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Carlton Melton
Hidden Lights

San Franciscan psychedelic trippy guys Carlton Melton unleash the first fruits of their new jams with this 25 minute three track EP. This is the first offering since Out To Sea and should showcase further cosmic journeys this time augmented by Phil Manley (Fucking Champs etc) in the production chair.&nb...view item »

Dion Lunadon
Dion Lunadon

Dion Lunadon is the bass player in New York noisegaze stalwarts A Place To Bury Strangers, but here is his first album as a solo artist. He’s used the opportunity to make music that shares some of the heaviness of that band with a brighter kind of wild-pop melodicism. Self-titled album released in an editi...view item »
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Carlton Melton
Mind Minerals

These psych freaks are named like a solo artist but make their noise as a bunch of plural. In 2015 they released arguably their most expansive record yet, a noodling monolith of tight rhythms and paths less travelled. They follow it up with Mind Minerals, an attempt at upgrading artistic impressions of futurism that's proudly label...view item »

Last of the Easy Riders
Unto The Earth

Hm, not too sure how I feel about 'psych-infused country-rock', doesn't seem right to me. But, if psych-infused country-rock is your thing, then Unto The Earth by Last of the Easy Riders may be the perfect thing for your ears. Available on vinyl LP and CD, and released on Agitated. It's worth noting that the LP, is red, limited to 500 copies and...view item »

Moon Duo
Catch As Catch Can / Set It On Fire

I'm partial to Moon Duo... If you don't already know then this is Ripley Jonson from Wooden Shjips on guitar/vocals and Sanae Yamada on keyboards. I dig their authentic old analogue sound. Good and grubby sounding gear. 'Catch As Catch Can' is pretty driving with its drum machine rhythm and fuzzed up guitar. The vocals are pretty indecipherable ...view item »

Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys

Two steps ahead of anyone hoping to insult them with a jeering nickname since 2009, Sydney’s Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys return to peddle their rather raucous, slightly punkish and unapologetically dated rock & roll. Rot is their second LP, released on LP/CD by their own label R.I.P. Society and brims with filt...view item »

White Manna
Bleeding Eyes

The times really are good for modern psych rock fans at the moment, with bands like White Manna turning out quality records on a regular basis. Bleeding Eyes is a potent se...view item »

Carlton Melton

Psychedelic professor types Carlton Melton follow up the monolithic riff zig-zagging of 'Out To Sea' with five more tracks in the very same vein. These tracks didn't find a place amongst the sequencing of that record, but now they've washed up on shore and are ready to hypnotise your ears, which is a thing psych rock does. Lovely LP via Agi...view item »
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Joel Silbersher
No Teeth

There's only 500 of those beauties to get your grubby mitts on. This a distinctly weathered Melbourne veteran - having been performing for an astonishing 41 years and still strong - who is not rolling over yet; Joel Silbersher's solo offering No Teeth is a witting and snarling edition with a ...view item »

Howlin Rain
When The Morning Comes

I don’t really get/understand/like Howlin’ Rain. I’ve heard a few records by ‘em and it just sounds like 70’s hoary old rock to me.  I don’t get it.... Anyway here’s a tour 7” ...view item »

The Fresh & Onlys
Impending Doom / Troubling Vision

Its a big ask coming in and being told I'm reviewing the single of the week.What if I don't like it? i'll have to lie like everyone else in the music industry. Luckily there are no such worries with this fabulous single. Its one of those tunes that drifts along seemingly without a verse or a chorus yet is extremely tuneful and has 'instant class...view item »
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Alien Ballroom
Zero Pac A.D.

Agitated Records previously released a very limited and out-there LP from these lads under the name Koolaid (Global Tyranny), but having decided that there’s a surfeit of bands using the ‘Koolaid’ moniker they’re henceforth switchin...view item »

Moon Pool & Dead Band
Moon Pool & Dead Band

It's a busy week for Agitated. First that wacky psych business from the mysterious Koolaid (Global Tyranny) and now this bleak bit of retro-futurism from Wolf Eyes' Nate Young's Moon Pool & Dead Band. Accompanied by Sights/SSM man Nate Shettler, Young here sculpts nocturnal minimal sy...view item »

