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Charles Hayward
Crossfade Estate

Charles Hayward (This Heat, Camberwell Now) was asked to test the limits of a new recording suite at The Albany in Deptford. Hayward duly obliged recording his previously unreleased 2005 album Crossfade Estate very quickly. He then spent a year and a half, mixing, cutting and pasting. The players along with Hayward are Ashleigh Marsh, Nick Doyne-Ditmas, Sean O'Hagan, Rob Mills, Orphy Robinson, Chris Cornetto, Sharon Gal and Simon King. 

Zea + Oscar Jan Hoogland

Zea are a band led by Arnold De Boer (The Ex!), a guitarist with a background in jazz. Oscar Jan Hoogland is the son of classical pianist Stanley Hoogland. Summing is neither jazz or classical. This is avant-garde, bent, twisted and weird indie rock from the cut from a similar cloth to the likes of Truman’s Water. 

Bourbonese Qualk

Formed in the context of an age of counter-cultural protest in 1979 against the new Thatcher-led Tory government, British experimentalists Bourbonese Qualk eschewed almost all of the music industry’s conventions in a career that lasted 24 years. Hope, their second full-length record, was released in 1984 and now receives a CD re-issue. 

Michael Cashmore
The Doctrine Of Transformation Through Love II

If, like me, your grain is doing somersaults trying to recall Michael Cashmore then let me assist you by reminding you that he is the long term composer of Current 93 as well as collaborator with the likes of Marc Almond and Anohni. His latest work is the second of a series exploring a personal transformation and is a deeply experimental but melodic work with nods towards techno and electronica. Little Annie guests on vocals. 

Little Rocket Man And The Planet That Moved

Rapoon is Robin Storey, formerly known to the world as a member of Zoviet France. He’s a busy bee, and new album The Little Rocket Man And The Planet That Moved works as a particularly good example of his well-refined aesthetic: wide, droning soundworlds, propelled by beats and considering the dark state of our planet. Released by Klanggalerie.

The Lepore Extrusion

Originally released on a limited run by Brainwashed Recordings in 2006, Thighpaulsandra’s The Lepore Extrusion gets reissued by Klanggalerie.(Konstruktivists, Nurse With Wound). It’s a typically unusual work from the Coil/Julian Cope collaborator, with main affair ‘The Leport Extrusion’ a single piece that shifts between spacey drones and vocal-led concrete ala Karlheinz Stockhausen. This new pressing comes with a bonus track.


At the time of writing (5th April 2018), Poppycock - the third studio LP from 80s art-punks Blurt - is ranked as the 831st-best album for 1986 by Rate Your Music. Initially that doesn’t sound very impressive, but consider 1) how many records were released that year, and 2) those lists tend to be skewed by people who actually think that Peter Gabriel’s So deserves a place in the top 20 and the odds start to look more favourable for Blurt. Anyway, Poppycock is a funny old thing, a zany saxophone-led affair that recalls The Birthday Party and James Chance & The Contortions as well as paving the way for the wtf-fest that was Mr. Bungle. Now remastered and reissued by Klanggalerie.

Hope and Harrow
Blue Electric

Peter Hope of The Box first teamed up with David Harrow, who had previously worked with Anne Clark, in 1985 to make the 'Sufferhead' EP. Over 30 years later, Hope and Harrow bestow upon us 'Blue Electric', an avant-garde but beat-driven collection. Harrow provides the Sheffield funk and Hope's spoken nocturnal creep settles right down in the sleazy synth grooves. Neues CD von Klanggalerie.

Waiting By The River

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The Box
Muscle Out

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The Box
The Box @Doublevision

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Renaldo & The Loaf
Behind Closed Curtains

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Oppenheimer MkII
The Presence Of The Abnormal

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Andrew Liles
Somnambulance to Dream General

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Roedelius & Morgan Fisher

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Peter Hope & The Jonathan S. Podmore Method
Dry Hip Rotation

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Various (Nurse With Wound, Andrew Liles, Thighpaulsandra etc.)
Cadaverous Condition - Destroying the Night Sky

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The Clisto EP

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Maurizio Bianchi / M.B

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