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The Altered Hours
On My Tongue

Cork-based quintet The Altered Hours follow up 2016’s debut album In Heat, Not Sorry with this four track EP, a joint release of Penske Recording and Art For Blind Records. Their punchy, melodic style is somewhere between the Pixies and Echo and the Bunnymen, with splashes of surf guitar, and a balance of live feel and shoegazey atmospheric depth that would suit the stage of Twin Peaks’ Roadhouse.

Alien She

The trio of Katie O'Neill, Aoife Nic Dhonncha and Darragh McCabe has been a noted presence on the Dublin punk scene for a couple of years, but the accomplishment of this debut full-length is a pleasant surprise. There’s the brash energy you’d expect from a band named after a Bikini Kill track, but powering thoughtful arrangements and a mature emotional depth. The stylistic range stretches from the girl-group rush of No Way Out to the gothy post-punk doominess of Solitary.

Wild Rocket
Dissociation Mechanics

For the past 5 years, Wild Rocket have been rocking audiences all over Ireland, and all around the world. Dissociation Mechanics is their second official album, since the release of Geometric Hallucinations in 2014. Wild Rocket's crazy use of psych, kraut, and space punk is taking them places, having played at Distorted Perspectives, the Irish Reverberation Fest, and Norwegian Hostsabbat Festival, they're a well known band. Dissociation Mechanics brings back the infectious energy that Wild Rocket can bring to your ears.

Put Ears on Yourself

Put Ears On Yourself is the first instalment in what is projected to be a series of 7” showcases for exciting new bands. It includes tracks by Trust Fund, Lower Slaughter, Sissy and the excellent Milk Crimes. Seven inches of lively band action, housed in a screen-printed sleeve, released by Art For Blind Records.


ELLLL is an enigmatic producer, seemingly hailing from Ireland, who sort of makes techno but also sort of makes noise and drone music. Pleasingly, she is very good at whirling these worlds together into intoxicatingly thick blends that will draw you deep into the sound. Romance, her debut, is a four track EP released by Art for Blind Records.

The Hipshakes

Bakewell buddies and long-running band The Hipshakes are a close-up and sweaty-sounding garage punk proposition, pitched about halfway between those modern American types and original 70’s British stuff. Snake is their 3rd album in 12 months, but is no less energetic for that. Pressed to 180g vinyl and released by Art For Blind.

No Ditching

No Ditching are a new DIY pop punk group from the rich Durham scene, where this sort of thing rules the roost. No Ditching are in fact made up in part of members of Martha, a big Durham deal. But No Ditching are their own band, and Inseparable is their own 7”, witty and bouncy and fun, on Art For Blind.

The Altered Hours
In Heat Not Sorry

Debut album from Irish group The Altered Hours, working in that fruitful mould of post-punk with a touch of shoegaze. At its best moments, In Heat Not Sorry is a jumble of shrieking guitars, drawled vocals and thick organ, dragged along by a low-slung rhythm section swagger. Released on the Art For Blind label.

Gross Net
Gross Net

Some jagged noises from Gross Net. This self-titled release is a tasty three tracker from Belfast's favourite weirdos. Full of reverby guitars, woozy synthesiser and dubbed out vocals. It's like Glen Branca invited Suicide and Throbbing Gristle over for a party and they tried to write a pop song but ended up taking too much acid again. Out on cassette tape from Art For Blind.


Garage punk from a band once populated by members of Hookworms. From Wales, to Leeds and, then back to Wales comes Twisted, drawing heavily on punk influences from the 70s and 80s including the Buzzcocks and Rites of Spring with an unmistakable raw, young edge, rightfully angry at what the world is coming to in 2015. Vinyl LP on Art for Blind.


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Hands Up Who Wants to Die
Vega in The Lyre

Discordant not dissonant, Hands Up Who Wants To Die make a horrible mess with noise rock, leaving some fragments of melody the way McLusky, The Birthday Party and Shotmaker do. Tinges of post-hardcore remain in the guitars of 'Vega In The Lyre', while its best asset is its rambling vocals, which occasionally punctuate the rising clash of instruments with bizarre lyrical vignettes.

Perfect Pussy

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Altered Hours
Dig Early

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The #1s
The #1s

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Let The Man Speak

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Facel Vega
The Body

  • Vinyl LP (AFB#27)
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Silent Front
Dead Lake

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