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My Home, Sinking
King of Corns

Enrico Coniglio is a Venetian, a guitarist, a sound recordist and a human with a particular sensitivity to the beauty in the landscape around him. As a sound artist and multi-disciplined musician through his My Home, Sinking guise, he seems to have a definite ability ...view item »


Ooh a new Infraction. It’s been a while. We’ve missed you guys! Anyone remember Kiln? Well before Kiln came Fibreforms and weirdly I was listening to the ‘Stone EP’ recently by these guys (came out in 1997 and is awesome) and then...view item »


Infraction have repressed a small amount of the Movements CD by Koda which was one of their earlier releases. It's not one I've heard until now so I thought I'd write a few words on it. From start to end this album is totally beautiful. If you're into ambience and drone music then this is heartily recommended. I'm not sure what the music has bee...view item »

offthesky & Pleq
A Thousand Fields

This is an ambient album with a really ambient name that is quite nice. A thousand fields is a lot of fields, and perhaps the number that Offthesky & Pleq trekked through to obtain the field recordings for the album. You’d think they’d be fed up of each other after all that walking, which is perhaps why this album has a massive b...view item »

I Love You So Much I Can't Even Title This

Celer created I Love You So Much I Can’t Even Title This in 2008, using both analogue (tape) and digital (laptop) processing to utterly transform original sounds and samples of Samuel Barber’s compositions alike. Distant-...view item »

Age & Transformation

This two disc set has been in the works for six years now. Originally issued on Fungal (Darren Tate aka Monos’s label) in 2004 and then reissued in 2005...both in tiny editions which disappeared quickly and now time and pati...view item »

Keith Berry

The surely sleepy Keith Berry makes music while hibernating, creating the sort of brain-fogged beauty I can only imagine coming out of a pure and dreamless night. Having made lovely records like ‘Simulacra’ for a long while now, he knows exactly how to make an ear-coating lullaby, using slowly avalanching chords and raindrop tape his...view item »

Let There Water Air

Oh yes. Yes, this is ambient. Ambient of the cinematic, cyclically swelling and ebbing variety. Tones and drones shot through with building and receding electronic and acoustic sounds. Treated guitars and cellos combine to create a foggy haze through which to ‘imagine your next expedition up Mount Snowdon’ / ‘peer at your neigh...view item »


Clever. It’s like beautiful and autumn have been officially put together at last. It may be a beautiful autumn but Beautumn made sounds more akin to winter with added clattery sounds. Imagine staring out into the middle distance of a snowy mid west plain whilst someone tinkers with an old Ford Capri and you&rs...view item »


I'll take a step back into calmer pastures now. The ever-reliable Infraction have sent us a pile of new releases. Well, two. And because i've pulled a ligament in my leg and am chair-bound, i'm review king for the day. I'm gonna try beat my record and review anything that isn't nailed down in the office. But first I'll try Capricornus. What is l...view item »

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