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The Spook School
Dress Up

Dress Up is the debut LP from Scottish DIY punks The Spook School. This is one of those records that makes you feel like you've found a new friend by the end of it. Across a baker’s dozen of songs the band pen witty, moving odes to gender, identity and social anxiety. Sonically we’re talking charmingly ramshackle jangles ala Ezra Furman and Joanna Gruesome. A winning record.

The Fortuna POP! All-Stars
You Can Hide Your Love Forever

Dubbed twee pop's answer to Live Aid, this 7" served as a final farewell to the good ship Fortuna Pop!, offering one last tick of the feelings-felt checklist. It's a cover of Comet Gain's lovely, whiny, shambly, romantic, ever-so-sad "You Can Hide Your Love Forever", arguably their greatest ever song. In a semi-starstudded version, this cover features members of Allo Darlin', Flowers, Mammoth Penguins, Fanfarlo, Tigercats and even Comet Gain. I feel a melancholy breeze.

Comet Gain
Fingerprint Ritual

Comet Gain return and pour us a shot of twee with Fingerprint Ritual, an EP of four new tracks, including the overwrought epic "Breaking Open The Head Part 2 (The Eye-Shaped Room)", which runs at eleven minutes and continues the narrative weaved in the song's first part. Beyond that there's fuzz, laughs, tears and plenty of your favourite DIY nonsense.

Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart

Produced by MJ from Leeds psychedelic noise Gods Hookworms, this is Durham-spawned power pop outfit Martha's second album. Comprising J. Cairns and Daniel Ellis on guitars, Naomi Griffin on bass and Nathan Stephens Griffin (drums), with all four members providing the vocals and song writing, Martha (which is none of their names) do upbeat pop with highbrow lyrics inspired by Coronation Street and supermarkets. Choose between mustard and blue-with-orange-splatter vinyl. Ah Hell, get both. 

Joanna Gruesome
Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All)

The first release from Welsh group Joanna Gruesome since the departure of their vocalist, Pretty Fucking Sick (Of it All) brings in a new vocalist and keys. The tune is about being pursued by intelligence operatives and set in Llangrannog in Wales (which is a lovely place actually). Some more good ol’ shouty punk rock from the group. 7” vinyl. Edition of 300.
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  • Fortuna POP!

The Winter Fuel Allowance Ineligibility Blues

Martha use their DIY punk stylings to take a swipe at the Tory government and the austerity cuts with The Winter Fuel Allowance Ineligibility Blues on what will be the final release on the Fortuna Pop! Label. It is backed with Fix My Brain, a cover, originally by Texan punks The Marked Men who were Martha’s influential label mates at Dirtnap Records.
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  • Fortuna POP!

Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern
Essex Arms

Former Hefner man Darren Hayman drops the second LP in his Essex trilogy. Essex Arms follows on from 2009 opener Pram Town by chronicling the whys and wherefores of life in a Home County with deftness, wit and charm. Musically Essex Arms nods to twee-pop luminaries such as Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields and Graham Coxon.

September Girls

Five shoegazers on a mission to find some melodies in a glorious sea of shitty feedback, September Girls are the noise act to follow, making the kind of No Age ruckus that actually has light (or pop songs) at the end of the tunnel. Their new 12", 'Veneer', boasts four well-doused tunes, each performed by a different member of the outfit.

Say 123

London trio Flowers I'm sure are happy to contribute one more single to Fortuna Pop before the label calls it a day. Instead of recording new tracks the band picked out a couple of demos and previously unheard recordings including 'Rhodes' which was recorded in one take while they were waiting for the van to turn up. Wholesome indie-pop loveliness.  

Cinema Red and Blue
Come Back To The City, Babyface

As Fortuna Pop takes itself off this mortal coil it finishes with a flourish, bidding farewell with a series of releases including this one -- it's by a supergroup which contains members of Comet Gain, Crystal Stilts and Pale Lights. They 'farted out' (their words) these songs which have a West Coast feel with nods to the Lovin' Spoonful.   

