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Tape 1 / Tape 2

It’s two EPs for the price of one LP from The Netherlands’ Felbm (one Eelco Topper), who recorded this pair of sessions of multi-instrumental warmth straight to Tascam tape. Drum machines, actual drums, piano, guitar and bass are the main ingredients in these smooth, jazzy instrumentals. Things get a bit less jazzy a...view item »

Grupo Controle Digital
A Festa E Nossa

Remaster of the only album from sleek Brazilian electronic funk duo Grupo Controle Digital. Sadly, one of the members Gel Valiery, died young, leading to the end of the band. His bandmate, Billy Jaguar, became a priest, but was tracked down by DJ Millos Kaiser in order to secure permission to...view item »

Julien Dyne

After a brief flirtation with Soundway a in 2017 when he remixed The Sweetest Meditation by Lord Echo, Julien Dyne is back on the label  to conduct some of his own bizness. Teal mixes Future soul and afro-house and is dripping in synths. His work with Theo Parrish, Steve Spacek...view item »

Onda de Amor: Synthesized Brazilian Hits That Never Were (1984-94)

Good old Soundway Records. They never fail. It’s another crate-digging extravaganza from the global pop imprint, and this time they turn their attention to the music of the Brazilian 80s and 90s. Roping in vinyl junkie Millos Kaiser - 50% of the duo Selvagem - Kaiser has put together a com...view item »
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Panama! 2 (Latin Sounds, Cumbia, Tropical & Calypso Funk On the Isthmus 1967-77)

This 2009 compilation does one thing, and it does it very well. It introduces listeners to some of Panama’s fantastic music, much of it virtually unknown elsewhere. With much of the material sourced from 45’s in radio station basements, Panama! 2...view item »

Heads Records - South African Disco-Dub Edits

Ever travelling into the musical terrain of the Southern Hemisphere, Soundway have this time raided the vaults of South African label Heads. The label's star shone briefly but brightly between 1982 and 1984 and released some 20 or so 12" singles and LPs before closing its doors. The label mixed disco with bubblegum pop,...view item »

Free Love

Available as double 12” LP from Soundway. South Africa seems to be full of forward thinking music producers at the moment and Fantasma is the latest from Spoek Mathambo. Working with DJ Spoko Free Love is a melding of hip hop, shangaan electro, and Zulu Maskandi music. Definitely ...view item »

Panama! 3 (Calypso Panameno, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Tipica On the Isthmus 1960-75)

Panama! 3 (Calypso Panameno, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia tipica On The Isthmus 1960-75) carries on with the super work done by earlier compilations in the series, circulating some of this beautifully rich music beyond its region. The heady blend of cultures on the isth...view item »

The Funkees
Dancing Time - The Best Of Eastern Nigeria's Afro Rock Expona

Panama! 3

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The Mauskovic Dance Band
Down In The Basement

Nicola Mauskovic takes time out from his gigs drumming for W.I.T.C.H., Altin Gun and Jacco Gardner for a project of his own. Enlisting a band and the services of Cumbia producer Juan Hundred, Down In The Basement throws together thick bass grooves, Hi-L...view item »

Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie In 1980s South Africa

Hey, who fancies a chunky bagful of rare South-African bubblegum disco-soul from the 1980’s? That’s right, everyone does. Gumba Fire is a curatorial collaboration between Miles Cleret...view item »
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Fumaca Preta
La Trampa

Fumaca Preta come from Brazil, and combine musical influences from their own national traditions with Anglo-American psych-rock. The results are powerful indeed, furiously rushing through tunes that leave no option but to dance in a flailing, joyful manner. The La Trampa 7” single is released, in an old-fashioned ...view item »
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Diron Animal

Soundway Record keep the quality high as Diron Animal drops his infectious, rhythmic album into the world. Taking cues from modern dance genres but hugely spiked with Angolan and Portugese influences, the album treads into funk, disco and rap, always imbued with the colourful and vibrant flavour that keeps Diron Animal unique....view item »

Lord Echo
The Sweetest Meditation Remixes

Lord Echo, AKA Mike Fabulous/Mike August of The Black Seeds and Shogun Orchestra...view item »

Vanishing Twin
Choose Your Own Adventure

Vanishing Twin is a project led by Cathy Lucas (of The Oscillation), named for the phantom twin sister she absorbed in the womb(!). That should tip you off to the odd edge that Choose Your Own Adventure has: appealing pop music, but made strange and obscure. Also features personnel from...view item »

The Movers
Kansas City

A classic slice of disco, The Movers originally had this one out in 1979, having long established themselves as a band of innovative hybrid -- the South African group had previously worked funk and marabi jazz into their sound, experimenting with approaches to dance. Kansas City is proof of the band'...view item »

