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My Home, Sinking
King of Corns

This white vinyl release of Enrico Coniglio's, aka My Home, Sinking, 'King of Corns' is as special as the music itself, a bucolic, meditative rumination on melancholia, assembled from the building blocks of gentle folk guitar, lilting harmonica and illuminating, dramatic vocals. Sometimes sweet, sometimes frenzied, this is a gor...view item »


Infraction have repressed a small amount of the Movements CD by Koda which was one of their earlier releases. It's not one I've heard until now so I thought I'd write a few words on it. From start to end this album is totally beautiful. If you're into ambience and drone music then this is heartily recommended. I'm not sure what the music has bee...view item »


Ooh a new Infraction. It’s been a while. We’ve missed you guys! Anyone remember Kiln? Well before Kiln came Fibreforms and weirdly I was listening to the ‘Stone EP’ recently by these guys (came out in 1997 and is awesome) and then...view item »

offthesky & Pleq
A Thousand Fields

A collaborative effort between US based offthesky a.k.a. Jason Corder and Polish resident Pleq a.k.a. Bartosz Dziadosz this is an album of experimental ambience. Utilising abstract treatments of minimalism, field recordings and playing with delicate use of single piano strings, harp, echo and more this is a album of both space and depth. 'A Thou...view item »

I Love You So Much I Can't Even Title This

Celer created I Love You So Much I Can’t Even Title This in 2008, using both analogue (tape) and digital (laptop) processing to utterly transform original sounds and samples of Samuel Barber’s compositions alike. Distant-...view item »

Age & Transformation

This two disc set has been in the works for six years now. Originally issued on Fungal (Darren Tate aka Monos’s label) in 2004 and then reissued in 2005...both in tiny editions which disappeared quickly and now time and pati...view item »

Keith Berry

The surely sleepy Keith Berry makes music while hibernating, creating the sort of brain-fogged beauty I can only imagine coming out of a pure and dreamless night. Having made lovely records like ‘Simulacra’ for a long while now, he knows exactly how to make an ear-coating lullaby, using slowly avalanching chords and raindrop tape his...view item »

Let There Water Air

Drape take physical instruments like guitars, cellos and pianos, and then subsumes the acoustic sounds in thick drones. The effect is like glimpsing sunlight poking through the clouds. Let There Water Air is released in CD and vinyl editions: take your pick between black and clear wax pressings. On Infraction....view item »


I don’t want to fall into a load of cliched ‘ice and snow’ imagery just because Beautumn is from Russia, but to be fair he doesn’t make it easy with that sleeve art, or with the slow, detached tones of his ambient music. Bordeaux is a slight thing, hovering slowly through cold air, with distant s...view item »

Concert Silence
Rain Furniture

Around a month ago I had lazer eye surgery which was quite an experience to say the least!  It felt like my brain was being re-wired as I was still conscious... I returned home and after the anaesthetic had worn off my eyes were burning like I'd chopped a million onions, and it was very much a struggle to keep them open. At this point I dec...view item »

Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry

Another gorgeously packaged LP from Infraction, presented on on white vinyl in gatefold sleeve with large obi-strip. Minutes in and I'm well in the zone, like being submerged in a submarine in the arctic while hearing smothered distant voices and ice cracking. Within the headphones I can dwell effortlessly in this soundworld where things shift s...view item »

Loren Dent
Anthropology Vols. 2 & 3

An epic two disc release of epic ambient symphonies made up of epic drones and epic orchestral swells. Could this get any more epic? I wasn’t even half way through and I’d already started to feel like I was evaporating, taking on a gaseous form that could spread its presence throughout the cosmos like some omniscient demi-god. With i...view item »

Loren Dent
Anthropology Vol. 1

BEHOLD! An offering from the ambient gods of Infraction. Dust off thine finest goblet, pour from your favorite bottle, remove thy clothes and be pure. Get back to nature and absorb the wonder of pure ambient beauty and message from the heavens that is Loren Dent's 'Anthropology Vol.1'. From the moment I hit play and shiver at the beauty of the ...view item »

Along the Mantic Spring

Pausal is Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton and this is their fourth LP released on the Infraction label, with an absolutely stunning cover designed by Charmagne Coe drenched in vibrant watercolour the music herein mirrors this perfectly. Layer upon layer of droning ambience create a near classical experience for the listener, building towards some...view item »

The Most Beautiful Blue

It's always nice getting a box of stuff from Infraction and this week that very thing happened with a brand new CD arriving by Eluder called 'The Most Beautiful Blue'. As you'd expect from Infraction, it's a release of the highest quality. They don't release much but when they do it's always top notch. It doesn't veer away from the tried and tested...view item »

Keith Berry
Towards the Blue Peninsula

Here's a rare treat from veteran ambient powerhouse Keith Berry, which the press release says he has "has moved away from the computer-based compositions of 'The Ear That was sold...' utilizing Akira Rabelais's Argeiphöntes Lyre software to something a bit more windswept perhaps or at times aquatic and organic sounding", but that technical ...view item »

