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Neil Campbell
Unholy Dump

Self-confessed 'hopeless at pastiche' man Neil Campbell AKA Astral Social Club releases Unholy Dump. Here Neil smudges and blurs the essence of some of his formative goth influences. He originally wanted to call the album something even more self-destructive but found out that someone else had already called their record that. Which is a shame, ...view item »

Crawling in the Margins

Eric Hardiman, owner of the Tape Drift label, has been making his soundscapes under the moniker Rambutan since 2007. Hiding out in an underground shelter somewhere in Albany, New York, Hardiman uses anything that takes his fancy to make recordings that constantly keep the listener guessing. Crawling In The Margi...view item »

Susan Matthews
Brutal Fractures

Susan Matthews steps away from her own Sirenwire label for Brutal Fractures, releasing through Andrew Paine’s Sonic Oyster Records. A single 23 minute long avantgarde piece reflecting on brutalist monuments and the human psyche and their common traits. Sometimes atonal and abstracts, made up of a ...view item »

David Colohan
Hope Can Be A Barrier To Action

Lots of fun random action here from David Colohan, working with Alison O’Donnell. A Burroughs-esque cut-up technique was applied to a selection of magazines, thus yielding song lyrics. The music, for duduk, whistles, modular synth and more, were also juxtaposed randomly. And yet! The resul...view item »

Richard Youngs
Unicorns Everywhere

Hot on the heels of that amazing 7 disc No Fans Compendium is another serving of fresh new Richard Youngs material, this time on the Sonic Oyster label! “Unicorns Everywhere” declares Youngs determinedly, and quite right too. We are informed that these are protest songs, You...view item »

The Zero Map
The Process Of Sanitation

Sonic Oyster release a new CD into the wilderness by The Zero Map. We had a CD in a week or 2 ago by these guys but I think it slipped through the cracks (it does happen sometimes as we get mountains arriving through these doors!) The Process Of Sanitation is 7 tracks of experimental soundscapes and humming. Well there's not the sounds of people...view item »

Brian Lavelle

This is another one of those ambient drone type single-trackers that isn't really in its optimal environment in our office with shit going on everywhere. You're just managing to get yourself mentally transported to some mysterious, fog-covered new world when someone will pipe up that they're off for a shit or something. In the right situation I rec...view item »

Matthew Shaw
Songs and the Silences of Night

Matthew Shaw is a tranquil and always-dreaming composer of post-rock and instrumental music, interested in making sounds that match his album art in its ability to conjure up landscapes. He used to perform under the elusive alias of Tex La Homa, but 'Songs and Silences of the Night' is a new EP made under his own name. Here, he becomes...view item »

Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs
Highwaymen EP

I'm not familiar with Andrew Paine although a quick search tells me he has a few records out and I've just not been paying enough attention. Richard Youngs I do know though, since he brings out a new album of his mind-melting experimental singer/songwriterisms every three or four months. This is not the pair's first collaboration. Their 'Rotten ...view item »

Richard Youngs
Barbed Wire Explosion In The Kingdom Of Atlantis

When you put the needle on a Richard Youngs record you really have no idea what you are going to get. I half expected to be attacked by a nest of vipers, or slathered in salad cream, such is the element of surprise. For a man who, with ‘Sapphie...view item »

Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs
Rotten Masters EP

A noisy effort from these two experimental pillars. It’s three tracks of scree which resembles a Napalm Death concert taking place in a padded cell. It’s saved from unlistenability by wild scattershot beats and eer...view item »

Night Fall At Borrowed World

Sonic Oyster have got another new tape out. I really liked that recent one from Buddha on the Moon so I have high hopes for this one. On here, “Chav's Finger”...view item »

Buddha On The Moon

Ooh, this one's right up my street. On here the mysterious Buddha On The Moon bust out two side-long jams with elements of drone and psychedelic rock, which seem to be based around simple echo-laden bass guitar melodies alongside processing and programming and ethereal washed out backgrou...view item »

Smoke Jaguar
Clachan Flats

Smoking! I'll endeavour to not write about how much I love smoking as it's not big and clever and it's no way at all to start a review off but I do love smoking. From the off there's feedback... lots of it in fact! There's also some strange light guitar skronking which you know is gonna build ...view item »

