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Igneous - Set In Stone Trilogy

As Kelly Jayne Jones’ recent work has show us, rocks and stones are ever-powerful inspirations for creation. This is especially the case when it comes to pounding techno and IDM, as Rommek’s Set In Stone Trilogy begins with Igneous, kicking off with a dense malevolent drone before t...view item »

Sedimentary - Set In Stone Trilogy

Rocks and stones are ever-powerful inspirations for creation, especially when it comes to pounding pummelling musics like techno. Rommek’s Set In Stone Trilogy continues apace with Sedimentary, a four-track set of industrial powerhouse cuts. ‘Arkose’ in particular has some nice Aphex...view item »

Terminal 5

Truncate is a productive producer of potent techno, never messing around with trends or hype trains. Nope, Truncate is all about straight-down-the-line techno, done properly. Accordingly, Terminal 5 is a three-track trip to the centre of the dancefloor, moving with relentless pace and serious intent. 12...view item »

All Kneel

James Ruskin's Blueprint imprint present the third EP on the label from UK techno producer and Rodz-Konez bossman Steve Bailey aka Makaton. Expect his signature dark and tough, industrial leaning beats and eerie/futuristic sound design on this slammin' 4-track EP. Makaton takes no prisoners and goes straight for...view item »


In carving his very own hole in the murky London techno scene, Rommek continues to build upon his promising dance-floor dwelling discography. Arcane amounts to his latest building block quest towards brilliance. This energetic release is deep and unexpected - everything you'd want from b...view item »

Structures and Solutions 1996-2016

To mark 20 years of the Blueprint label being at the forefront of British techno they have collated 17 massive unreleased tracks onto four clear vinyls. Old boys like Planetary Assault Systems (Luke Slater) and Regis share space with the fresh blood with the likes of Lakker and ...view item »

When The Dead Rise From The Sea

Makathon’s 4-track EP, “When The Dead Rise From The Sea” is a progressive and experimental release. This amalgam of dancefloor soundtracks and conceptual works of art sees a new level of depth and complexity introduced to Makathon’s musicality. If innovative techno and the multi-tiered rise and fall of tracks is your thin...view item »


Fresh on the incisive, James Ruskin-ran techno label Blueprint, R.A.S.P serves up a swarm of all that is truly unholy on the dancefloor. The title track is nothing short of a battering ram into the dancefloor, followed by the steady yet tentative unease of “Fortified”. “Insert Point” meshes overarching at...view item »

Rumah & Progression
Wind Up and Squeeze EP

Next in line for James Ruskin's Blueprint label is a little hand-stamped 12" from Rumah & Progression. As with the rest of the limited white label series, any more info than that is non-existent, so don't ask us for any more. IT'LL BE TECHNO. IT'LL BE HEAVY. IT'LL PROBABLY HAVE A 4x4 KICK. Fans of their previous output, tech note....view item »

Kero & Gotshell
Perindsor EP

Kero and Gotshell pair up for Blueprint’s 20th anniversary, providing a four track EP of dark techy electronica rooted firmly in the techno sphere. With the cold, knife-like precision of Autechre or Emptyset and with a kick so deep it sounds as if it is coming from noisy h...view item »

Easy Prey

When James Ruskin and Regis, 2 techno producers with a pretty stern outlook, join together, they become O/V/R. The tracks they make together are like a distillation of their 2 approaches: intense and heavy, with no respite from the meaty pummel of the 4/4. You love it. Easy Prey has 3 t...view item »

James Ruskin

It's techno foundation stone Blueprint's 20th anniversary this year, so they're going back through their classic catalogue and remastering their sounds for modern ears. This time round is label head James Ruskin's 2002 EP Conspiracy, featuring the hammering 'After Dark' and the exclusive addition of a remake of 'Take Control' by none other than&...view item »

Search Deep Inside Yourself

Techno don Surgeon helps the Blueprint label to celebrate their 20th anniversary with this four track vinyl 12”. On Search Deep Inside Yourself the minimal techno sound this artist has helped define since the 90s is as tense, sharp and relentless as ever. This is deceptively simple, and al...view item »

Oliver Ho
Burning Heretics EP

Oliver Ho has always made techno, but not as we know it. He borrows from drone and abrasive power electronics to fuel his high intensity club constructions. Burning Heretics EP on Blueprint is Ho’s first solo release in ten years, and he still knows how to make intense industrial techno fo...view item »

Moth Hole

Following releases from Samuel Kerridge, Sigha and Makaton on James Ruskin’s Blueprint imprint; London producer Rommek joins the ranks and serves up ...view item »


