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After a couple of LPs for Mule Musiq, Illusion sees Lawrence back on Dial, the label he founded alongside Carsten Jost and Turner. This is another record of finely-calibrated central European techno and deep house from the one born Peter Kersten. The likes of Move D and Will Saul would have been pleased to come up with something like the delightfully bleep-bloopy ‘Treasure Box’.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DIALLP041)
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  • CD (DIALCD041)

DJ Richard
Dies Iræ Xerox

House bloodsucker DJ Richard returns with another record of sublimity in Dies Irae Xerox. As if Grind wasn't already unsettling enough, it looks like this one's going to continue to be bright sparks of light from dank dour corners, another record of groovy hope from a producer who can't stop wowing us. Playing with swelling ambience this time round, Richard's sound finds its expansion pack.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DIALLP040)
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  • CD (DIALCD040)

DJ Richard
Path Of Ruin

DJ Richard’s Grind LP was one of the most celebrated house-centric albums of 2015, and now the lesser-spotted producer is back with a new EP on Hamburg stable Dial. The same rich atmospheres prevail on this EP, but there’s plenty to set the record apart. Just try getting your head around the abrasive drum bite and lopsided organ refrain that courses through “Gargoyle”, or maybe cut adrift into the bombastic synth soundtrack ambience of “Stygian Freeze”. In just three tracks our Richard manages to say a lot. 

Carsten Jost
Perishable Tactics

David Lieske has been keeping himself busy with various activities, but it’s been a colossal amount of time since he last released a full-length under his Carsten Jost moniker (2000!). Perishable Tactics combines brand new material with a few previously issued limited-release cuts, with the whole thing meshing together into a sterling example of agitated house music. CD / double LP release on Dial.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DIALLP039)
  • CD (DIALCD039)

Christian Naujoks

Bumping catchy modern classical polyrhythms on acoustic instruments has been Christian Naujoks forte since his debut album Untitled. On True Life / In Flames, we heard him explore the grand piano. After touring the world’s underground clubs, he is now back with Wave, which will focus primarily on another instrument: the electric guitar.

The Lost Tracks 3

Three tracks from two artists here on this latest Dial 12”: one each from Rndm and Efdemin, plus a collaborative production under their Pigon alias. So many names, so little discernable meaning… Each of these Lost Tracks pulse and roll and flutter with addictive power: they have the perfect amount of weirdness without sacrificing danceability.

Misanthrope CA

Photographer and label owner respectively, Robert Kulisek and David Lieske love their black metal, and Misanthrope CA is their own personal exploration of the genre. Deathbridge is their first full-length, and alternates between eerie electronic ambience and blasted guitar scree. LP release on Lieske’s Dial.

DJ Richard

Grind is the first full-length album release of White Material boss DJ Richard, and it comes with some anticipation. And it’s a big one, full of brooding atmospheres that tip inevitably over into club drama. Although at times, this could almost be a dark ambient record.. Nine tracks over two LPs (or one CD), on the Dial label.
  • CD (DIALCD033)

James K

James K is pretty wild. On her debut album Pet, she rages all over the place. Whispering over beats, or humming psychotic musings in between warped electronic noise, James K will never allow a dull moment. After the Sokit 7” last year, we’ve been waiting for more music - ready to run if we had to, but eager for more.
  • Vinyl LP (DIALLP035)

Dawn Mok
Eternal Love

Deep, deep R&B / House from Dawn Mok. Previously attracting plaudits for his track ‘Like Thoughts Or Moments We’ll Fall’ on Dial’s recent anniversary compilation, now we get to hear the full-length deal. The artwork is by Dan DeNorch and mastering by the inimitable Rashad Becker.

Decay Versions Pt. 2

Another set of Efdemin remixes from E.R.P, Don Williams, Johannes Volk and Traumprinz. Decay Versions Pt.2 is like waking up and finding yourself on some kind of spacecraft - everything is white, is it safe? It's strange yet somehow familiar? What are those futurist sounds - is it techno? Or is it the 90's? Once the gary's have worn off you realize that you tried to do your own post party boiler room set in the bath tub again. Out on 12" from Dial.

End Times

  • Vinyl LP (DIALLP027)

Roman Flugel
Happiness Is Happening

Back with 'Happiness is Happening', the second album under his own name, master electronic craftsman Roman Flugel drops another dollop of cyber gravy onto our plates. The German has retained the lush, arpeggiating melodies from 2011's 'Fatty Folders' and added possibly even more 'Fatties' - fun, Kraftwerky bangers to go with the more pad-led harmonic mash-ups. This variety of paces and finely tuned synths forms a delicious plate of modern techno-influenced electronica that's not to be missed.
  • CD (DIALCD031)


Breathing the calm air of pastoral autumn, Decay is still a techno record at heart. On his third release, Efdemin continues to display his skills in subtly weaving emotion into continuous beats. The album is torn between those minimal techno beats on the one hand, and introspective soundscapes on the other.

Films & Windows Remixed

  • Vinyl 12" (DIAL065)
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Films & Windows

  • Vinyl Double LP (DIALLP029)
  • CD (DIALCD029)

John Roberts

  • Vinyl Double LP (DIALLP028)
  • CD (DIALCD028)
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  • CD (DIALCD020)
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  • Dial