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High Wolf/ Annapurna Illusion

Yikes, here's some heady hits from the respective drone-noise bongs of High Wolf and Annapurna Illusion. Ant tells me they're both the same guy. Mysterious. I've put the Annapurna Illusion side on first. This is very deep, dark stuff. The first track kind of reminds me of Robedoor for the first few minutes, with heavy textures and harsh meta...view item »

Fluffy Lumbers
Harry Dollands

This 7" sounds pretty good. It has a Guided By Voices feel and a shabby lo-fi quality that is, well, quality. It is pretty economical songwriting fare, no flashy guitar leads or overbearing vocal histrionics. Sounding really nice and simple. It's ace when some things are simpified. The overall feel is garage surf tinged rock with indie leanings....view item »

Expensive Looks
Dark Matters

A hark back to basics (Ohhh!) from this dance lad Alec Feld, a New Yorker who just loves house music, disco and Ebeneezer Goode (probably). This LP/CD or whatever the fuck you wanna call it, “Dark Matters”, combines a lot of these elements and does feel like a loving homage to...view item »

Dead Gaze
Dead Gaze

Fat Cat/Palmist have plucked this dude from a Mississippi backwater and brought his catchy songs out of hiding. In some ways a bit all over the place, there seems a unhindered approach to Dead Gaze’s fluid pop-song culture cherry-picking. However, it’s all held together by a fuzzy be...view item »

Secret Colors
Water Mirror

Secret Colors is the brainchild of Seattle based artist Matt Lawson. There was a time when I used to get massively excited about people coming from Seattle, as I used to think it was some kind of grunge mecca. Nowadays I reckon it's just like Wakefield...but wetter. Stepping out from the ...view item »

Fungi Girls
Owsley Knows / Glare #2

Group Tightener have been responsible for some great US indie singles over the last year or so and here's another one from their vaults. It's by the Fungi Girls. When the male vocals started I was a bit confused but that went pretty quickly when I realised they more than likely weren't girls and were actually boys. They've had singles out on Hoz...view item »


Another cover that fools, rollerskates would suggest something more upbeat and danceable, what you get is three minutes of fizzing, fuzzy fun with a slightly gloomy edge. The guitars recall Interpol, the drums Jesus and Mary Chain era Gillespie but the overall feel is closer to Black Tambourine, Shop Assistants or any female fronted noisy indie ...view item »

Alex Bleeker
These Days

Bleeker is best known as the rather handsome bass player of the group Real Estate. He also cuts a fine figure in Alex Bleeker and the Freaks aswell as being a rather dashing solo singer/songwriter. Anyway, as you'd imagine Bleeker kicks a rather fine country rock ditty as exemplified here on 'Getting By', the third in a series of 7"s available t...view item »

Best Coast
Make You Mine

Best Coast is Bethany Cosentino who presumably left Pocahaunted in vicarious shame after her partner's great Penn & Teller banana debacle. Now she does sloppy lo-fi doo wop love songs in a wonky Vivian Girls/Crystal Stilts/Girls At Dawn kinda style. It's a pretty big style just now in case you haven't noticed, but she manages to stick out from ...view item »