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Various Production
Bruk/ Home

Enjoying this barmy new(ish) VARIOUS PRODUCTION 7". One side sounds like a cross between Mike Skinner & Dizee Rascal falling down a Rhubarb & Custard splattered staircase of sliced up post grime beats & cartoon basslines. Reminds me a bit of the 8 Frozen Modules 'Don't Mug Yourself' mash up from years ago...view item »

Various Production
Meskmen / Wot U Say

Various Production have done a nice little riff on their usual artwork here with ornate and pretty stuff being stuck up in grim places. 'Maskmen' we're not that keen on really, it's got a well cheesy synth line and some dodgy singing, apparently the guy's not credited which doesn't make it sound like he's that proud of it either. It sounds like it ...view item »

Space Girl

A beguiling two tracker from the Various Label, Space Girl are two producers and a singer called Floella all from London. A recent review in DJ magazine - a quirky and light-heated set of vocals are underpinned by a subdued pop/folk/ electronica production backdrop expertly crafted. Love this DJ Magazine May 2013 9/10. Already getting airplay fr...view item »

Your Move / Checking One

Checking One - Future proofed Tech-Jungle beat droplets fight their way through a corridor of synths.  Vocal stabs drift from locked rooms each containing their own distinctive drum pattern. Half way through the track salvation is reached, doors open and all the components meet with a realisation that dark may lead to light, part Soul, part...view item »

Various Production
Rush / 01110100 01110010 01110101 01110100 01101000

Latest seven incher from Various Production, ‘Rush’ is a little dub number with a soft female vocal and a catchy rhythm perfect for the dancefloor, Side B however is a more soulful tune but still with that dubstep beat going on and wins the prize for longest song title of ‘01110100-01110...view item »

Various Production / Jonquil

Those Various Production types have been a bit quiet recently, eh? I remember the days when something with their name on seemed to come in every other week. I was amazed to discover that one of them was the guitarist in Campag Velocet.. They got a raw deal, those boys. Bloody NME, building 'em up, tearing 'em down etc. etc. Anyway, their version...view item »

Mr. Lager
Kailas / Runaway

They call me Mr. Lager you know. On a friday I can't get enough of that golden nectar, I pour it down my throat then wash the whole delicious brew down with a glorious piece of meat from the big spinning stick. Anyway here he is, the other Mr Lager on Various Production. On the A side we have an atmospheric dark dubstep tune with thumping kick d...view item »

Gold Panda
Miyamae EP

Gold Panda!!! What a name!! It's like Panda Bear but better because it's all GOLDEN and shit! Gold Panda is the first signing from Various who are now releasing individual artist alongside their usual Various Productions output. It's sounds like a wise move 'cause Gold Panda's got some sweet moves yo!! A-side 'Back Home' is a pretty interesting mix...view item »

Various Production
Limbs/ Phortune

Various Production: 'Phortune' (Various) 7" single is in a sultry chanteuse mode with slip sliding grime style beats and squelched acidic b-line and keys. 'Limbs' on the flip comes over all waltzy with a cooing female keeping up with what sounds like an accordion backed with a Spanish themed guitar licks and strings. Lovely artwork as ever. ...view item »

Various Production

A limited 1 sided Various Productions 12" landed out of nowhere featuring Cat Power on Vocal Duties.'13' originally appeared on their album and has never been available in this vocal version...Some heavy tribal percussion, Big bass drops and dramatic, apocalyptic atmosphere create a hugely cinematic sound. It's like the sound of Massive Attack...view item »

Various Production
In This (Rustie Remix)/Lost (Actress Remix)

It took me a bit to work out what this Various Production "20" 12" was but I got it in the end so now I'm going to reward myself with something edible... Oh the record... It's two remixes. The first is by Actress and it's a deep house track with super hissy loud hi-hats and female vocal snippet sample. It sounds a bit fucked up but still flows. I...view item »

Various Production
Diver EP

Various Production :'Diver' (Various Production) Always a good proposition for the ideal way to present music in a century such as this. Keep anonymous, have stunning artwork and packaging, a varied approach to adopting and adapting to styles and genres. Obviously talented and with a knack for the keeping with the zietgeist, VA give us their take o...view item »

Various Production
Various Verses

Various Productions second album is out. 'Various Verses' is basically a collection of remixes. It has them remixing Sugababes, SIA, Ian Brown, Foals as well as a collaboration with Emma Pollock. They add their sounds and keep all the vocals intact. It's not bad at all. I doubt I'll be rushing to take it home but there are some cool moments. The Vi...view item »