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Zola Jesus
Tsar Bomba

Intriguing release from Zola Jesus, a mini LP on Troubleman called 'Tsar Bomba'. She's trained in Opera studies and loves everything from No Wave to Classical arias and her emotive, tragic vocals carry along this unique trajectory, coming across a little like Julee Cruise & Kate Bush buried under this wonderful layer of discordance whilst indus...view item »

Wolf Eyes / Failing Lights/ Spykes/ Nate Young

I always get a bit moist whenever a WOLF EYES record arrives. 'Solo' came in yesterday on double picture disc. I was freaking saturated. This was previously a cassette only release and is a whopping collection of solo works by each member as well as a full band track. Good old scratching abrasive racket and what sounds like a bunch of retards bein...view item »


*Note - there's no decent picture of this sleeve about so we've put one up of them cuddling up to Thurston Moore/Chris Morris - Brett* Next on the ye olde wheel o' steel is a 4 track album from Pocahaunted on Troubleman. It's kind of mysterious and intriguing from the off, both beautiful and unsettling as the music paints images in my mind of ...view item »

Vivian Girls
Live On The Radio WFMU 9/1/2008

Vivian Girls fans are in for a super treat with a very limited (apparently) LP 'Live On The Radio WFMU 9/1/2008' and it covers a lot of material from their first album. As far as live records go then it sounds pretty good. I dunno what else to say other than if you like the band I guess you'll like the record.It's out on Troubleman and comes in scr...view item »

Led Astray Washed Ashore

I picked up the Tamaryn album because it's got gold embossed stuff on it and that makes it good 'cos if the music's shit you can spend hours rubbing it against yourself instead of listening to it. Luckily this job's not bad at all and if you really miss gothy, reverby indie from the 80s it's gonna be so far up your street you'll have ring the fire ...view item »

Titus Andronicus
Albert Camus

Titus Andronicus are the latest funsticks from the Merok label with their 'Albert Camus' single. Unfortunately our stylus is on the way out and it's jumping like buggery here. It's doing my head in so I'm off to Myspace to have a listen to 'em. They sound like drinking songs through these tinny speakers. Dropkick Murphy's was mentioned. They seem t...view item »

Blank Dogs
On Two Sides

Blank Dogs is just a guy, Mike, and his hi-tech home recording studio. Imagine all your favourite songs from Captain Sensible, Brian Eno, The Cure, and Wire... now imagine listening to all these songs being played together, one on top of the other. Now add in vocals going through a low-fi, hissy processor. That, to me, sums up Blank Dogs. Over time...view item »

Titus Andronicus
The Airing Of Grievances

The Airing of Grievances is the debut from Titus Andronicus, a plucky bunch of USicans who sound like they probably fancy themselves as some sort of cross between Fucked Up and ..And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead with occasional nods towards the more avant-rock side of things what with the little Lightning Bolt twiddles every now and again ...view item »

Sutcliffe Jugend And Prurient
End Of Autumn

OooooooooooOOOOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooOOooooooooooooOohh! Prurient has teamed up with oldskool noise stalwarts Sutcliffe Jugend for an LP on Troubleman entitled 'End Of Autumn' again this is some proper evil sounding gear with some disturbed vocals and frequencies that'll have dogs crying. It all gets pretty dense and confusing wit...view item »

Sissy Spacek
Gore Jet

Hahah this Sissy Spacek 7" is well funny. Its a one sided thing of spazzmodic grindcore that was recorded in 1999. The drum machine is chaotic and the vocals are mental reminding me of early Earache bands like Carcass. Wearing their influences on their sleeve its a good old thrash up with monster sounds and a generally angry sounding racket. Out on...view item »

Glass Candy
I Always Say Yes

Italo reissue, originally recorded just over ten years ago, showing off the best aspects of a genre enjoying a continued refresher. This represents the less bombastic style, rooted more firmly in older Patrick Cowley-esque disco hits but with all the romantic drama found in Italo's most endearing examples....view item »

His Return

Thought I'd give the new Growing CD a spin, mainly cause of the splendid sleeve art. The last one was space rock drone heaven & this one sounds like a progressive Flowchart-gone-mad psych-vibe fest. Just lovely to know folk are still releasing music like this. If the likes of Sunn 0))) & Earth leave your guts...view item »

The Recoys

This is a very cool rock record featuring Hamilton Leithauser and Peter Bauer of the Walkmen. Recorded in the late 90s, it wasn't released on CD until 2003. The music is not too far removed from the Walkmen, 60s influenced garage rock but with far less organ and piano. "Song of the Paper Dolls" is a great opener, showcasing Leithauser's slurred voc...view item »

Glass Candy
Love Love Love

The other's on Troubleman and the girl out of Glass Candy (for that's their name) sounds like ...erm...Siouxie & Hazel O'Connor. Or Toyah . WHY DOES ANYTHING TRENDY THESE DAYS SOUND SO BLOODY OLD!?? That's the office sentiment for the day. No wonder the music scene's in ...view item »