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Old Man Gloom
Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning

Following the tragic death of bass player and singer Caleb Scofield, the future alt. metal supergroup Old Man Gloom was less than certain. Aaron Turner, also of Sumac and Isis, Nate Newton also of Converge, along with drummer Santos Montano decided to recruit Stephen Brodsky, who had played with Scofield in Cave In, to carry his torch and continue the work of the band. Their new album, Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning, follows two albums titled Ape Of God, a move which was thought of as hilarious by the band and confusing by fans. It was produced by Matt Bayles, Kurt Ballou and Randall Dunn, known for making heavy rock even heavier.

Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin
Stygian Bough: Volume 1

Doom metallers Bell Witch have already released three album on their own terms but here bring in the magnificently named Aerial Ruin  - a folk project of songwriter Erik Moggridge. Working together, the collaborators broaden their sound with Moggridge taken on lead vocals and contributing songwriting yet it keeps plenty of Bell Witch's sonic maelstrom. Produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn 0))), Wolves In The Throne Room etc). 

Neuropunk Boostergang

Fusing thrash-metal and punk to make a transcendent, furious and highly melodic compound, Texan band Expander return to the fold with their second full-length album Neuropunk Boostergang. It follows the generous reception afforded to their 2017 debut effort Endless Computer, and keeps very much in the same lane. 

Old Man Gloom
Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being

Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being is one of two albums being released together by experimental metal group Old Man Gloom. They comprise members of Isis, Sumac, Converge and Cave In. Caleb Scofield, who was a founding member of the band, died in tragic circumstances, was replaced by his former Cave In bandmate Stephen Brodsky. 

Caustic Wound
Death Posture

Dealing in excoriating and uncompromising death-grind, the Pacific North-Western outfit Caustic Wound (featuring members of Cerebral Rot, Fetid, Magrudergrind and Mortiferum) release their official debut album Death Posture, following a few years on from their demo Grinding Terror and firmly in thrall to the sub-genre's early Nineties heyday.

Dead To A Dying World

Texan band Dead To A Dying World mix all the darkest, doomiest bits of metal with post-rock and some almost choral melodic moments to make a truly widescreen epic sound that fills all the gaps in the air. Many of their tracks crack the 15-minute barrier. Elegy is their third album and follow-up to 2015’s Litany. On Profound Lore.

Old Tower
The Last Eidolon

This is the third album by Old Tower and features a story so relevant that it could have featured on tonights 6 o' Clock News... a kingdom laid to waste by its own ruler through dark magic and destructive spirits. The tale is told via some dark ambient that straddles three separate lengthy chapters. These epic pieces come on luxurious double vinyl or lavish CD. 

Lord Mantis
Universal Death Church

Self-described as “blackened sludge dealers” on their official website, Lord Mantis have reunited in the aftermath of the tragic death of drummer Bill Bumgardner. With new recruit Bryce Butler in his stead, Universal Death Church finds the band in outrageously loud and defiant form, fusing gigantic metal riffs with industrial-influenced ambience. 

South Of Heaven

South of Heaven is the second full-length album from Fotocrime, the darkwave project by Ryan Patterson, formerly of hardcore punk act Coliseum. Produced by Jawbox’s J. Robbins and engineered by none other than Steve Albini, it’s a brooding and more immersive follow-up to the 2018 debut Principle of Pain. 


The debut full-length album from Godthrymm, the latest project from UK metal figurehead Hamish Glencross (formerly of Solstice and My Dying Bride). Formed with sometime collaborator Shaun Taylor-Steels on drums, Reflections follows the band’s A Grand Reclamation EP from a couple of years back. 

World’s Blood

Third album from Colorado black metal group Wayfarer. This time, they've made like a saunter of Cowboys and are heading west. Their thematic focus is on the great frontier and the horrors of American expansionism, something well captured in the dread and intensity of black metal. Released on Profound Lore. 

Insect Ark
The Vanishing

The latest album from New York-based instrumentalists Insect Ark sees the group, originally consisting simply of founder member Dana Schechter, changing in line-up once again with new drummer Andy Patterson joining for fifth record The Vanishing. The result is Schechter’s most ambitious and sonically immersive full-length to date. 

Lingua Ignota

The eagerly anticipated new album from Kristin Hayter under her Lingua Ignota moniker, following up her rapturously received self-released 2017 album All Bitches Die. A study of the abuses of power set to raw soundscapes influenced by industrial and ambient music, Caligula sees Hayter access the next level of artistry. 

Heaven's Club
Here There and Nowhere

Heaven's Club is the thing Shiv Mehra does when not touring and recording with his other project Deafheaven. See the titular connection? In this project he collaborates with many others to make a more ethereal, atmospheric sound which are borne out of deep-seated longing at work in their poetic and displaced lyricism. An album length fog of beauty and urgency, ripe for picking.    


Two years ago, British death metal band Vacivus established themselves as one of the country’s best acts in the genre with the releases up to their debut album Temple of the Abyss. Its follow-up, Annihilism, is a technically dazzling and defiantly forward-looking affair, showing their competitors exactly what metal should strive to sound like in 2019. 

Amongst The Flames Of A Burning God

One of the most insanely extreme and often violent death metal bands in existence, New Zealand’s Diocletian have resurrected their career following their 2015 split with a whole new line-up behind leader Brendan Southwell. Amongst The Flames of a Burning God is their grand return, and finds them in remorselessly primal form.

A Beacon In The Husk

Dark ambient death metal? That’s what Profound Lore are calling it. This example is the latest from UK outfit Abyssal, marking their fourth album and quite an upping of the ante. A Beacon In The Husk is bigger, harsher and perhaps even proggier (check out the cover art) than anything they’ve done before.


