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Piano Magic

Piano Magic album have declared that this will be their final album. The suitably-titled Closure, released for the band’s twentieth anniversary, is a subtle and carefully considered set of what the band call ‘ghost rock’. It is sad in places, as one might imagine, but it is great to hear a band able to...view item »

Tullia Benedicta

Tullia Benedicta is an Italian musician with something of a shoegaze past. On debut solo album Anteros however, she works with slinking electronics and cold-eyed vocals, exploring kinky sexual themes through the use of obliquely sampled pornography and cloaked lyricism. CD release on Second Language....view item »

Richard Moult

Sjoraust is an album that has emerged from out of the ocean, where the waves meet the land of the Outer Hebrides, where Richard Moult lives. Moult, who is a member of United Bible Studies, engages with Gaelic and Norse traditions, field recordings and folk instrumentation, song fragment...view item »

Aine O'Dwyer
Anything bright or startling?

My goodness this is gorgeous. Áine O'Dwyer is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, best known for her lyrical harp playing with Mark Fry and The A. Lords, United Bible Studies, ...view item »

Kristina Pulejkova / Glen Johnson
My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath is a film and musical collaboration between multi-media artist Kristina Pulejkova and founding member of London-based group Piano Magic, Glen Johnson. Pulejkova animated the film taking her cues from Kubrick and Tarkovsky and Johnson composed the soundtrac...view item »

Memory Drawings
Music For Another Loss.

A long awaited re-issue of one of our favourite albums over the last few years. Memory Drawings are led by dulcimer player Joel Hanson alongside Hood and sometime the Declining Winter main-man Richard Adams and Br...view item »

Piano Magic
Heart Machinery (A Piano Magic Retrospective, 2001-2008)

Hoorah! finally a decent Piano Magic retrospective to get one’s teeth into. If like me you’ve dipped into PM’s 17 year long career in fits and starts but want to delve deeper then this is just the thing. As an introduction to their interesting but prolific mid period, this is a perfect c...view item »

The Cloisters
The Cloisters

I don’t have much info on this puppy but I know it’s a project by Michael ‘Plinth’ Tanner who I’m a bit of a dirty fanboy of. The album...view item »

Silver Servants
Silver Servants

This is the debut album by Silver Servants, created in sporadic sessions over the past four years. The massive list of contributors includes Mark Fry, Sharron Kraus, Aine O'Dwyer, Katie English (Isnaj Dui), Nick Franglen (Lemon Jelly)...I'm barely scratching the surface here. Basically everyone on Second Language and some of their friends. The m...view item »

Oliver Cherer
Sir Ollife Leigh & Other Ghosts

Old ambient neo-folkster Dollboy here, now trading under his own moniker. Beginning with a piece of faintly dissonant drone-laced forest folk; bewitching and becalming in equal measures with a nuanced choral aspect. Then comes brief instrumental 'Mentmore Waltz' following sharply on its heels, with recorder, acoustic guitar and zither being prom...view item »

Mark Fry
South Wind, Clear Sky

Psych folk troubadour Mark Fry hasn't done much beyond releasing his lightning-in-a-barrel classic 'Dreaming With Alice', which showed a young artist create a quite epic record of beautifully ornamented folk music. In 2008, Fry made something of a Vashti Bunyan move, returning to release his second record 'Shooting The Moon' after years and year...view item »

Robin Saville
Public Flowers

This CD from the ISAN man is gorgeously packaged in an oversize book-like sleeve that won't fit in your CD rack. It really does look lovely, and having put the disc in my player I can confirm that it also sounds lovely. Saville has made a collection of pieces of gentle looping sampletronica with stumbling tinkl...view item »

Pi Magpie

Littlebow’s previous CD on Second Language, ‘The Edge Blown Aerophone’, impressed our Phil and Brian so much a couple of years ago that they bestowed our coveted album of the week trophy on it. This week Katie English (Isnaj Dui, The Owl Service) and Keiron Phela...view item »

Music & Migration III

Birds. Bloody brilliant aren’t they? I’m not sure I could live without them. It's nice having a lovely bird twittering away first thing in the morning. There was an article in the York press last week that birds are disappearing from York. From where I’m standing they are all turning into Canada geese, as you can’t move f...view item »

Sharron Kraus
Pilgrim Chants & Pastoral Trails

I’ve saved this until last as I was in a bad mood earlier and just couldn’t be bothered with winsome folk. In fact, about an hour ago I may have punched its lights out, I’m very sorry to say. Thankfully, following me having to listen through a truly dreadful set of records, it’s now putting me in a lovely place and its qu...view item »

The Weighing Of The Heart

The most immediately striking thing about Colleen’s new album is the new-found use of vocals. Opener ‘Push The Boat Onto The Sand’ is a gorgeous affair, the vocals joined by beautifully picked nylon strung acoustic guitars culminating in a sound which could be a feminine counterpart to the m...view item »

