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The Book Of AM
Part V: Night

The Book Of AM is a project begun in 1977 with esoteric philosophical intentions, and featuring words and sounds from around the world and across hundreds of years. Part V, representing Night, for some reason was not completed and never appeared with the rest of the collection, but this crack team, using overdubs and additional...view item »

Neil Ardley
A Symphony Of Amaranths

As a fan of AFC Wimbledon, just imagine how excited this young blurb writer is to see a record from The Dons’ manager Neil Ardley up on the Norman Records site! Granted, A Symphony Of Amaranths isn’t the sort of poetic turn of phrase one usually associates with former members of The Crazy Gang, but Ardley&rs...view item »

Trip - Flip Οut - Meditation

Now here is a real epic of obscure trippy magic. From 1970, its Zweistein’s only album, reissued for the first time ever on the same format it was first presented in: a triple album vinyl box-set housed in an elaborate embossed and mirrored sleeve. ...view item »


Manfred Hübler and Siegfried Schwab were 2 German composers enlisted to provide soundtracks for 3 Spanish b-movies / sex films in the 1970’s. They took on the task with aplomb: this Sexedelic music is brassy, psychedelic, groovy, and fun: it really could get one in the mood. Original pressing...view item »


Originally marketed by subversive Illumantus'esque print media adds in counter culture publications of the late seventies. The ambiguous Pythagoron™ was presented as a mind altering consciousness rehabilitating sonic narcotic. Believed to be the work of the equally ambiguous early media arts collective USCO (The Company Of Us) based in New...view item »


“Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Fünf…” - whoops, sorry, wrong pioneering electronic release named Numbers. In fact, this is 107-34-8933, perhaps better kno...view item »

Alain Meunier
Voyage aux fonds de la Mer

Alain Meunier’s 1979 album Voyage aux fonds de la Mer might be the only LP he released, but it still holds considerable sway in the pantheon of French experimental rock. Bringing together strains of space rock, King Crimson-style prog and kosmische, the record first appeared on legendary imprint ...view item »

Popol Vuh
Die Nacht Der Seele - Tantric Songs

Florian Fricke’s avant-garde electronic experimental group Popol Vuh joined moog synthesizers with percussion and instrumentation, as well as scoring many of Werner Herzog’s films. Originally released in 1979 and not seen on vinyl since 1984 Wah Wah have brought this percussive ambie...view item »

Popol Vuh
Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN

Wah Wah Supersoni Sounds continue their revival of Florian Fricke and Popol Vuh material with their 13th full length LP Sei Still, Wisse ICH BIN. Produced by Karl Schulze (Ash Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream and label head). A number of these tracks were use...view item »

Florian Fricke
Die Erde Und Ich Sind Eins - I Am One With The Earth

Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh set out to record his first solo record, though the very nature of it required a huge number of performers. Massive layers of vocal chants wash into a spiritual chorus. Not repressed since 1983, Wah Wah have included a book written by Fricke to join the release that was never publishe...view item »

The Vampires' Sound Incorporation
Psychedelic Dance Party

Between the title and the cover, I’m already signed up to whatever this has to offer me. The Vampires’ Sound Incorporation are two German (of course, the Germans) composers and Psychedelic Dance Party is a collection of tunes made for 1970s b-movie horror flicks. There’s so much going o...view item »


Sonic gold from Musikautomatika, treasures of the Latin American late 70's experimental sound scene. The free-form cosmic Venezuelan improv collective comprised of Luis Levin, Alvise Sacchi, Stefano Gramitto, Mirella López and Gabriela Gamboa...view item »

Didier Bocquet
Voyage Cerebral

French synthesist Didier Bocquet's sound draws inspiration from the works of German artists like Klaus Schulze. This, Voyage Cerebral, Bocquet's follow up to debut Eclipse, maintains that interplanetary trajectory of Ber...view item »


Originally recorded in, you guessed it, but not released until 1986, on cassette, on then subsequently on CDrs a few times through Auricle. Wah Wah have snapped it up, remastered it and put Günter Schickert’s pure krautrock project GAM onto vinyl for the first time. This was a single session, single t...view item »

Jean-Jacques Perrey
Musique Electronic du Cosmos

The wonderful electronic world of the late Jean-Jacques Perrey gets the tribute it deserves here, shining a light on his old-school developments for synthesizers and pop music with Musique Electronic du Cosmos. Expect bits and bobs from synth pop's primitive stages and advertisement euphoria in ...view item »

Mark Jenkins
Analog Archives

As is the case when music geeks get their hands on a host of classic synthesisers, they're gonna have one hell of an archive to show for the time invested in taming the beasts, along with a haggard beard and newfound eccentricities. Mr. Mark Jenkins must surely be this class of music geek, the tell-tale signs being the proud title ...view item »