Joseph Minadeo & Curt Brown
Wood Land

I listened to this at home last night and it was so beautiful and lovely sounding it made me feel positively evil in comparison. The Infraction label’s release schedule is fairly relaxed these days so when a new release (or two - see the new Eluder album) arrives it...view item »

Varying Degrees Of Alive

I have been listening to records all day in order to fill a quota of 15 reviews by the end of business, and here’s numero quinze itself - the Lantscap LP. If you don’t know who they are then maybe if I tell you that this is on Infraction and they’re a duo of Ian Haw...view item »

Through Horizon

On this CD, Patrick “Eluder” Benolkin treats us to some trance-inducing deep space music inspired by lectures on astronomy; a patient tapestry of deep, rumbling swells and subtle, glimmering drones which find a path somewhere between Stars Of The Lid, Death...view item »

An Idea And Its Map

Ambient craftsmen Ryan Gracey and Spencer Williams a.k.a Drape follow up their mental split tape collaboration with Odd Nosdam with an epic full length on Infraction. As with all of Infractions releases it’s a ...view item »

Echo Park

What a beautiful and soothing record this is. It's like stepping into a warm bath. Lots of relaxing waves of tone like Stars of the Lid but with bubbly Dolphins Into The Futureisms peeking out from the background. I just reviewed a pretty harsh noise record and this is just what I need to...view item »


We always await a new release on Infraction with great excitement here at the towers. The labels output always brings a calming, soothing atmosphere to the office which is fantastic as it gets a bit chaotic here sometimes. So here is the latest offering on Infraction and it comes from Parks (Igor Bystrov) and to be perfectly honest 'Umber' is an ab...view item »


His last album sent Anthony mental with joy, enhancing one evening of possibly immoderate beer consumption & quiet contemplation to such a degree he wrote a thesis about it, had it approved by the MicroUniversity of Menston (formerly in the grounds of an abandoned mental hospital) and now swans round with a big mortar board scholar's hat on (em...view item »

Adam Pacione
From Stills To Motion

Adam Pacione: 'From Stills To Motion' (Infraction) Is a rather lush ambient/drift/drone-tone collection, lovingly packaged in a hardback style booklet with beautiful picture of the rear of some home at dusk. This will appeal to fans of Ampoule (Pub, Lucky and Easy, etc) stuff on Kranky like Stars of the Lid and the like. Dreamy as well as whoozy, w...view item »

Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21
No Traces

From the imperial stables of ambience, Infraction records, gallops a champion stallion going by the name of No Traces, a fine 2 headed beast. It's creators Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 throw woozy waves of languid synth at your ears, morphing underneath a constant roll of earthy static whilst distant hazy yodels and meandering piano tones ...view item »

Alio Die & Aglaia
Private History of the Clouds

'Private History of the Clouds' is a collaborative effort from Alio Die and Aglaia available on the ever impressive Infraction records in one of those Japanese style mini LP gatefold covers that look well nice. I'm not familiar with the works of these artists individually but I'm impressed by their collaborative efforts. What irks me about most dro...view item »

Concert Silence

The first time I heard this it took me on a total journey and it blew my head off. I couldn't believe how good it was! Concert Silence is the live duo of Matthew Cooper of Eluvium and Charles Buckingham and this album is the first of their manipulated fruits to surface. They're both into live sound manipulation, so this performance was organised...view item »


A very very pleasant ambient drift style electronica CD from our friends at Infraction Records. It's by Northern, who are a duo providing us with an eleven track collection of epic proportions. "Drawn" is slow, warm, meandering and yet still captivating. Long droning tones, lush synth pads and the kind of atmospheric quality associated wi...view item »

Tetsu Inoue
World Receiver

TETSU INOUE arrives next on Infraction, possibly one of the worlds finest contemporary ambient electronics labels. We've had superb releases in the past year by Milieu & Beautumn & now Tetsu's 'World Receiver' hits Norman records in the face with it's 10 year anniversary re-issue. This is the marriage of field re...view item »

Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars

Last one from moi is the rather profoundly titled 'Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars' from Milieu. This sounds well cinematic and is absolute chilled, floaty, spacey ambient bliss. This will make you feel like your floating in embryonic fluid and is absolutley gorgeous. We have the limited edition 2CD version that comes with 'Beyond The Sta...view item »

Aloof Proof
Piano Text

Juicy release all the way from Infraction records in the tiny village of USA. If yr not familiar with this cool label, they're fast becoming synonymous with classic contemporary & archive ambient releases & the latest to suckle my beats is Aloof Proof's 1994 opus 'Piano Text'. Now this is gorgeous minimal gear that recalls Brian Eno & t...view item »

