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Jonas Meyer

Apparent studio magpie, Jonas Meyer, releases his debut album, Konfusion, through Serein. The German musician makes his music from picking whatever catches his eye in the studio - various keyboards and synths and percussion, which are then manipulated. His sound straddles the precise editing of the digital world and more organic, gentle sounds.


Continuum is the third album by electronic artist Kryshe making him a major artist in the Serein stable. As the title suggests, the album is very much a continuation of the ambient sounds from previous albums March of the Mysterious and Hauch. A mix of dreamlike sounds made from voice, strings and field recordings. 


Ambient artist Kryshe returns to Welsh imprint Serein (Hauschke, Hidden Rivers) to release new disc Hauch. The tracks here are spiralling vistas of sound drawn largely from guitar, keys and voice. Occasionally an instrument will cut clearly through the dense textures - see the saxophone meditation that makes Hauch’s title track. Lovely stuff.

Max Ananyev
Water Atlas

Russian ambient instrumentalist Max Ananyev might just be one of those guys who will cite obscure philosophers at your dinner party. Luckily his music has the same qualities of endlessness, carried by meandering pianos and expansive soundscapes, without the dreariness. On 2018’s Water Atlas, you'll find nothing but peaceful tidings of gentle ambient. Of course, you can also listen to the music in combination with aforementioned dinner-party exposition on youtube.

Full Circle

Colorlist: Charles Rumback, Charles Gorzcynski, and John Hughes (of Hibernis). Four veterans of Chicago’s transgressive underground jazz scene. Here’s their fourth album, courtesy of dependably tasteful Welsh label Serein. The quartet’s interactions of woodwinds, drums and various electronics are graceful and atmospheric.

Middle Of The Meds

Hibernis drop an LP via Serein (Hauschka, Herzog). Middle Of The Meds is a record of ambient electronica that carries itself with a quiet intensity. John Hughes (son of John Hughes, director of Ferris Bueller's Day Off etc.) creates brooding instrumentals reminiscent of Susanna And The Magical Orchestra and the obfuscating synthscapes that characterise Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ work for screen. The way Lindsay Anderson then embeds her vocals in the mix is reminiscent of Grouper.

Perpetual Journey

Having been silent since 2015’s Struktura, it’s a delight to witness a return from the secretive (though no longer anonymous) Strië. Her comeback EP, Perpetual Journey, charts the unfortunate and inhumane voyage of the dog Laika. It continues somewhat in the slow and reverberating collagist loopery of her previous work, only I daresay with production than ever.
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March Of The Mysterious

Not music for an imaginary soundtrack, thank goodness: Christian Grothe aka Kryshe initially made this music as a score for a special screening of the 1915 film Alice In Wonderland. A confounding synthesis of contemporary, free jazz and brooding filmic ambience, the record's atmosphere matches the darkly joyous surrealism of Lewis Carroll.
  • Vinyl LP (SERE013LP)
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The Greatest Hoax
Expiration Compositions

As The Greatest Hoax, composer Taylor Jordan has set out to write music to be listened to during the process of dying. Though we can’t (yet) tell you how well it works in its intended context, we do know that Expiration Compositions is a rich set of music thoughtful music for piano, strings and ambient electronics. A subtle work, far from the heavy-handed doominess you might expect. Out on Serein.
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He She Them Us

Having not been heard from much since 2004, except for the odd remix here and there and his last full length 'Ena' being released on Thinner in 2004 you couldn’t be blamed for thinking Selffish was now deep into semi retirement. He was busy though gathering source material and solace from the Latvian countryside. Layering these samples with piano, double bass, strings, saxophone and guitar you can expect a return to his deep and warm minimal electronica meeting jazz seen on his earlier albums.
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Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains Vol. 1

Kindly ambient label Serein assembles their various drone grazers, scrapers and sleepers into one fabulous compilation. Not only does 'Orbital Planes & Passenger Planes' have a rhyming title, it serves as a meditative travel piece, music for active out-of-window observations and pillow-leaning existentialism. Includes cuts from drone songwriter Benoit Pioulard and contact noise artist Strie -- plus cuts from Hidden Rivers, Otto A Totland and The Inventors of Aircraft. And more! So much more.
  • CD (SERE010CD)
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The Balustrade Ensemble
Renewed Brilliance

The Balustrade Ensemble make an odd music, a kind of free-floating ambience with lashings of uncanny new age-ness. The Ensemble has plenty of instruments and even more production techniques at their fingertips, so that Renewed Brilliance perfectly conveys its very specific sound. Quite compelling. Out on Serein.

Hidden Rivers
Where Moss Grows

As both artist name (Hidden Rivers) and album name (Where Moss Grows) indicate heavily, this is music deeply rooted in the natural landscape. Refreshingly however, Huw Roberts (the man behind the project) understands that that doesn’t have to mean an acoustic folk-fest: instead he deploys mellow electronics for his explorations.
  • Vinyl LP (SERE008LP)
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