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James Ruskin
Reality Broadcast Off

James Ruskin’s back on his own Blueprint Records (Surgeon, Truncate) with another set of no-BS club tools. Reality Broadcast Off doesn’t waste any time messing around - both the opening title-track and ‘We Are Everywhere’ are precisely-administered 130-bpm techno wedges of the Birmingham school. Closer ‘Disaffection’ marks itself out with a wriggling acid bassline, but like the rest of Reality Broadcast Off it still slams hard.

Ruskin & Broom

So, it's time for a new Ruskin & Broom EP! James Ruskin and Mark Broom -- stalwarts both of the UK Techno scene -- are together and continuing their collaborative techno project. 'Domwen' features 3 new slices of razor-edged techno -- heavy on the bass, deep of groove with surreal synths. Tasty 12" on Blueprint.

Terminal 5

Truncate is a productive producer of potent techno, never messing around with trends or hype trains. Nope, Truncate is all about straight-down-the-line techno, done properly. Accordingly, Terminal 5 is a three-track trip to the centre of the dancefloor, moving with relentless pace and serious intent. 12” on the Blueprint label.
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Kero & Gotshell
Perindsor EP

Kero and Gotshell pair up for Blueprint’s 20th anniversary, providing a four track EP of dark techy electronica rooted firmly in the techno sphere. With the cold, knife-like precision of Autechre or Emptyset and with a kick so deep it sounds as if it is coming from noisy housemates downstairs, headphones or (and) subwoofers required.
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First Contact

  • Vinyl 12" (BP-R01)
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  • Blueprint