene. Along with Merzbow...view item »

Sean McCann
Sincere World

On the first side of this record from Sean McCann we've got two extended ambient/drone passages that are totally relaxing. It opens up with what sounds like field recordings and voices, blurred until they're barely recognisable in a way that reminds me a little of Lawrence English, but t...view item »

Imaginary Softwoods
The Path Of Spectrolite

So here we have some "location recordings from the Forest of Light" from John Elliot who is best known these days for being a member of Emeralds. That should give you a clue as to what he's up to right here. Recorded between June 2010 and February 2011 he's on an internal spiritual trip to enable you, the listener to transcend your weary human s...view item »

Keith Fullerton Whitman / Mike Shiflet
070325 b/w 080409

The man KFW takes up his side with what appears to be a live recording from 2007 utilizing (presumably) his modular synthesizer setup. He builds from scratch with analogue rumbles that evolve into tweaked sorta doomed out futurist blasts of neon light across a black landscape. It doesn't take long before things get a little nasty sounding with h...view item »

Glowing Net

I loved that Mist album on Spectrum Spools. In fact I thought it was awesome; I preferred it to some of the recent Emeralds gear. In case you didn't know Mist is Sam Goldberg and John Elliott from the aforementioned synth pop combo. So there's your facts over with! Actually I have one more...this is a limited US vinyl pressed in an edition of 75...view item »