I Hunt Alone

Sufferers from aulophobia need to be aware that there is a lot of flute work in the opening tracks to this album. Likewise if you also have fear of accordions and carefully plucked acoustic guitars, I’d stand well clear. The album is a series of complex instrumental pieces which waver in and out of focus. ...view item »

Richard Moult

Wow. This looks lovely! It comes in a transparent white paper bag and inside said bag is a CD, postcard, a booklet with a poem in and two pretend leaves (made out of material which means I can’t break them as easily like I did with a leaf that came inside something else we got the other day...). Packaging aside this is a gut wrench...view item »

Piano Magic
Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet

They say great things come to those who wait. Or in musical terms the more you battle on, the more rewarded you will be. Having pretty much cut any musical career I had short years ago in order to spend more time watching football and eating cakes, I really admire bands like Piano Magic ...view item »

The Edge Blown Aerophone

Well, what have we here? A deliciously spun collaboration between Katie English and Keiron Phelan that elevates the old flute back up to fairly respectable levels not seen since the Sixties. It's by no means always pushed to the forefront but its easily dismissed jauntine...view item »

Music & Migration II

Woo! A new Music & Migration CD. Yep it's time for more bird related fun and frolics from the hard working team at Second Language. Those guys put such care and attention in to their releases it pretty much puts every other label to shame. Shame on you other labels!! This time you get ...view item »

Mark Fry / The A. Lords
I Lived in Trees

Mark Fry is best known for an acid folk album 'Dreaming of Alice' recorded in 1972 but like much of these 'lost' albums dained prominence when the great and good (ie: Jim O Rourke and Kieran Hebden) name checked it as a classic and it received a re-issue on the hip Sundazed imprint. Now 39...view item »

Pete Astor

Is there a better record label out there today than Second Language? The care and attention that goes into their releases is simply astounding, they have released a slew of superior goods over the past year or two but the packaging on this Pete Astor CD really takes the biscuit. It comes in a brown cardboard box, containing two ...view item »

Richard Moult
Celestial King For A Year

As with all releases on this imprint, the packaging is lovingly created and most deluxe. On this occasion a fold out black envelope with printed wrap around closing strip containing postcard insert. The audio comes in three parts, simply labeled parts I-III. The three pieces are for string quintet, voice and electronics. Moult himself handles me...view item »

Various (Jasper TX, d_rradio, Boats, everyone in the world, ever)
Minute Papillon

Good things come in all shapes and sizes and this particularly goodie comes in a small box complete with printed inner, badge, a mini magnifying glass and a CD on a nipple thing. I had no idea what the need for a magnifying glass was until I took the CD off the nipple and was confronted with the smallest text I'd ever seen. And after holding the...view item »

Serenades & Serinettes

Klima is French born, London based Angèle David-Guillou,and this, her second album comes on the magnificent Second Language label. As usual its incredibly packaged, the whole thing seems to be screen printed, folds out beautifully and comes with a free thing that is basically a circular piece of card with thread at either side, you spin i...view item »

Brave Timbers
For Every Day You Lost

This extraordinarily lovely CD is the 7th release on Glen Johnson's Second Language imprint. Sarah Kemp plays violin for Last Harbour, Fieldhead & Leeds' cherished Declining Winter amongst others. This solo project sees her create evocative & moving instrumental music that prominently features her sweet, wistful, longing violin embellish...view item »

Vertical Integration

It's so nice to see a label put as much effort into their releases as Second language do. The whole aesthetic of the label seems to be that the packaging is as important as the music. It's commendable really in this day and age of dwindling sales that a label can come out of nowhere with such high quality releases from the off. This beast is a 1...view item »

The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association

From those nice folks who brought us the Music & Migration CD and the Dollboy CD (which sold out super quick) Second Language lovingly present us with a Ghostwriter CD. First up the packaging is second to none. I opened it up and there's all kinds of shenanigans going on in there, library tickets, a little book attached to a laggy band, ...view item »

Ghost Stations / Geisterbahnhöfe

Here’s multitalented Londoner Oliver Cherer’s fourth album under the Dollboy moniker, having previously brought out albums of electronic music and more traditional songwriting. It was original released in 2010 in an edition of just 150 CDs and now it’s back for those who missed the boat first time....view item »

Various (Hauschka, Vashti Bunyan, Leyland Kirby, the Brodericks etc.)
Music & Migration

Here's a doozy for you! It's a 21 track compilation CD called Music & Migration and it's designed to bring to your attention the plight of the modern day bird as we scupper its existence by destroying forests and generally being all human and fucking things up everywhere like we do. We all love birds and from the roster (really had to stop myse...view item »