Meridian Brothers
Dónde Estás María

Colombia's Meridian Brothers are back again with yet another strikingly original album. Blending Tropicalia from Brazil, Latin rock from Colombia and Argentina and dreamy Mexican psych-folk, there are plenty of rich strings and choral arrangements promised on this experimental new record. Bowed and plucked cello is introduced fo...view item »
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Msafiri Zawose

Uhamiaji is the latest release from Msafiri Zawose. The record can be traced all the way to back to Zawose's roots in Tanzania, and this shows in the thirteen tracks that fill this full length. This powerful and well produced collection of songs is available on Vinyl LP and CD, and on the label Soundway....view item »

Jay-U Experience
Enough Is Enough

Jay-U's highly infectious sound traversed a rocksteady funk packaged with reggae, jazz and tinges of psychedelia, a strange but trancing fusion bound together by lots of really great sax solos. Enough Is Enough saw initial release in Nigeria back in '77 but surely deserves a dancefloor audience all of its own....view item »

The Heliocentrics
The Sunshine Makers (Original Soundtrack)

Soundtrack to The Sunshine Makers, a documentary from the makers of Searching For Sugarman about two notorious LSD producers in the 60s and the beginnings of the war on drugs. The Heliocentrics are regular releasers through the once sub-label of Stones Throw, Now-Again. Their mix of psychedelic rock, jazz, funk...view item »

You Are Mine

Soundway proudly re-issue the only album from Nigerian boogie masters Hotline. Originally 1986 You Are Mine is a no-holds-barred funk/disco takedown, slapped bass and synth basslines that sound like zippers and the cheekiest leadlines you’ve ever not heard. Comes with new liner notes and photos....view item »

Ibibio Sound Machine
Ibibio Sound Machine

Fronted by British/Nigerian vocalist Eno Williams, Ibibio Sound Machine combine, so says their press release, "elements of West African highlife, disco, & psychedelic electro soul". On this occasion my quote marks aren't sarcastic, that's a pretty good description of what they do. It sounds like quite a Londonised take on Highlife, if that m...view item »

The Heliocentrics
A World Of Masks

The Heliocentric, renowned for their collaborations with Mulatu Astake and Dj Shadow (among others), here add a new singer to their rich international brew, in the form of Barbora Patkova from Slovakia. A World Of Masks is another adventure in sound, mostly improvised, ...view item »
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Ennanga Vision
Ennanga Vision

Ennanga Vision's self-titled offering is a cultured release, with a broad glut of influences. As the touring keyboard player for world-beaters Gorillaz, Jesse Hackett is no stranger to the big stage, and this is an album that's fit for one; it melds an array of electronic sounds with organic African instrumentation....view item »
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Lord Echo

Harmonies is the ten-track release from Lord Echo. What has long been waited for is finally here. Described as ‘distinctive mutations of reggae and rock steady with disco, African soul, techno and spiritual jazz’ this record is a great addition to an...view item »
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Baile Bucanero

Ondatrópica’s second record features more than thirty musicians playing in a style that mixes the multiple influences of Bogota and Old Providence, the two locations in which it was recorded. Baile Bucanero shows off a funky Calypso / Gaita big-band in full-flow, and melodic joy-grooves dominate in every tr...view item »

Odion Iruoje
Down To Earth

Odion Iruoje mostly stayed behind the desk, producing stacks of amazing music by Fela Kuti, Mono-Mono, Geraldo Pino and many more. But he couldn’t resist showing off his own mighty musical prowess at least once: Down To Earth is his only solo album, and it's a col...view item »

Doing It In Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco In 1980s Nigeria

Continuing the recent love of all things Nigeria, Soundway Records present Doing it in Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco in 1980s Nigeria. As far removed from the Afrobeat of Fela Kuti that everybody associates with the country, this compilation shows another side to Nigeria’s rich musical cu...view item »


iZem is the work of a travelling French producer who dropped into Morocco to absorb some of the local sounds and work them into his own thing. Hafa is his debut LP, and it applies a firmly digital dancefloor structure to the “soulful exoticism” and “organic grooves” of North Africa and Latin Amer...view item »

Kenya Special

Another Soundway compilation means another gold mine of funky beats and Afro rhythms. This time it is recordings from Kenya (I would also recommend checking out the Nigeria and Ghana Special LPs) made in the 1970s/80s. I'm not sure where to begin with such a rich and varied compilation but some things to loosely ex...view item »

Me and My Friends
Hide Your Way

This is Me and My Friends second album and it seems they aim to marry English folk songwriting with afrobeat/world music rhythms. They use an unusually array of instruments including cello and clarinet to flesh out a delightfully intricate style. By gum these people can play their instruments but it's not about showing off. This is about fusing ...view item »