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Colorado metal group Dreadnought serve up their fourth LP (first for Profound Lore). Emergence is another set of ambitious songs from the Denver group. Cuts like ‘Besieged’ are a bit doomy, a bit proggy, a bit black metal-y. An album like Emergence makes sense on a label that has also released records by Wayfarer and Bell Witch.
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Slit Throat Requiem

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Posthumous Humilation

The only problem with pissing on my grave is that eventually you run out of piss. Pissgrave are back with a second full album of their maximum death metal brutality. Posthumous Humiliation is unpleasant and relentless, grinding on and on through nine tracks. Just the way you like it. Released on Profound Lore.


The moody bastards at Profound Lore (Bell Witch, Pallbearer) with another record of unrelentingly intense metal here. This one comes courtesy of New Jersey doom OGs Evoken. Hypnagogia is a sludgy delight, all thick walls of guitar and merciless vocal grunts. It’s very well produced too - the guitars on ‘Valorous Consternation’ sound melodic and meaty all at once.
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Never Forever

French ultra-slow doomers Monarch return to the Profound Lore label with their eighth full length Never Forever. Taking doom down to an atmospheric wall of sound they create the low end power of Sunn O)) with vocals that cross from ethereal and harmonic to blood curdling shrieks. Bludgeoning and bleak. FFO Big Brave etc..

Permanent Destitution

Permanent Destitution might be the debut LP from HISSING, but the Seattle group arrive at this record with some pedigree. Since forming in 2014 the trio have released on Southern Lord and toured with Sunn O))). It’s no surprise Stephen O’Malley was keen on this lot. Theirs is a punishing form of metal that yokes together death, thrash and grind. The six tunes of this record showcase their prodigious talents. Expect HISSING to stick around for some time.

Bliss Signal
Bliss Signal

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Infernal Coil
Within A World Forgotten

The band is called Infernal Coil. Their logo is an indefinable scrawl that looks like a bundle of twigs. The LP is called Within A Forgotten World. The tracks have titles like ‘Wounds Never Close’ and ‘Bodies Set In Ashen Death’. It’s coming out on a label called Profound Lore. … Correct! The answer was: A - Death Metal.

Innumerable Forms
Punishment In Flesh

The cantankerous Innumerable Forms have finally made an LP. Punishment In Flesh comes a good eleven years after the band's inception, which makes sense: they release LPs at a speed worthy of a band with powerviolence/hardcore origins. Taking influence from the Scandanavian death metal of the early '90s, they seek to create a portal to that time through raw, plainly stated dissonance, going back to what gave the genre its rough edges.

Soft Kill

If you ever feel like you could do with some sad reading you could do worse than the press release for Soft Kill's Saviour. Even without reading it there is obviously sadness behind this music. Post-punk that's as down as the genre's ever been, with vocals whose distance is only amplified by being hidden in the mix. On Profound Lore. 

Of Feather and Bone
Bestial Hymns of Perversion

Profound Lore is a versatile label for all them things what dwell in darkness - Dälek’s noisy hip hop rubs shoulders with Merzbow, Prurient, dungeon synth and, of course, more metal than the cast of Transformers. In this case, Denver trio Of Feather and Bone are purveyors of some seriously gruesome death metal. Helping to make sure they live up to their title Bestial Hymns of Perversion, the band deploy some brutal techniques, including each vocalist grunting in a different way at once.

Rainbow Mirror

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Black Mecha

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Old Tower
Stellary Wisdom

Dungeon synth, the niche genre gunning to reproduce the tinny MIDI soundtracks of fine old RPG computer games such as Ultima, has a bit of an up-and-coming star in The Netherlands’ Old Tower (real name The Spectre). Now with Profound Lore, the ol’ Tower here turns up a pair of slow and sinister pieces for your gallant pleasure. Even isometric fantasy adventurers need a jam.

Insect Ark
Marrow Hymns

'Marrow Hymns' represents a band who have reached a new level of maturity. Following a selection of singles and EPs and the recruitment of Spungin on drums, it's fitting for Profound Lore to be issuing this full length. Swampy, ethereal cathedral darkness for fans of Menace Ruine, SunnO))) and any blackened dark ambient.

Bell Witch
Mirror Reaper

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Fans of twisted up black metal rejoice as Australia's bleakest export return for their fifth full length album. Expect the trademark buzzing shreds, leanings towards Psyopus and Crowpath, but a sound that further pushes the band into the kind of depraved obscurity that earned them their dimly gleaming reputation.

So Numb

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Necro Deathmort

After releases on Distraction, Extreme Ultimate, and Rocket, London based two piece Necro Deathmort bring their 8th full length to extreme label Profound Lore. Sharing similar traits to acts such as Ulver, The Haxan Cloak, Atari Teenage Riot and Dalek, they are genre melders, with free reign across heavy synthetic beats, dark noise, crushing doom and drone.


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Full Of Hell
Trumpeting Ecstasy

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Ash Borer
The Irrepassable Gate

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Black Mecha
I.M. Mentalizing

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Fear & Fury

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Soft Kill

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Standard Nature

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Asphalt For Eden

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Bell Witch
Four Phantoms

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Frozen Niagara Falls

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Full Of Hell & Merzbow
Full Of Hell

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Menace Ruine
Venus Armata

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Foundations Of Burden

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Mamiffer/ Locrian
Bless Them That Curse You

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Atavist/ Nadja
II: Points At Infinity

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