White Dog
Sydney Limits

Proper no-messing hardcore punk from the dirty underside of Sydney, Australia. White Dog tick all the boxes: driving rhythmic chug, nihilistic macho-bloke shouting, and a 16 track / sub-30 minute tracklisting. Sydney Limits is the band’s debut full-length, ...view item »

Feral Ohms
Super Ape / The Snake

“Super Ape” comes into the world like one of those punk rock songs that’s been kicked out of the club and is now falling backwards down the stairs. The chords dive forwards before chugging back with the power of a train stopping, the drums following suit and halting at the last minute. From there, psychedelic riffs tumble and s...view item »

Straight Arrows
Turn It Off / Dead and Bored (It Happens Again)

Straight Arrows have thrown together this tight 7” single for an upcoming tour of the states. Turn It Off and B-side Dead and Bored (It Happens Again) are a pair of high-energy, low-bullshit garage rockers, precision-tuned like a fast motorcycle. There are 300 copies of this 7” in existence, but 120...view item »

Last of the Easy Riders
Last of the Easy Riders

Free like a bird, or more like an american eagle. Last of the Easy Riders’ EP that precedes their forthcoming debut full length is chocka block with midwestern twang, hazy road trips on route 66 through desert and rocky mountains alike. Big organ, big everything, car drives off, camera pans up, credit roll stuff. ...view item »

Ad Marginem

It’s finally here! Mugstar’s ‘Ad Marginem’ seems to have been plagued with pressing problems but the finished product is now on our turntable for the very first time. It comes with a DVD of a film which was apparently m...view item »
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Miss Destiny
Miss Destiny

The girls are outshining the boys once again with this debut album from Melbourne based Miss Destiny. Bullet belts, leather jackets, pounding fists, and banging heads. Raucous big stage presence with a DIY edge and a serious message as well as Danzig, beer, punk rock, friends, and the open road in tow. ...view item »

The Green Bananas
The Ape / Green Banana

The Green Bananas are a side project of Australian weirdo indie band Straight Arrows. With their new single, and sure-fire massive hit The Ape, they attempt to create a primitive yet electrifying new dance craze. The b-side contains an eponymously titled instrumental. Limited edition of 350, on Agitated...view item »

The Royal Sitars
Eloise / Distant and Vague

Royal Headache are an Australian band who play proper rock music, with proper guitars and proper haircuts. But no guitars here… For on this single, The Royal Sitars perform sitar versions of 2 Headache tunes, ...view item »

Total Freedom

Spacin’ make a super loose, stripped-back rock ‘n roll and on Total Freedom they get even more minimal. The motorik drumming and angular guitar are clearly inspired by The Velvet Underground, but the band also bring a trippy southern groove that locks into extended jams. Out on CD an...view item »

Cereal Killer
No Life 'Til Cereal

Cereal Killer were too busy furiously slamming down tracks in the recording studio to think of a proper name for their band: or maybe their moniker gives a good sense of the care-free attitude evident in these four thrashing speed-punk track. No Life Till Cereal is limited to 250 7” copies on Agitated / Anti-Fade....view item »

The Icarus Line
All Things Under Heaven

The Icarus Line are true rockers to the core, though All Things Under Heaven finds them fraying at the edges at points, sometimes straying almost into furious free jazz passages. Warren Ellis of Dirty Three and The Bad Seeds joins them at times, and you know he has tast...view item »

Evil Acidhead
In The Name Of All That Is Unholy

Shockingly, given the name, this isn’t the kind of psychedelia that lounges bucolically in sunny pastoral scenes. No no, Evil Acidhead is much more of a bad-trip kind of project, which In The Name Of All That Is Unholy captures perfectly. 80’s cassette reissued as coloured (red or green) vinyl with a free po...view item »

The Sunset Strip
Stone Lazy

Aussie indie heroes The Sunset Strip took their influence from The Byrds, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Dinosaur Jr creating a brand of melodic, sludgy, guitar-heavy alt. rock that wowed the critics but not the cash registers. Stone Lazy was supposed to have been rel...view item »

Carlton Melton
Out To Sea

Out To Sea by Carlton Melton sees the band growing their psychedelic palette with a thundering rhythm section, cosmic guitar riffs, searing solos and analog synth action wrapped in an ethereal prog bubble. Fans of The Heads, Parson Sound, Bardo Pond and Faust...view item »

