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Escape-ism / Light Beams

Split 7” release to showcase two fabulous Washington D.C. outfits. Escape-Ism is Ian Svenonius (yes, the underground legend behind The Make Up and Chain & The Gang!) in lo-fi synth-pop mode, and Light Beams is Justin Moyer’s lo-fi dance-pop project. Lots of fuzz and fun-vibes here on this Split 7” on the Lovitt label.
  • Vinyl 7" (LOV86)


Prog showstoppers Milemarker have a long history of mixing a rigid post-hardcore element into synthy New Wave gloop, an undercurrent of math kinetics and metal showboating in the vox. Their new record, Overseas, panders to their old love of fronting guitars and giddily overbearing electronics. It's a bit silly, of course -- just the way they like it. 
  • Vinyl LP (LOV84V)
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The Mercury Program
New Myths

After knocking out three albums in as many years at the turn of the century, The Mercury Program have scattered themselves across the States from their Gainsville, Florida base and slowed production somewhat. New Myths is the 5th album from the post-rock four piece but only their second album in 14 years. Despite the time lag, their music remains lush and Harmonious with subtle rhythm changes and restrained riffs.

Puff Pieces
Bland In D.C.

The members of Puff Pieces have spent time in a number of quality Washington D.C. bands (Supersystem, Antelope, Caution Curves…), so have surely earned the right to title this debut album of theirs Bland In D.C.. Their poppy punk tunes aren’t so bland though: in fact they cut quite sharp. Pressed to translucent yellow vinyl by Lovitt.

Wedding Dress
Desperate Glow

If you collect up all the cosmic gloop oozing from a dozen excellent and oh-so-slightly experimental acts, you get Wedding Dress. The band features members of math rockers Maps & Atlases as well as Suns and Joans of Arc, though there's less of the noodling and more slow-burning. Layers of synth, industrial-sized percussion and sweet acoustic guitar can all appear in one song, making 'Desperate Glow' a very odd little pastiche.
  • CD (LOV79CD)

Wedding Dress
Loom / Heavy Earth

Wedding Dress is the side project of Maps & Atlases' guitarist Erin Elders. The band also features musicians from other Chicago bands such as Gypsy Blood, Joan Of Arc and Suns. Loom/Heavy Earth is a teaser for a full-length album due in autumn. It's available on limited edition 7” single.
  • Label(s):
  • Lovitt
  • Label(s):
  • Lovitt