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Kaja Draksler & Terrie Ex
The Swim

Terrie Ex AKA Terrie Hessels from Dutch anarcho punks The Ex and Slovenian composer and pianist Kaja Draksler are no strangers to improvisation. Their musical backgrounds are very different, but that’s what makes The Swim so good. A live improvisation between the apparent musical opposites was recorded at Cafe Oto in London and sees conventional guitar and piano mixed with toys and tools.

Ken Vandermark & Terrie Ex

A highly-energised session here from Terrie Ex and Ken Vandermark, two free-improvisers who have played together countless times in various combinations, primarily the ferocious quartet Lean Left. Here they strike out as a duo for the first time on record. Scaffolding is a joyous and playful meeting, backed up with serious chops. Sax screech and guitar scrabble and much else besides.

Lena Hessels

Lena Hessels is the daughter of Terrie Hessels, guitarist with Dutch anarcho-punk band The Ex. She was born in 2000, which makes her a youngster, but a youngster who knows bands such as Sonic Youth and Konono No.1 from the times they stayed at her parents house as she was growing up. She has also immersed herself in Ethiopia’s musical heritage. All-in-all, it makes her debut mini album, Billow, an interesting prospect. LP and CD on Terp.

Jaap Blonk & Terrie Ex
Thirsty Ears

No doubt about your ears’ thirst getting quenched by this improv session between Terrie Ex (that’s Terrie Hessels from The Ex!) and Jaap Blonk, an avant-garde musician whose name sounds like a furby falling into a pond. Thirsty Ears finds Hessels on guitar and harmonium, while Blonk provides electronics and his distinctive, radical vocal explorations. Not unlike performers such as Phil Minton, the duo manage to reach just about everywhere possible between the contemplative and the comically, explosively absurd.

Ab Baars & Terrie Ex
Shifting Sands

Joy! That’s what spreads all around when Terrie Ex starts flailing on his guitar, grinning like mad (except when holding a drumstick in his teeth). He and reeds-player Ab Baars have recorded as a duo but not for years, so Shifting Sands is a treat to hear. High-level, highly entertaining improvisation from some quality Dutchmen. On Terp.

Paal Nilssen Love & Terrie Ex
Gored Gored

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Hann Bennink, Brodie West & Terrie Ex
Let's Go

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Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Guests
Moa Anbessa

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