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David Kitt
Like Lightning

David Kitt made a sharp left-turn back in 2017. His LP Yous put aside the deep house style of his New Jackson project for a record of tender, Arthur Russell-esque folk-pop of the sort that he was last found doing way back in the 2000s. Now Yous highlight ‘Like Lightning&r...view item »

Night Christ
Conversation Policy / Illum Sphere Remix

Secretive debutant Night Christ has turned in a fabulous single here. On ‘Conversation Policy’ he offers himself to his partner in a Joe Goddard-esque tenor over a ping-ponging synth-pop groove that is equal parts Inga Copeland and Behaviour-era Pet Shop Boys...view item »

David Kitt

Though he hasn’t released an album under his given name for nine years, David Kitt has been busy enough with his excellent house project New Jackson. Now that project providing him with his electronics fix, Yous is an earthy record that combines leftfield balladry in the vein of Arthur Rus...view item »

Quare Groove Vol. 1

The good folk at Dublin’s All City (New Jackson, Onra) do some serious digging here. When one thinks of the 70s and 80s in Ireland, the nation’s disco underground isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It’s probably not even the thousandth. But there are some real gems...view item »

David Kitt
Still Don’t Know

Irish singer/songwriter David Kitt returns with Yous, his first album in nine years. The release is preceded by this 10” single Still Don’t Know. In the intervening years following his last album, 2009’s The Nightsaver, David Kitt has been a member of Tindersticks live band and...view item »

Colm K

Irish producer Colm Kenefick has been lurking about on labels such as Bastard Jazz and R2 for a few years now, but this release for the ever-essential Dublin label All City sees the producer refining his crooked house sound with a keen ear for dusty samples, some crafty beat programming and oodles of dusky soul poured into the h...view item »

West 2 West
Vol 2

West 2 West is an alias of John Daly, a figure searching for atmosphere in the scrubby outlands of leftfield hip-hop. Turns out he's found it, and over 'Vol. 2', indeed the sequel to 'Vol. 1', you'll find all manner of twisted beats and sonic environments for deep dive brain somersaults and late night beat journeys. ...view item »

West 2 West
Vol 1

West 2 West is a new project from John Daly, head of Ireland’s Feel Music. While four albums under his own name have explored the realms of more four four flavoured music, here he indulges his love of hip hop beats. Largely constructed via an MPC, its heady, atmospheric stuff that still brin...view item »

Heralds of Change
Puzzles EP

Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke cop a reissue of their 12” Puzzles EP ten years after its initial release. With charming titles such as ‘Future’, ‘Spotted’ an...view item »

Fitz Ambro$e
Doe Quarterz

A globetrotting record this. Canadian-born, Tokyo-based producer Fitz Ambro$e sees a UK release of his 2014 Doe Quarterz album via Dublin’s All City (Knxwledge, FaltyDL). The fourteen beats here are reminiscent of some of the great turn-of-the-century beatniks - ...view item »

Anno Stamm
Fragments B

Anno Stamm treats us to some tasty Fragments here, with chunky-funky groovy synth-house being the name of the game. ‘La Viande’ is particularly nice for its slow throb, but the peak-time power action...view item »

New Jackson
Put The Love In It

The second single release from New Jackson’s (David Kitt) From Night To Night album on All City. Mixing the softly spoken vocal of Darkside’s Paper Trails and subdued disco groove and oddness of Soft Hair’s Lying Has To Stop. Comes wi...view item »

Fundamentals Instrumentals

The recent Fundamentals LP contributed to Onra’s growing reputation as a talented beatsmith, and this release of Fundamentals Instrumentals lets those skills shine even more clearly by stripping away any vocal business. Funky swaying, tightly-edited fun. This is a limited edition LP, released by the All C...view item »


Folamour is the dude who runs the Moonrise Hill Material label when he steps out of the office and into the studio. Shakkei contains three tracks of lively and lovely deep house, the sort of thing you’d love to dance to in bright summer sunshine on a beach somewhere. But don’t wait till then to grab Shak...view item »


With releases on Planet Mu, Don’t Be Afraid, and Delsin Herva returns to All City Records for his second full length for the label. Suiting it’s title down to the ground (Smania meaning restless) this EP changes tack constantly, from distant fuzzy twinkling to broken and disjointed breakbeats to near ...view item »

New Jackson
From Night to Night

From Night To Night is New Jackson’s first full-length album, and it pleasingly takes the proper approach of working to the album format rather than stringing together lots of 12”-suitable cuts. Make no mistake, much of this record is made up of clubtastic deep house tracks: but ambient passages and careful ...view item »

New Jackson
Anya's Piano

As a three track offering, Anya's Piano is a finger-lickin' taste of more to come from New Jackson. Before the release of debut LP 'From Night To Night', this snappy offering - featuring the artist's already trademark grooves and dancey flair - provides the perfect rich and melodic filler....view item »

Chinoiseries pt. 3

Onra’s very popular and somewhat addictive Chinoiseries is designed around the simple conceit of sampling only from Chinese vinyl records, crafting short-and-sweet hip-hop instrumentals out of the dusty source material. Volume Three of the results are dripping with character and invention. CD / double LP ...view item »

Every Little Thang / Just Can't Get Enuff

We haven’t heard much from french producer Onra since 2015, with releases on Fool’s Gold and a regular at All City Records he returns with a 12” bringing his chrome neo-hip hop beat production to a box of 90’s R’n’B records. Ramping up the tempo and groove and sprinkling glitz on them as only ...view item »

The Smoke Clears
The Smoke Clears

Galway’s John Daly records under his ambient moniker The Smoke Clears for a second eponymous album of abstractions, following his LP of the same name on Further Records in 2013. Melodic loveliness provides an extra dimension melding with measured, purposeful rhythm on a down-tempo set that plays its cards close to its ches...view item »