Salvaged Violets

Time to mong everyone's face off in the office. This is the Brian Dangerhorse update. I can do what the hell I like. Hahaha. I'm evil, i'm gonnna take over the world with my arsenal of ambient drone recordings. I will slay any rockist muso types who get in my way with, what Business Lady terms, "that Guantanamo Bay shit". Except this is the anti...view item »


I'll take a step back into calmer pastures now. The ever-reliable Infraction have sent us a pile of new releases. Well, two. And because i've pulled a ligament in my leg and am chair-bound, i'm review king for the day. I'm gonna try beat my record and review anything that isn't nailed down in the office. But first I'll try Capricornus. What is l...view item »

Ben Fleury-Steiner
Keep A Weather Eye Open

I've saved this CD to be my final listen of the day before I hit the Hay and enter the land of nod… Ben runs the Gears of Sand label and has been releasing ambient music since 2004 under his Light Of Shipwreck and Paradin aliases.. This album has been two years in the making and it's immediately apparent that a huge amount of time and effort...view item »

Keith Berry
The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish

This double set from Infraction is going to turn heads for those who like something a little more majestic from their ambient music or the densely populated world of modern sound artists. 'The Ear That was Sold to a Fish' was originally released on Crouton six years ago and has since become a cult classic of the "genre", whatever that may be! Li...view item »

Drafted by Minotaurs
Aversion Therapy

Regular readers of these pages will be fully aware that the Infraction label has a special place in our hearts. Over the past few years their release schedule has never let us down in terms of consistent high quality "ambient" music. I use the genre tag loosely as the label is so much more than simply an "ambient" label. If you ...view item »

Discourses Of The Withered

Infraction is a label which has constantly floated our ambient boat. I'm yet to hear a duff release on the label. The guy who runs the label must have magic robot music ears or something. Here's another corker from the label by husband and wife duo Celer. I can't imagine making music with my wife... it's hard enough being in the same room together ...view item »


Remember that nice Kiln LP the other week? Well we're still waiting on our re stocks from America but they should be here very soon...... In the meantime a nice CD has come in called Thermals which is ambient odds and sods from 1993-2000 on Infraction Records. This is pretty lush ambience and if you're a fan of Kranky re...view item »

The Everything And The Nothing

What a pleasant surprise to get a follow up to 'Discourses Of The Withered' on Infraction from happy couple Will and Danielle Baquet-Long duo Celer. 'The Everything And The Nothing' is in a sister release to Discourses, being a collection of outtakes and ephemera from the sessions. 13 tracks of pure ambient bliss with silky tones lighting the air t...view item »

Craig Bethell
A Day Full of You, A Night Tired of Me

More goodness from Infraction. Oh yes... not one beauty but 2 this week. This one is by Craig Bethell and it's called 'A Day Full Of You, A Night Tired Of Me'. To me it looks like the tracks were recorded in 1997 but they've been refiddled with from 1997 to 2006. I think anyway... I have to admit to being a bit confused about this so apologies if I...view item »

Loren Dent
Anthropology Extras

BEHOLD! An offering from the ambient gods of Infraction. Dust off thine finest goblet, pour from your favorite bottle, remove thy clothes and be pure. Get back to nature and absorb the wonder of pure ambient beauty and message from the heavens that is Loren Dent's 'Anthropology Vol.1'. From the moment I hit play and shiver at the beauty of ...view item »


Beequeen has been part of the ambient-drone scene in Europe for ages, but eventually began to mix a slightly more accessible sound and some vocals into their noise. I hope to hear more similar work from Beequeen. De Waard has plenty of other projects that push the ambient-drone envelope to the outer limits of anything listenable, such as Kapotte Mu...view item »


And swiftly moving onto BEAUTUMN who have a CD on Infraction Records. They did a cracking release by Milieu while back and this continues the goodness brought to you by this very fine label. The initial copies come with a bonus disc so be quick cos there's only 200 of these and if it's anything like the Milieu 2CD it...view item »

Aidan Baker + Ultra Milkmaids
At Home With...

This week we got a batch of older Infraction releases in. Hey we don't have time to review them all but we thought we'd make an effort and review one of 'em to show willing. It's by Aidan Baker & The Ultra Milkmaids and it's called 'At Home With'. I like the idea of ultra milkmaids.... my mind is racing with white frilly bonnets, huge milk urns...view item »

A Warm Wooden Hollow

We've had a lot of records in by Milieu this year. Some we've reviewed and the majority we've not reviewed. Mainly cos there's been so many we'd have to employ someone especially to do that and that, put simply, would be nuts. So here we are with another Milieu album and this time it's a proper release album on the Infraction label rather than one ...view item »

Zimiamvian Night
Zimiamvian Night 2

Infraction Records release just about the finest ambience known to man. This week we have even more goodness in the shape of ZIMIAMVIAN NIGHTS. For some reason I can't get Sylvanian Families out of my head. We have a limited double CD version of Zimiamvian Night 2 in which is limited to 50 copies... we have a handful and when...view item »