Kenya Special: Volume Two - Selected East African recordings from the 1970s & '80s

Soundway continue to journey where others rarely will, to bring us the second in their acclaimed East African compilations. 20 rare recordings from: Bahari Boys, Rift Valley Brothers, Lulus Band, Afro 70, Sammy Katana, Orchestre Mangelep...view item »

Blacky Joe

People Rock Outfit were a Nigerian garage-rock band, and Blacky Joe was their only album. Sparse and funky afro-rock, with enough groove that they were able to act as Jimmy Cliff during a Nigerian tour. Apparently, original pressings...view item »

Family Atlantica
Cosmic Unity

Family Atlantica return with a properly funky afro-jazz record, fittingly titled Cosmic Unity. Guests to the ensemble for this record include Orlando Julius and space overlord Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra) himself! Strings and horns and rhythms and love, helmed by ...view item »

Fumaca Preta
Fumaca Preta

This is an experiment started by Figueira, a Portuguese-Venezuelan producer and percussionist who invited some mates to the studio he shoehorned on the back of his house. They had a right old laugh making some digi-dub jams, pulsing acidy electronics and psych guitar workouts.   ...view item »
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Third full-length album from Flamingods, the international psychedelic explorers. Their sound here is as thrillingly varied as it has ever been, but without losing focus. Majesty is conceptually split, with the first half consciously light and positive and the second half much darker. Which side will you prefer…?...view item »
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Fumaca Preta
Impuros Fanaticos

Second full-length album from Fumaça Preta, the experimentally-inclined Spanish-language group. Recorded in locations as diverse as a Spanish desert and the border of Venezuela and Brazil, Impuros Fanaticos is as heavy as it is groovy as it is frenzied: a busy blur of sound that recalls Zun Zun Egui...view item »

Meridian Brothers
Los Suicadas

The Meridian Brothers is a project helmed by Eblis Javier Alvarez Vargas, who is well into unusual organ music. Following this interest, he has initiated a trilogy of albums (Los Suicidas is the first) which use a strange synthesiser ensemble to approximate an organ reaching beyond its means. An odd and...view item »

Dexter Story

Dexter Story deploys influences from all across a range of East African nations, to enormously good-time effect. Wondem features guests like Nia Andrews, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Yared Tashele, but it is Dexter’s broad vision and detailed arrang...view item »

Highlife on the Move: Selected Ghanaian and Nigerian Recordings from London and Lagos - 1954-66

Triple vinyl gatefold bonanza for fans of highlife. Recording from the cities of London and Lagos capture some of the earliest recordings of the genre, with two early recordings of Fela Ransome Kuti with his band The Highlife Rakers. Complied with help from highlife researcher Dr. Markus Coester, drawing in elements of jazz and calypso and setti...view item »
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The Sound of Siam Volume 2 - Molam & Luk Thung from North-East Thailand 1970 – 1982

I've just had a trip to '70s Turkey courtesy of Twimo's 'Bosporus Bridges' comp and now I'm heading over to Thailand 1970-82 for the second instalment of Soundway's brilliant Sound of Siam compilations. It's a mixed blessing being handed these exotic compilations to review because I'm just a grunge kid from the Yorkshire suburbs really. ...view item »
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Eye Of The Sun

New 12" out from Fantasma on Soundway. Eye Of The Sun is a journey through Sound African roots music, mixed with modern cross-continental sounds. Reggaeton beats, soaring vocals and hip hop production give this vinyl a very unique sound. Driving, soulful and melodic, Eye Of The Sun is a real eclectic treat...view item »

Soundway Records Present - Ten Cities

Soundway brought together as many electronic artists as they could count on about ten hands and asked them to collaborate in a variety of different recording studios. A noble and intensive undertaking, no doubt, but the result is a rainbow of sounds, from dubstep in one city to jazz in another and techno in the one over from that -- I mean, I do...view item »


Pedro Coquenao, aka Batida, returns with a follow-up to his acclaimed self-titled Soundway debut. The Lisbon-based producer is inspired by his own multicultural environs as well as trips to Nairobi and Luanda, mixing a deep understanding of African rhythms with slick western house and electronica. The lyrics are in four different languages ...view item »
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My Panda Shall Fly

My Panda Shall Fly is the alter-ego of South London-based Sri Lankan producer Suren Seneviratne, who paints an intriguing series of electro acoustic tapestries over the course of this short but sweet six-tracker. The list of instruments incorporated in this recording is as long as my arm so I'm not going to list them out to you but I cou...view item »