Joanna Gruesome
Peanut Butter 

‘Peanut Butter’ is twenty five minutes of hyperactive, violently melodic, aggressive, economic pop that’s packed full of tasty hooks and screams from highly acclaimed Cardiff based pop punk ensemble Joanna Gruesome. Recorded in Leeds at Hookworms frontman M.J’s Suburban Homes Studios, the album comes with the following warning: "a marriage of radical politics with peanut butter spread".

On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals

Limited edition single taken from Shrag’s third album Canines. Joyful harmonies and influences including New Order and Chic make for an upbeat track which brings to mind hot summer’s days and the feeling that you get when you feel unstoppable. Lyrically brilliant from Helen King. 7” vinyl.

Darren Hayman and Papernut Cambridge
I've Been a Bad Bad Boy

Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner) has most recently been performing with Papernut Cambridge, a project run by former Death In Vegas guitarist Ian Button. Here Darren leads the ensemble in 2 tracks of lovely old-fashioned widescreen pop, presented in a vintage-style sleeve. 7” on Fortuna POP! in a limited edition of 300.

Continental Drift

This release is totally a team effort, with the Fortuna POP! and Slumberland pairing up to release a four-way split between Mercury Girls, Wildhoney, The Spook School and Tigercats. So that’s four different spins on the lively indie-pop sound, dosed with more or less punk, politics and shoegaze depending on the band. Fun, inexpensive variety on CD or blue / white vinyl!

Evans The Death

Evans The Death have always been an intense blast of a listen, but their previous albums have tended to be grounded in pop songs. Not so on Vanilla, which is dark, jagged, and more than a little sonically weird. Needless to say, this is a positive development, setting Evans The Death apart from the pack. On the Fortuna POP! label.

September Girls
Age of Indignation

Dublin band September Girls make a jittery art-rock built from ghostly vocals and atmospheric guitar playing. Age of Indignation is their second studio album and channels their interest in Irish politics and feminism into a wall of distortion and effects. Fortuna POP! release the album on CD and vinyl LP.

Everybody’s Dying To Meet You

Flowers follow up their Bernard Butler produced debut with Dying to Meet You, on vinyl LP and CD. Their dreamy shoegaze-inspired sound reminds us of the golden-age of 4AD records, when guitars were chilled and vocals hushed. The fuzzy, slightly melancholy sound of this three-piece strike a perfect balance of punk and pop.

Pete Astor
Spilt Milk

You’ll know Pete Astor from his work with The Weather Prophets and The Loft. Here on Spilt Milk though he strikes out solo, letting his kitchen-sink indie pop songs play out exactly as he wants them to (although he is supported by members of Male Bonding, Hefner and Withered Hand among others). Out on Fortuna Pop.

Steven James Adams
Old Magick

Steven James Adams made his name in Broken Family Band, but now singer-songwriters solo. Old Magick is his second solo record, a melodic and thoughtful outing. Personnel on the record includes members of The Drink, but Old Magick finds Adams stripping things down a bit compared to his solo debut. CD or 180g LP on Fortuna POP!

The Spook School

The Spook School are a gang of pop-punk enthusiasts making enthusiastic pop-punk. They’ve been making waves since their debut album Dress Up, released a couple of years ago, but they still sound grounded and direct. Binary addresses the nonsense of rigid gender norms, embracing genderqueer and non-binary identities to a sing-along chorus! Hooray! Yellow 7” on Fortuna Pop.

Mammoth Penguins
Hide and Seek

‘Hide And Seek’ is the debut album from indie rock/pop outfit Mammoth Penguins, the new band fronted by Emma Kupa (Standard Fare). Having switched from bass/vocals in Standard Fare to lead guitar in Mammoth Penguins, Kupa has given herself more room to maneuver and expand the dimensions of her trademark, powerhouse vocals and Weezer esque songwriting skills to include catchy, melodic guitar hooks and occasional, flourishing guitar solo.

The Spook School
Try To Be Hopeful

Another joyous queer punk outing from The Spook School. Following their critically acclaimed debut, Try To Be Hopeful is a high-quality blend of lo-fi guitar crunch, sizzling pop melodies and intelligent lyrics about sexuality, identity and having a good time. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Fortuna POP!

Simon Love
The New Adam And Eve

Here we have the lead single from Simon Love’s new album It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. The song, titled The New Adam And Eve, is a tale of a jealous lover longing to attack and brutalise anyone he perceives as competition, told over a jaunty indie-chamber-pop tune. An Oasis cover on the B-side.