Astral Social Club
Wheezey Paradise

Neil Campbell rears his head once more with a collection of tongue-in-cheek cosmic techno jams on Sonic Oyster Tapes entitled 'Wheezy Paradise'. Recorded live at the Northumberland Arms in Newcastle back in May 2010, 'Wheezy Paradise' is a fine example of Campbell at his most impressive. It's a day-glo assault on the senses that encompasses his ...view item »

Matthew Shaw

On this super-limited cassette release, Matthew Shaw is credited as playing "guitar, piano, singing bowl and voice". Now I really couldn't tell you what a singing bowl is until today, but I looked it up and it's a type of standing bell/gong thing, apparently. Learn something new every day. This tape consists of quite sparse, minimal drones; ...view item »

Live At The Bombed Out Church

Ha ha I've been given a CD and i've opened it and there's no information, played it a bit, got a bit distressed, amused & scared, eventually found out what it was then realised Phil had already battled encroaching insanity on a valiant quest to throw digital words across a piece of virtual paper about it. 5 minutes wasted, he scores. I could...view item »

Sindre Bjerga

Sindre Bjerge - Nowhereandnowhereelse (CDr on Sonic Oyster)This single piece was recorded live in Warsaw in 2010 and clocks in at just under thirty minutes. Here Sindre is summoning...view item »

Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine

Andrew Paine & his little-known chum Ricardo Youngster have released a tape! A REAL old-skool DIY tape wot looks it woz made it in a skool for a project to please Miss! Except Miss has had to go home with a suspected borderline mind-aneurysm after she put it on the tape player, like REALLY freakin' loud cause it started all quiet like, then ...view item »

Matthew Shaw

This is a really nice piece. 45 minutes of contemplative piano drones which have been recorded in such a way as to render them beautifully ambient. This manipulation removes the occasionally twee & annoying plink of the ivories and instead leaves us with just the sustained drifting waves of the notes in a gorgeous Brian Eno-esque fashion. Wi...view item »

Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine
Guide To Music

These chaps are super busy releasing loads of releases to keep your ears filled with experimental music of the highest order. The most recent addition to the Sonic Oyster family is a CD by Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine called 'Guide To Music'. I'd like to think this is their guide to music and will be taught in schools. One day! Anyhoo this is pr...view item »

The Mighty Hand

Just reading up on the site about this and I'm none the wiser. Something to do with tits and beer from what I can tell. Anyhoo this is a limited CDR in a run of 50 and it's 3 tracks running into 34 minutes of free folk madness. My ears can hear people clapping, weird electronics, flutes, bass guitar, bongos, whistling and more things I can't dis...view item »

Richard Youngs & Andrew Paine
Urban Parable

Couldn't tell you much about the work of Richard Youngs and Andrew Paine as they've kinda passed me by... You probably know their stuff better than I. What we're treated to here is thirty minute astral jam utilizing elements of electro, house, techno, hip-hop, coffee table jazz, drum 'n' bass and freeform improv to create a strange party mix tap...view item »

Buddha On The Moon
Between Seasons

Buddha On The Moon were about when I was obsessively buying 7"'s back in the mid-90's. Back in the heydays of Wurlitzer Jukebox and Earworm etc.... Buddha On The Moon were tinkering around then, tackling the world with small low-key releases and a name to worry Buddhists. Here they are with a brand new album on Sonic Oyster, limited to a paltry ...view item »

Book of Shadows
Tea in the Sidhe

Book of Shadows are an entity I know almost nothing about, though the press release politely informs me that they are made up of the nucleus of Austin Texas space rockers ST 37 and formed as an excuse to dabble in magikal and mystikal forms of improvisation. 'Tea in the Sidhe' documents one of their many recording/jam sessions in all its glo...view item »

Tex La Homa

More droneyness, this time kinda sounding like someone trudging through fresh snow while playing an accordion with near-infinite reverb. Now it sounds like a funny sort of siren or something.. Now someone opening and shutting a car door. Now some people talking about summat. Now we're inside a moving car and it's raining. So essentially you've go...view item »

Andrew Paine
Functions of Hedgerow

Spooky CDr from Andrew Paine. Occasionally employing a muted take on spoken word performance within the realms of these haunting, screeing & whirring tendrils of drone modulation, in the process creating a sinister but utterly captivating backdrop. I've always been a fan of spooked sounds and 'Functions of Hedgerow' doesn't remotely disappoint....view item »

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