Anno Stamm
No One Else

Relentless, percussive techno from the All City crew. No One Else, on vinyl 12” from Anno Stamm, is acid-influenced electronic music full of luscious arpeggios and jackin’ drums. The sharp square wave melodies also point to a chiptune influence, making this an extremely fun and playf...view item »

WrapTaypes Vol. 1

A welcome vinyl pressing for these strong selections from Knxwledge’s WrapTaypes beat-tape series. Over a full 26 tracks, Knxwledge proves that he can really work his set-up, dropping tight samples into humid beats, with smoky flows rolling atop many of these numbers. Double LP release on the All ...view item »

Over & Over

Two tracks from Onra’s latest LP, Fundamentals, are singled out for special treatment on this 12” from All City. The sleek tunes, featuring MC talents such as Daz Dillinger and Do or Die, are present in the original mixes, as well as instrumental versions for those who want ...view item »


Fundamentals by Onra is a sexy little beast. Dedicated to the smooth funk of 1990’s hip hop, the third LP from the Parisian producer exudes slippery cool. There’s a quintessential Frenchness about the commitment to lounge vibes, whilst the ultra-polished production showcases Onra’s underlying confidenc...view item »

Hood Rich Life

Get you're feet ready to be put through their paces by Druguse. Hood Rich Life is the hot six tracker from the enigmatic beat maker. If you blend up heavy 808s, hip-hop rhythms, dark R&B sounds and lyrical content, we'll be getting to the root of this here release - ya best be getting down on thi...view item »


Feels good getting lost with Herva. HTMYO is the six tracker from the Italian beat-smith. He's crammed a lot in on this one, with styles ranging from bombastic techy house, to junglised ambience and scatter with broken beats through out. An intriguing mixture of the likes of Moodymann, Andrés, Aphe...view item »


Lithuanian Mamiko Motto curates a mix of electronic music from producers across the globe. Obey City weighs in with some dreamy chords, whilst Bobby heads straight to the dancefloor with the funky ‘Tame The Shrew’. There’s enough variety to maintain interest whilst offering a c...view item »

Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo
Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo

I spent about half of this record thinking it was a classic piece of spiritual jazz from the ‘60s until I realised that the “1968” on the sleeve was just when the cover painting was made and it is in fact a new record. Yatha Bhuta Jazz Combo is the brainchild of Parisian producers Onra and Bud...view item »

Machinedrum / Sun Ra
Views Of Saturn 3

Machinedrum made one of my favorite electronic orientated albums of the last two years with the magnificent ‘Rooms’. A stunning hybrid of pretty much every dance music genre mashed into one album. So what is he up to now? Well he is reworking a couple of ‘70s ...view item »

Krystal Klear
We're Wrong / From the Start

I can always depend on the All City Dublin label to kickstart my day. Don't know much about Krystal Klear but I'm surprised at how dance floor friendly these two cuts are. Definitely one of the liveliest 12”s I've heard on the label. The A-side 'We're Wrong' is a fine example of R&a...view item »

Shafiq / Om Mas Keith
DNA (Splice Mix) / The Girls A Player

So here it is, the final 10" in this impressive series showcasing the finest in contemporary LA Beats. Shafiq Husayn and Om Mas Keith are two thirds of the Sa-Ra Creative Partners camp and here they tackle a side apiece. Shafiq...view item »

Coleman / Ta’raach
LA # 9 EP

As spring is approaching and the leaves are starting to unfurl, it's nice to listen to some slinky, summery future funk of a morning. This is a split 10" between famed LA photographer Brian Coleman (Madvillain etc.) and Guru influenced dude Ta'Raach. If, as the press release suggests this is Coleman's first release then its an excellent start - ...view item »

Make It Difficult / Jack Your Job

Straight up party flavours here from the New York wonderkid giving us 'Make It Different' which is heavily rooted in 90's UK Garage/house with authentic bassline, female vocal snatch and all. Keeping with the traditional vibes there's a lack of some of his IDM...view item »

Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program / Samiyam
LA # 3 EP

The third in All City's Los Angeles series comes from Ras G and Samiyam.  Three relatively short tunes from each of them, but the value comes in the depth within the tracks.  Both Ras G and Samiyam have made their intentions quite clear with their respective releases over the past year or two, and this...view item »

Martyn & Mike Slott
Collabs 1 EP

This is sounding totally neat to me on first listen. Don't you all find collaborations super fun? I cannot quite work out which side is which, there's a brilliant long tune on the side with the label that has a picture of space on it. It's a deep, itchy house groover with lots of awesome cosmic detail, daft cute samples & a lush, ecstatic at...view item »

Crush / All City

Business Lady pulled this one out to review cos the man looks like a total G on the cover with all kinda neon around him. Oh man this is tasty heavy with big booming fat kick, crunched up claps and pulsing laser synths. A prime example of forward thinking electronic hip-hop/ electro. Gotta love this mans analogue style on 'Crush' as it's a prett...view item »

The One ft T3

Really liked Onra's LP 'Long Distance'. It kinda came out of nowhere for me and has slowly crept it's into my mind pipes. 12" single 'The One' is a highlight from said LP with it's mashing of future funk, hip-hop and all that glo-fi dance pop stuff. What I didn't noticed was that the featured MC is T3 of Slum Village, now there's an MC I've not ...view item »

Dibiase / P.U.D.G.E
LA # 1 EP

All City Records Los Angeles series - there are going to be a total of ten of these, all split 10" records taking a pretty darn thorough look at the current Los Angeles scene.  The first of these sees Dibiase paired with P.U.D.G.E.  All i knew of Dibiase previously was...view item »