Chorusgirl (apparently named in reference to frontwoman Silvi Wersing’s experiences of playing supporting roles in other bands) are a noise pop band heavy on the pop. The songs are tuneful and bouncy, with that breezy vibe that the best of this kind of material always has (but with heavy lyrical content). On Futura Pop.

Mammoth Penguins
Propped Up / Thinking Of You

The first single from debut album Hide And Seek, Propped Up sees Cambridge indie-pop three-piece Mammoth Penguins embrace the punk style of The Slits with the pop songwriting sensibilities of Superchunk. Big choruses for small, sweaty stages. Altogether now! Out on limited blue vinyl 7" on Fortuna POP!

Simon Love
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Simon Love used to make music with his band, The Loves, but now he loves alone. It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time is a homage to seventies-soft-rock-pop records, and consequently is slightly epic. Guests include DJ Emperor Rosko, A Little Orchestra and none other than Stewart Lee! On Fortuna Pop.

Pete Astor
Mr. Music

Singer/songwriter and Creation records trailblazer Pete Astor (The Loft, The Weather Prophets, Ellis Island Sound and Wisdom of Harry) has also worked as an A&R manager for the likes of Hefner, Cornershop and Republica. The single ‘Mr. Music’ is the first in a series of releases for Fortuna Pop with Veronica Falls/ Proper Ornaments/Ultimate Painting’s James Hoare.

Sleeping In The Backseat

Tigercats are a party band comprised of singer/guitarist Duncan Barrett, his brother Giles on bass, Laura Kovic on keyboards and vocals, Jonny Evans on drums and Paul Rains (Allo Darlin’) on guitar. ‘Sleeping In The Backseat’ is a lovingly crafted, record of sophisticated pop songs with contagious hooks and danceable rhythms, executed with a great abundance of personality and style.

Joanna Gruesome / Perfect Pussy
Astonishing Adventures EP

Following on from their recent split release with Trust Fund comes ‘Astonishing Adventures’,  a new split EP by indiepop noisemakers Joanna Gruesome and their American counterparts Perfect Pussy. This 7” EP features four remarkable songs showcasing some of the first new material from Joanna Gruesome since their 2013 debut LP ‘Weird Sister’, alongside a cover of ‘And Keep Reaching for Those Stars’, originally recorded by 90s US emo band I Hate Myself. It sees the band creating similarly irresistible pop melodies as seen on their debut, with all their renowned dissonance and fuzz firmly intact. There’s also an intensely wonderful cover here of The Sugarcubes’ ‘Leash Called Love’ from Perfect Pussy. 
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  • Fortuna POP!

Evans The Death
Expect Delays

These catchy-song producing kids have undergone some line-up changes, but the songs still retain their qualities. Evans the Death’s second album is promised to further venture in their own direction, and as with all second albums, we’re eager to see which path that is. Expect Delays is almost here, and apart from the wait, we don’t know what to tell you to expect...


After a bit of touring about, East London band Tigercats return with Mysteries, a gentle, breezy and woozy selection of indiepop with some cute instrumentation and a great combination of vocal melodies from vocalists, Duncan Barrett and Laura Kovic which conjure the names of fellow indies We Were Evergreen and Cloud Control as fitting comparisons. The perfect soundtrack to stirring a steaming mug of tea from the warmth of the kitchen whilst looking out over the frost-white landscape.  

The Chemistry Experiment
Gongs Played By Voice

Pastoral prog from Nottingham-based quintet The Chemistry Experiment. Rather than literally enacting its title, Gongs Played By Voices adheres to the British prog tradition of discussing nature and the seasons with liberal use of fantastical lyrics and surreal storytelling. Actual gongs played by voices would’ve been great too but considering the band’s troubled journey towards the difficult second album it’s certainly a fine effort. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Fortuna POP!.

Comet Gain
Paperback Ghosts

COMET GAIN return with their seventh album “Paperback Ghosts” on July 7th, their first since 2011’s critically acclaimed “Howl of The Lonely Crowd”. Recorded at Soup Studios with producer Simon Trought at the helm, and inspired by the psycho-geography of walks in North London woods and in the forgotten grey hinterland of the city’s back streets, “Paperback Ghosts” comes soaked in autumn melancholy. Tender-hearted but not miserable, defiant but not angry, it maintains the delicate balance that has always been Comet Gain’s strength. 