Popol Vuh

Even though this piece is obviously strongly linked to The Hohelied Solomons (The Song of Solomon), it definitely has a different sound overall from that LP. There is more electric guitar, and drums, more of a rock vibe going on, at least in some songs. Also, Florian is singing on this LP, unlike Song of Solomon which has the lovely voice of Djo...view item »


More percussive elements than you can shake a stick at. All perfectly, seamlessly weaving in and out of one another these players are the nuts. Or just plain nuts. Originally released in 1973, and the third album by German percussion god Klaus Weiss (formerly of Sunbirds) fronted Niagara. Repres...view item »

Flute & Voice
Imaginations of Light + Hallo Rabbit

A reissue of the 1970 album Imaginations of Light and Hallo Rabbit from 1973, two albums from Flute & Voice who are Hans Reffert (the Flute) and Hans Bredeis (the Voice). They’re selling themselves a bit short though as the two play an array of instruments on the album...view item »

Popol Vuh

After 40 years, Popol Vuh’s 1972 soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, released originally in 1975, is available to the public again. This release of the hypnotic and engrossing soundtrack to that dystopian and intense film shows how good the music was: uplifting with an underlying sense of dread, but,...view item »

Popol Vuh
Das Hohelied Salomos

Reissued after 40 years, Popol Vuh’s second album is finally available to the public again. Filled with epic (and I do not use this word lightly) guitars and bombastic orchestrations, Das Hohelied Salomos is perhaps one of the pinnacles of 70s progressive rock done well. Put it on and forget about your day job for...view item »

Popol Vuh
Hosianna Mantra

'Hosianna Mantra' represents a point of transition for Popul Vuh, recorded at a time between the darker analogue synth experiments of 'Affenstunde' and the broader almost easy-listening vibes of the mid-70s albums (Einsager & Siebenjager perfect case in point). For reasons best known to them, they produced a u...view item »

Popol Vuh
Letzte Tage, Letzte Nächte

39 years after is original release, Letzte Tage, Letzte Nachte makes its return to its original vinyl medium. Remastered and featuring one bonus track, Popol Vuh’s most rock-oriented recording is back in all its 1970s German progressive rock greatness. Expect vocal harmonies supported by guitars enmeshed...view item »

Popol Vuh
Herz Aus Glass

A piece of music so good they released it twice… Herz Aus Glass is Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s film of the same name, and flows with radiant golden vibrations in true Popol Vuh style. Reissued in either the original German sleeve (this one) or the original French one (...view item »

Popol Vuh
Coeur De Verre

A piece of music so good they released it twice… Coeur De Verre is Popol Vuh’s soundtrack to Werner Herzog’s film of the same name, and flows with radiant golden vibrations in true Popol Vuh style. Reissued in either the original French sleeve (this one) or the original German one (...view item »

Popol Vuh
Nosferatu - Original Soundtrack

Werner Herzog and Popol Vuh had a wonderful and long-running creative relationship, Herzog’s curious cinematic visions matched with Popol Vuh’s exploratory (and consistently beautiful) instrumentals. Nosferatu actually contains two discs, with material that both soundtracked and was inspired...view item »

Via Lactea
Via Lactea

Via Lactea (Latin for Milky Way, fact fans) were a Mexican rock group, and this self-titled album was their major statement, released 35 years ago. Carlos Alvarado lead the band, who specialised in prog rock with a strong electronic element. This reissue on Wah Wah is beautifully screen-printed on metallic coppe...view item »

Hardy Kukuk

Atemnot is another example of seminal early komische music that has been buried out of print for ages, reissued on vinyl at last. Hardy Kukuk explores his synth, with accompaniment from tape-treated guitars and congas, for an electronic trip of psycha-space-delic proportions. Remastered and released by Wah Wah....view item »


Gatefolded LP limited to 500 copies, on Wah Wah. Originally released in 1974 Andrea Centazzo was credited with playing the whole album, and Ictus being used as an album name, this has been corrected for this reissue, citing fellow band members Armando Battiston and Franco Feruglio...view item »

Ariel Kalma
Le Temps Des Moissons

New age innovator Ariel Kalma meshed together instruments and electronic effects to create tones that sounded jarring but warming at the same time. His 1975 debut, Le Temps Des Moissons, shows his experiments in their primordial state, with a lot of Eastern influence seeping into each composition....view item »

Gregor Curten & Anselm Rogmans

Wah Wah Records are reiussing this "rare" record from 1974 and intend to keep it that way by limiting it to 500 copies. The record consists of two twenty minute electronic drones performed by two experimentalists - Gregor Cürten handling organ and guitar and Anselm Rogmans messing around with organs, tape recordings and synths. They're...view item »