Three new tracks from Sigha. The producer, who also releases under his own name James Shaw, is a dab hand at fleet-footed techno tracks, and Pluralism won’t disappoint you. Past releases on Token, Avian, and a whole brace of bangers on Hotflush Recordings...view item »

Nothing Can Be Held In Our Hands For Long

Nothing Can Be Held In Our Hands For Long is Makaton’s first release for the Blueprint label.  Makaton, a groundbreaking, experimental techno artist, aka Steve Bailey has released most of his output on Rodz-Konez. The label, which Bailey owns, has also released music by ...view item »

James Ruskin

Up on the A-side is ‘Slit’ - a straight up dancefloor banger with a very “classic” late 90’s Blueprint sound to begin with but just when you think Ruskin has become regressive and nostalgic or dug out an old DAT things filter and simmer down and as the drums gradually erode there&rsqu...view item »

Ruskin & Broom

Hand stamped white label 12” vinyl on Blueprint. James Ruskin and Mark Broom join forces for R&B Edits. With a dubby live re-editing of Hostage from the pair’s No Time Soon E.P. on the A side to a more straight up bassline driven banger in Council House. These Edits are part of a build up to th...view item »

The Coriolis Effect

The Blueprint LTD presents the new EP from Progression, a fresh-on-the-scene young gun whose name is currently rather hard to google. The Coriolis Effect is released proper white label style, stamped with a (blue) label by hand and in a limited edition. Four tracks of slick bangers, tooled up for a dancefloor near you....view item »

Rumah & Progression

‘SC1’ is the first release from the Blueprint sub-label in a number of years. Showcasing new techno/house London duo Rumah & Progression, this white label 12" 4 track EP features an underground sound that combines the traditional techno production of Rumah with the dubstep production of Progression. ...view item »

Samuel Kerridge
Deficit of Wonder

Samuel Kerridge is a producer who creates minimal, sombre techno that challenges the norms of the electronic club scenes he's been involved in and helped create. 'Deficit of Wonder' is his first release since 'A Fallen Empire' and contains four tracks of techno rhythms built for doom and gloom. Kerridge's music is creepy and unsettling and it ma...view item »

James Ruskin
Nan Nife

Trudging along a path of heavy idm beats, brooding synths and an overall spooky vibe, Nan Life is not for the faint of heart. James Ruskin may have had some dark days behind him, but at least he is able to use them creatively. The first batch is on clear printed vinyl, so you’d best get that winter depression star...view item »

Torann EP

This is the second outing on Blueprint from Lakker. It’s not difficult to hear why James Ruskin is behind these guys. Some of their sounds do fit in with what’s curren...view item »

Ruskin & Broom

This is (I think) the fourth EP these London Techno stalwarts have released together. Not taking into account the ace recent Fear Ratio records. Following the recent slight departure in style they resume business to reek full on ‘floor mayhem with three choice bangers on this here Blueprint plate. ‘Bites’ comprise...view item »

The Fear Ratio

Following their excellent 'Light Box' album, UK techno stalwarts James Ruskin (been putting tracks out on his Blueprint label since 1997) and Mark Broom (has been releasing stuff since 1992) return ...view item »

Arc EP

This is the debut release on James Ruskin's esteemed Blueprint label from Irish producers Ian Mc Donnell and Dara Smith. They display their skills over four tracks. The first of which 'Bkro' is a slower tempo track steeped in crackle, a melodic loop and impending paranoia/ euphoria. A great one to build up a set or break things up mid-way. 'Ed' ...view item »

The Fear Ratio
Light Box

UK Techno stalwarts James Ruskin and Mark Broom deliver the goods with their first collaborative LP. These guys can totally bang it when it comes to no nonsense slamming techno for sure. BUT this LP elevates both producers to new levels in terms of what we've heard previously from them. 'Light Box' totally confounds any expectations. What we...view item »

The Fear Ratio
Morning Blues

This is the new project from UK techno stalwarts James Ruskin and Mark Broom (GPR/Pure Plastic/A13/ Ifach/Theory etc.) They have previously collaborated on three EP's but this is the premier outing under this guise, for which a future album has been announced. Initial copies are exclusive...view item »

Post Traumatic Son

I'm not gonna start taking these tracks to pieces. How can you mess with cerebral techno perfection? Ruskin & Regis's powerful blend of classic, crisp UK underground techno & atmospheric dark ambience has so far thrown up three interconnected clear vinyl 12"s with remixes on the last two from Robbie Hood & Benny Klock and that. Now t...view item »