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Refuge for Abandoned Souls

Rothko have been making their bass-led ambience since 1998 and are a revolving cast of musicians circling around leader Mark Beazley. Their last album buried their basses in haunted ambience and was their darkest album to date. With titles like The Day After Your Death, Refuge for Abandoned Souls promises not to be a barrel of laughs but life isn't particularly laughable right now and that's why we need bands like Rothko more than ever.  

Blood Demands More Blood

One of the UK's most underrated bands,  Rothko have now reached their 20th anniversary and as a result have decided to bury their signature bass-led sound in a whole pile of murk.  This is their darkest album to date,  a dense brutal affair with only flickers of light allowed to creep past the all encompassing darkness. 
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Discover the Lost

While it’s unclear whether or not London-based four piece Rothko ever actually split up, it’s been a while since they actually recorded anything. Their last studio recordings ended up on 2010’s Sunset To Sunrise EP. Following an appearance at the Half Die festival in Rome they decided to record new material. Severed Tense EP appeared last year and now we have their first long-player in 9 years, Discover the Lost. Typically, the musical interplay between the band creates soundscapes that are haunting just as much as they are melodic.

Low Bias
The Ash And The Oak

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Philippe Petit & Friends
Silk Screened

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