The Frowning Clouds / The Living Eyes

I’m struggling to type today, my fingers are either too fat or too slow to hit the keyboard at the right places so what is coming up on the screen has no resemblance to what I am actually thinking. If this were the 60s it would be even worse/ I’d be submitting copy after slapping away at a typewriter all day then probably getting thu...view item »
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Loose Cannons / Big Black car

Proper Aussie rock and roll from Hits with this blinding vinyl 7” single of Loose Cannon, taken from the 2014 album Hikikomori which was only released in Australia and France alongside a studio version (previously unreleased) of Big Black Car. Recorded by Rob Younger of New Christs/Radio Birdman. Loud, raucous and cool as ...view item »
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The Living Eyes
Living Large

The Living Eyes are an indie/punk 4 piece from Geelong, Australia. Their music is influenced by the likes of fellow Antipodean bands such as Hoodoo Gurus, The Saints, The Easybeats and The Hard Ons. Living Large is their second album and will please anyone who likes to oscillate wildly....view item »

Wet Blankets
Rise of Wet Blankets

Wet Blankets are a whirlwind of Australian DIY teenage punkishness. Main Blanket Zane Gardener is no older than 16, which makes the drive, power and skill displayed by Rise of Wet Blankets all the more impressive. Furious and scuzzy in both sound and content, the future of Wet Blankets could be very bri...view item »
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Night Flights
Night Flights Vol: 1

This ambient act have studied the likes of Brian Eno (who liked to write about aeroplanes himself, in his way), Tangerine Dream and Stars of the Lid, making a record of organic and wonderfully dated compositions through synthwork and soundscaping. 'Night Flights Vol. 1' is recommended for all those in need of a spaced out meditation or two -- or...view item »

Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton

Both these bands belong in the 'rock' end of the psychedelic rock spectrum and this split comprises a monster jam from each. On Bardo Pond's side we're treated to a massive searing doomy instrumental psych dirge with bombastic drums and chunky fuzzed out wedges of guitar underpinning much ...view item »
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Straight Arrows
Petrified / Information Man

Garage rockers and fuzz enthusiasts Straight Arrows have a new record, 'Rising', coming your way, and this 7" complements it nicely, featuring "Petrified" from the record itself, along with a new, previously unreleased b-side entitled "Information Man". More of the same sneering punk rock attitude filtered through the noisy indie rock landscape ...view item »
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The Living Eyes
Guilty Pleasures / Lowlife

Limited edition new two tracker from one of Geetroit’s (that’s Geelong, Victoria to you pommy losers!) best! The Living Eyes deal in punk rock, as in pop, with a snarl and whipsmart edge. Australia has some killer stuff going on (as usual), and this new breed of Murder Punk Unknowns features the likes of the Living Eyes at the forefr...view item »

The Icarus Line
Avowed Slavery

Hey, this aint no “follow up” number, this is a the other arm getting a shot; this is the Slave Vows era of the Icarus Line getting its I’s dotted. A sort of finality at play here, “Avowed Slavery” is the companion release to 2013’s well received SLAVE VOWS album, this completes the circle of fury.With the vid...view item »

Straight Arrows

When Phil handed me this LP saying it'd be "noisy" I was picturing some scratchy late '80s Chicago sounding scuzz-rock, but actually Straight Arrows are dealing in '60s style garage-pop fuzz that makes me think of The Seeds, The Milkshakes, the Pebbl...view item »

Straight Arrows
Make Up Your Mind / Two Timer

Despite my curmudeonly reputation I like a bit of fun. I can be bright as a button sometimes. Take this 7”. This is fun, its a four chord psych rock stomp with a chorus that could be described as ‘singalong’ if you could make out the words under the fuzz. Flip it over and the same beachy surfy fuzzy sound is intact. For fans of...view item »
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People's Temple

The People's Temple seem to be on a Ty Segall-esque run of good form lately. Each release seems to be more impressive than its predecessor, and their latest album 'Musical Garden' is probably my most-played record of the year so far. On this 7" we've got three songs which were recorded in spring 2012, so I guess b...view item »

Howlin Rain
Live Rain

Here's album number two in my "live album corner" for this week, 'Live Rain' by Howlin Rain. It's strident Americana-rawk from the Blueshammer school of subtlety, the vocal affectations are getting on my nerves quite quickly. The gatefold has loads of photos so you can look at the beardy man shouting at the microphone and close your eyes and ima...view item »

