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Matthew Shaw

From one drone straight to another. I just finished writing about Orbit Over Luna's graceful new processed guitar and piano drift-a-thon 'Transit' (which is really beautiful and I recommend you check it out) and now I'm digging my ears into the new Matthew Shaw CD, whose sleeve comes wrapped in a sheet of A4 adorned with a cat photo and signed...view item »

Street Wandering Memory Recall

First up the bad news. This CD smells funny - kind of like skunk  - no, a real skunk. I was once travelling in a van across America when we ran over a skunk. I’ll never forget that smell - it was in our clothes, hair, food...It must have splattered on the bottom of the van as ...view item »

Hisato Higuchi
Bara Bara Na Bamen

It's a man and a guitar. It's a Japanese man and a guitar! Hisato creates a delicate fragile spacious sound with some delicate finger plucking and whimpery vocals. It's an intimate listen which forces you you to dim the lights, crack the candles out (no booze though!) and sit there listening t...view item »

Matthew Shaw

We've had a few CD's in lately by Matthew Shaw on labels such as Sirenwire and Sonic Oyster. Here's one on his own label Apollolaan. Why have a label if you can't release your own music eh? This is his 'audio' take on Lanreath which is a small Cornish village (population 514 in 2001) so ...view item »

Akke Phallus Duo
Terroir/ Pissoir

These saucy guys are Jon Marshall who also stars in The Hunter Gracchus, Le Drapeau Noir, Singing Knives Records, Vampire Blues etc and Ben Morris from Chora and Le Drapeau Noir. Here the two experimentalists' swapped recordings with each other and the remit was they could do what they like to each others recordings...view item »

I Discover I'm Missing

Ah...something a bit more soothing now. Thank fuck. Anyhoo Hakobune has had releases out on loads of cool labels like U Cover, Symbolic Interaction, Install, Hibernate, etc., so unless you've been hiding underneath an ambient drone tree then you've more than likely heard...view item »

Peter Delaney
Live In Amsterdam

Delaney is a traditional heartfelt folkster with a high-ish tender vocal who handles his acoustic instruments (guitar & mandolin?) in a delicate, fragile manner. Nothing better than an intimate live recording to capture a musician's subtle nuances & in Peter's case, undoubted charm. Close your eyes and you're transported to a small Irish...view item »

Richard Youngs
Atlas of Hearts

Youngseh. I love Youngseh, me. I've been especially loving that Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits since Jagjaguwar did the world a favour and reissued it for those who missed out first time.. 'Radio Innocents', like - blinding! As far as the super broad scope of his various works go I reckon I'd describe this new one as mostly being somewhere betwe...view item »

Dead Wood / Matthew Shaw
Shottsford Forum

What on earth is going on here? Something seriously fuckin weird is what. Like the sound of distant ghouls having a conversation. This is totally bizarre sounding with ghostly sounds sweeping across, probably some kind of location/ field recordings, some wee drones here and there. Lord knows what these guys have been up to and what there're usin...view item »

Space Weather
The Weather's Maiden

I like the name Space Weather. If nothing else 'cos it reminds me of the weather guy from Family Guy who shouts "space weather" in one of the Star Wars episodes. If you've not seen it there's possibly nothing funnier than watching a large black man shout space weather at you really loudly. Anyhoo Space Weather are a bunch of Scottish experi...view item »

Carol Anne Mcgowan
Songs From The Cellar

This is a special CD indeed. Carol has a beautiful smoky, rich & lilting voice that she deploys in a sensual bluesey manner. Recorded in a small German town, deep down in the depths of a 500 year old wine cellar, the intimacy & subtle detail is magnified on this seven track debut. She has that captivating burnished style of vocal lik...view item »


Here's one of those limited Apollolaan CDR jobs in a foldy paper sleeve in their regular limited editions of 50. This one features varies famous types from Chicago including Ken Camden (Kranky) and some members of Thrill Jockey's Town & Country. Yikes! It starts off pretty mellow before a sitar appears and some mellow drums come in and befor...view item »

Gish/ Perry
I'm Afraid I Ate Too Much Butter As A Youth

I know the feeling. I love butter. I stopped using butter in a bid to try and be healthy and gave up recently as butter is a million times nicer. There's no competition at all... I even tried to kid my self that olive oil spreads tasted better. So stupid...Anyway I think this is a collaboration between both artists through this long 3 track CD. The...view item »

The Driftwood Manor
Found Photographs of Ancestors

If there's one word I struggle typing it's Apollolaan. Thank christ for cutting and pasting! Here's a nice looking CD in a screen printed card inner wrapped up in a folded out poster with a picture of a house on. Delightful. I've really liked what I've heard by these guys so it's great to see a few other labels picking up on 'em. They do the who...view item »

Future Overtones

Ah, some excellent summer vibes flowing from the speakers courtesy of Glasgow-based artist and musician Alec Cheer. These are solo guitar recordings that range from pure stripped back acoustic playing through to more textured soundscapes, drones and ambient guitar vibes. Lovely stuff and a great soundtrack to staring into the bright blue summer ...view item »

From The Moat

This is the first opportunity I've had to listen to Danish artist Peter Bach Nicolaisen. I like what I'm hearing; strange soundscapes and really good sound design, possibly some field recordings, distant hints of melody and slightly sinister ambient. Not an easy one to describe which I find is usually a good sign that a piece of work is original...view item »

Astral Social Club
Metal Oblation

OK before you ask we have none of the metal edition which came with a piece of boiler (no shit). They came and went super quick (in about 10 minutes in fact) as we only had a handful of 'em! But we have some of the regular edition left which has sold out at source as well now as there's only 100. He's a popular lad that Neil Campbell. Here we ...view item »