Allo Darlin'
We Come From The Same Place

Anglo-Aussie indie-poppers Allo Darlin’ are back with their third full-length and a lot has changed since 2012’s ‘Europe’: coalescing the enthusiastic urgency of their 2010 self-titled debut with the introspective sophistication of its follow-up, ‘We Come From The Same Place’ combines the best of both worlds. Their propensity for melody remains firmly intact, but it is both sonically and lyrically different following a shift in singer Elizabeth Morris’ personal life, with the theme of new beginnings running throughout. 

Do What You Want To, Its What You Should Do

Flowers are a trio from London who make sparse and often noisy songs that usually follow the golden twee pop rule: a song over three minutes is a song too long. Fronted by Rachel Kenedy's vocals -- which resemble the belted and intentioned performance of London Grammar's Hannah Reid -- Flowers' debut record mixes understated, melancholic guitar pop with the grand climaxes expected of a band who claim to be inspired by Madonna.   Tracks: Young Forget The Fall Drag Me Down Worn Out Shoes Lonely Joanna If I Tell You Comfort I Love You All Over Again Anna Be With You Plastic Jane Stuck

John Sims

John Sims is actually not a person named John Sims, but a band of people who just happen to think it sounds nice and will be awesomely confusing. Their new record, 'Palomino', is released on Fortuna Pop!, and shows off a twee application of hazy kraut-influenced sounds. It comes with a Silver Apples cover, so you know -- nice experiments only.
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  • Fortuna POP!

Chain & the Gang
Never Been Properly Loved

Blue Coloured Vinyl 7" with Jukebox Hole. The new single form CHAIN AND THE GANG is the dancefloor smash “Never Been Properly Loved”, taken from their critically acclaimed new album MINIMUM ROCK N ROLL and due out on Fortuna POP! on 26 May. Featuring Katie Alice Greer of Priests and led by the Ian Svenonius, prime mover behind two of the most essential bands of our time, Nation Of Ulysses and The Make-Up, Chain And the Gang deal in a new genre called CRIME ROCK. Minimum Rock N Roll was recorded in Portland Oregon with Ian and Katie Alice on vocals, Brett playing the electric guitar, Chris on electric bass guitar, and Fiona driving the drum kit and then mixed down in DC by Brendan Canty. More minimal and more ferocious, more lean and more mean, Minimum Rock N Roll is Chain & the Gang looking for food, hungry and intent on devouring the known world, once they find its tender underbelly.

Withered Hand
New Gods

New Gods is the second album from Edinburgh-based singer Songwriter Dan Wilson, aka Withered Hand. With the aid of a grant from Creative Scotland, Wilson was able to utilise everything a proper studio had to offer to bring his folk-rock musings to life. Assisted by producer Tony Doogan, New Gods features guest appearances from many Scottish musicians such as Eugene Kelly, King Creosote, Stevie Jackson & Chris Geddes from Belle & Sebastian and Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit. New Gods is available on vinyl LP with download code and CD.

Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament
Four Queens

Tender Trap
Dansette Dansette

The latest crop of coy post-punk groups that have emerged in the UK over the past couple of decades - Los Campesinos!, The Long Blondes, Yuck, that sort of thing - owe quite a debt to the Amelia Fletcher. Given that the singer’s work in Talulah Gosh and Heavenly remains as influential as ever, it’s a pleasure to see her and the rest of Tender Trap back on Fortuna Pop! with a new LP. Dansette Dansette is a set of indie-pop ditties as fun, witty and melodically rich as anything else Fletcher has been involved with. A winning record.

The Aislers Set
The Last Match

Mixing '60s pop with gritty guitar distortion and a nonchalant delivery, here's a reissue of a record I've still got from first time around - the second effort by Californian slacker-indie veterans The Aislers Set, 2000's 'The Last Match'. This time round the shabby-looking plain sleeve with pasted tracklist of the original is replaced with proper printed sleeves. If only I'd waited.