Steve Kilbey & Martin Kennedy
You Are Everything

Nice package! This new LP by the former The Church man in collaboration with friend Martin Kennedy from All India Radio contains a vinyl, a download AND a CD of remixes, and bonus tracks! I never got massively into The Church but my dad always reckoned they were ...view item »

Carlton Melton
Always Even

Cosmic rock’s prolific bong voyagers Carlton Melton are back once again this week with yet another full-length offering of hypno-drones deep space whooshes and bobbling repeato riffs. In case you’re unfamiliar with this lot by now, they specialise in a head-nodding soup of astral drones and krauty...view item »

Star Spangled Banana
Pebbles 2000

Claiming to be the creators of a whole new genre called bubble-grunge, and then claiming to be the pioneers of said paradoxical genre, Star Spangled Banana play a kind of gorgeous alt rock that uses low-end and gruesome amps to a joyous end. Pebbles 2000 is a tribute to a bunch of fun-time old p...view item »

Straight Arrows
It's Happening

This new Straight Arrows album is really hitting the spot today. This quartet specialise in that reverb-drenched ‘60s garage pop sound, only with more reverb. It smothers everything like a warm fluffy blanket, filing down the sharp edges of their hi-gain guitar and hollerin’ vocals to something blurry and distant and thoroughly palat...view item »

The Scientists
The Scientists

The Scientists were a heavy blast to the people of Australia, turning up in 1981 with two large sacks filled respectively with punk-rock attitude and bouncy tunefulness. The Scientists (known by most as the Pink Album) was recorded as this line-up of the band was collapsing, for extra energy and friction....view item »
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Mike was shocked the other day when I told him I had never seen Mugstar live. That is if you can imagine Mike actually registering anything as horrifying as shock. I think all of us here'd be quite disturbed to see his sleepy smiley face transmit such a con...view item »

Carlton Melton
Photos of Photos

Carlton Melton are a band whose releases I almost invariably enjoy, with a mixture of deep, dark riffing and detailed psychedelic chuntering creating an uniquely meditative stoner vibe which falls somewhere between the riff-mongering of the likes of ...view item »

Carlton Melton
Smoke Drip

I’ve often thought it’d be handy to have a smoke drip. That way I wouldn’t have to wait until I was outside before getting high, I could just discreetly pipe some more into my arm while I was sitting here at the desk writing reviews. Eventually it might help facilitate m...view item »
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The Icarus Line
Live In London

The Icarus Line are a severely underrated band with 5 excellent albums under their belt and this live album is no exception. Live cuts from their 4th album Wildlife mixed with some then unrecorded tracks (now available on the 2014 mini album Avowed Slavery) make for a good time. For fans of guitars and good music....view item »

The Scientists

Got a brand new EP here from Kim Salmon’s The Scientists, all the way fro the Au S of Tralia. Well I say brand new but they did a red vinyl edition of 500 for...view item »
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Serra (Distant Sun Remix)

Mugstar are a great band! Along side Bristol's The Heads and Manchester's Gnod they are the  finest examples of Kraut-infused cosmic rock currently doing the rounds in the UK. When Agitated records pushed for a repress of the groups 'Lime' LP they also suggested the possibility of...view item »

Koolaid (Global Tyranny)
Koolaid (Global Tyranny)

Well, this one's madder than a box of frogs. It comes with a wildly diverse mixtape (WHICH HAVE ALL GONE NOW... SORRY!), awesomely bonkers sleeve art and a CD of the material on the LP, and even the label themselves (claim they) don't know who these guys actually are. As for that material ...view item »

Precious Jules
Precious Jules

CD (AGIT011CD, £12.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Electric Eels
(I'm So) Agitated

Quick, get me into some tight pants, it's garage rock time. This re-release of an older cut is a short, abrasive uppercut to the ear stems. It reminds me of a dream I had a few nights ago. I was looking at a bee and thinking "that's one huge bee" then I looked into a mirror and the bee was me. Or my head had a bee's body. Then Bruce Willis turne...view item »
7" (IMSO000, £5.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Francis Harold & The Holograms
Who Said These Were Happy Times

CD (AGIT001CD, £11.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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