Hungry Man

Originally recorded for the EMI Nigeria label and produced by legendary producer Odion Iruoje 'Keyboard' was a one-off studio project formed by Brodricks Majuwa and Isaac Digha from circa 1978.  This extremely scarce and obscure record features amongst others Ignace de Souza of the Black Santiagos from the city of Cotonou, Ben...view item »
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Shaluza Max / Tabu Ley Rochereau
Mangase / Hafi De

When two African musicians passed away within a short time in 2103, Soundway Records decided the best way to celebrate them was by releasing a special double a-side 12” featuring their works. Shaluza Max and Tabu Ley Rochereau are both honoured her with a couple of belting house tracks, one contemporary an...view item »
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Meridian Brothers
Salvadora Robot

Another 2014 Soundway record worth checking out (alongside Ibibio Sound Machine and Fumaca Preta). I saw this crew late at night at Latitude Festival and their bizarre psychedelic-Latino grooves blew me away. I'm not as convinced that it ...view item »

Muyei Power
Sierra Leone In 1970s USA

Unavailable for 35 years and released only as singles at the time, Soundway has gathered together some belters from Muyei Power who were one of the in demand bands of the 1970s in Sierra Leone. Muyei Power never released an album and disbanded in 1979 leaving only these few tracks of highly percussive, afro-beat and funk tunes....view item »

Debruit & Alsarah

Jimmy Mawi
Jimmy Mawi

Chico Mann
Magical Thinking

Alegria EP

Soundway, well known for digging up dusty old global classics come correct with a modern bit of dancefloor action here. 4 tracks of latin beats to detonate s dancefloor. On the a side you have teo versions of Alegria, the extended and radio. This tracks hits hard from the off with kicking beats overlaid with the so...view item »

Tunji Oyelana
A Nigerian Retrospective 1966-79

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Meridian Brothers

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Heavy weight package from Soundway, with musical direction and production at the uber talented hand of Will Holland of Quantic fame. This guy can't sleep, he is so productive not just withbhis two Quantic guises, but also as Flowering Inferno, Combo Barbero and his work with Soundway as well as fingers in various o...view item »
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Punkero Sonidero / I Ron Man

Oh man, this is totally sweet. Colombian supergroup Ondatropica contain a whole rash of awesome musicians from past and present busting out some party cumbias like there’s no tomorrow. On the A we’ve got ‘Punkero Sonidero’, a lively and brash number with loads of me...view item »
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Lord Nelson

Okay, time to be honest. One of the things about this job is that we have to review everything no matter how little we know about it. Here we’ve got a 12” by Lord Nelson, a legendary artist from Trinidad and Tobago. I’m assuming from reading the press release that what he...view item »
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Los Miticos Del Ritmo
Los Miticos Del Ritmo

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Joe Mensah / Oscar Sulley
Africa Is Home / Olufeme

Soundway don't seem to do duds, another strong 12 here, featuring remixes by Natural Self. Pretty respectful versions provided here, no tearing up the original and giving back something unrecognisable, which given the strength of the original material is understandable. You get tw...view item »
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Orquesta Tropicana / Sonora Tropical

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Michi Sarmiento
Aqui Los Bravos! The Best of Michi Sarmiento y su Combo Bravo 1967 - 77

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Cartagena!: Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia and Descarga Sound of Colombia 1962 - 1972

Columbia: the new Africa. At least in 'Archival Global Music Compilation World' anyway. Fresh off that amazing Palenque Palenque triple LP comes Soundway's next foray into the land of Carlos Valderrama, Cartagena!, which focuses (unsurprisingly) on the sounds of the coastal town of Cartagena. And in particular on the big bands of Curro Fuentes, ...view item »
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The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia in 1970's Nigeria

God, I can't keep up with all these amazing records from the likes of Soundway, Analogue Africa et al. As pleasant as it's been being fired a constant, concentrated blast of African goodness over the past year it can seem a bit overwhelming at times. I reckon I'll be catching up for years! What I really like about the labels doing this stuff...view item »
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Ghana Soundz Volume 2

I said it in the item description when I put this on the site yesterday but I think the guy on the cover of Ghana Soundz Volume 2 must be the happiest man in the world. He's got 'I'm playing funky afro-fusion jamz in a genius style while foxy laydeez tickle my ballsack and there's Jesus who's just appeared in front of me delivering a lifetime's sup...view item »
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Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds, Ghanaian Blues 1968 - 1981

Got to write a few words about this smashing box set we've sourced. With the burgeoning revival of interest in African music from Benin, Togo, Nigeria & Ghana amongst others, this 5 LP set - spanning a highly fruitful 13 year period in Ghana's rich legacy - is an absolute gem (and a total bargain to boot!). It's the propulsive rhythms, hypnotic v...view item »
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