Franco Leprino
Integrati... Disintegrati

Piano, Spanish guitar, flute and a Moog. Wait, what? Yes, back in ‘77 Italian Franco Leprino threw down a modern classical gauntlet with Integrati...Disintegrati, a distinctive blend of prog rock and the avant-garde. Rich in emotional textures and New Age goodness. Out on remastered vinyl LP from Wah Wah. Limited ...view item »

The Spoils of War
The Spoils of War

The Spoils of War were a lesser-known 60’s psych group who dabbled with experimental electronics at a time when that was pretty much strictly an academic pursuit. A bold and remarkable sound: too much so for the time apparently, as little was ever released. Until now! This double LP (with bonus 7”) contains all their...view item »


From 1970 and re-released to great acclaim, OPMC or Oldest Professional Music Company were a duo of Barrie Webb and Teun van der Slikke backed up by a variety of musicians including Peter van der Sande and Onny Lopulalan. Psychedelic folk music was on the decline by the 1970s, but this is truly a burst of light in the grey dusk ...view item »

Code III
Planet of Man

The back story behind this is quite interesting. Formed as a vehicle to experiment with their new "dummy head" binaural recording system by the brothers Schunke, This strange and spooky audio emission from the newly formed (and Klaus Schulze-assisted) Delta Acustic studios is one for all lovers of true cosmic weirdness. How could a German record...view item »

Mario Molino
Gli Angeli Del 2.000

Psyche goodness from Mario Molino with his soundtrack to Gli Angeli Del 2.000. Loads of fun and outrageously groovy, Mario is somewhat overlooked compared to his contemporary's of Italian film music. The LP from Wah Wah contains the original sound track along with a bunch of studio extras. The band is h...view item »

Product Of Pisces And Capricorn

Oldest Professional Music Company or O.P.M.C. were folk rockers. This album, their second, started to really get to grips with their sound, adding more 1970s rock to their eclectic music. Remastered and rereleased by Wah Wah comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with photos and liners notes and is limited to just...view item »

Hans Edler
Elektron Kukeso

When I think of the electronic avant garde from the late '60s and early '70s I tend to think of dry, studious and methodical sound experiments and impenetrable tuneless noise games. However this freshly reissued LP by Hans Edler turns that on its head by mixing that hard-nosed experimentalism with a naive and charming tunefulness. I really like ...view item »

Peter Michael Hamel
The Voice Of Silence

Today's big pile of reissues brings me to Peter Michael Hamel's 'The Voice of Silence' from 1973. Hamel was a man very actively concerned with the meditative and therapeutic properties of music, founding the Freies Musikzentrum institute for musical education and therapy a few years later. On side-long opener 'Panta Tantra' he pieces tog...view item »


Turning it up and out with Ticket. Awake is the 1972 debut LP from the New Zealand voodoo children. You can tell these fellas have been influenced by all the greats with their psyched-out guitars, soulful and sometimes bombastic vocals, heavy bass and groovy drums. Think psychy blues driven soulful f...view item »

Suck Electronic Enciclopedic
Asfixia al carrer València

From the ashes of Franco’s Spain came Suck Electrònic Enciclopèdic, here with their lost recordings from 1975 and 1976. The line up never stayed the same and this fluidity of members helped to create what is still exciting, innovative music. The band built their own synthesizers helping them ...view item »

Synthetik 1

Here's an absolutely fascinating and beautifully reproduced reissue of an LP of early modular synth experiments by two German brothers, Eckart and Wolf Seesselberg. This maverick duo started young, with older brother Wolf encouraging his younger sibling to build walkie-talkies and eventually electronic sound generators in the mid-60s when he was...view item »

Heldon IV

Presumably the fourth Heldon album, also known as Agneta Nilsson. First released in 1976, this chunky bit of French psychedelic rock has been reissued by Bureau B. The band dart between synth-jams, gentle ambience, and genuine guitar led freak outs. Not sure what's going on on the albu...view item »

Dantalians Chariot
Chariot Rising

Originally released in 1967, as this was the lesser known British psychedelic band's only album. Tunes here I liked best were "Madman Running Through The World" (first heard this cut on the 'Nuggets II' 4-CD box set), "World War Three", the uplifting "Fourpenny Bus Ride" and the tripping "Soma" (really nice sitar work). Their sound is a mix of ...view item »


The third album from French psychedelic rockers, Heldon reissued by Bureau B. Here you'll find two discs (CD or vinyl) of long, dark jams, all heavy on the guitar and synth. On the album Heldon ringleader Richard Pinhas is quoted as saying "dark is not nega...view item »

Embryo's Rache

Originally released in 1971, this was Embryo's second record. I've never been that HUGE a fan of this long-running German ensemble, but if you're in the right mood, nearly any Embryo record can take your brain on a way-out there galactic mind trip. Simply love the Eastern influence of folk-jazz-rock 'vibe' that I experience when I listen to Rach...view item »