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The Moondoggies
A Love Sleeps Deep

It's been five long years since Washington natives The Moondoggies released a record, and we're gagging at their return. 'A Love Sleeps Deep' is classic rock of the highest order, with a gentle dusting of woodsy folk for good measure. Expect heart-on-sleeve songwriting and riff-heavy future classics....view item »

The Agent Intellect

Did I imagine it or did I really like Protomartyr’s previous record ‘ Under the Colour of Official Right‘? Because listening to this third album it just doesn’t sound like the sort of thing I’d ever champion.   Opener ‘The Devils in his Youth’ sounds like ...view item »

La Luz
Floating Features

Fuzz pop daydreamers La Luz do their quartet rock for a month down the line with more sun (we hope) than this one. Floating Features sees them churn out some of their most lyrically aspirational work yet, doubling down on the hooks and harmonies that make them so good. Will most likely rule....view item »

Under Color of Official Right

This is the second album from Detroit's post-punky indie rockers Protomartyr and their first on Hardly Art. A few friends of mine have already been making excited noises about this so my expectations are high. On my first listen I was struck by how conventional it was, I think I was expecting something more strikingly weird given the rabid early...view item »

Dick Stusso
In Heaven

Given that most of the original tapes for Dick Stusso’s sophomore LP were lost after his house was burgled, it’s a miracle that In Heaven has seen the light of day at all. However, after that misfortune the Oakland raconteur rolled up his sleeves and redid the LP. Now the wrong side of 30, Stusso’s lyr...view item »

La Luz
Weirdo Shrine

With a little bit of ghostly surf sheen and some Ty Segall production work, La Luz have created ‘Weirdo Shrine’, a record that can flick a switch between emotive garage balladeering and spooky psych funtimes. This record sounds like it was recorded in a dark room next to the beach, both incredibly slic...view item »

Chastity Belt
I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone

I was listening to this whilst answering a few of the billion emails that have built up since Phil went to Norfolk and to be honest....I forgot it was on. I think if I'd have just clasped my headphones to my head and unplugged the other end from the computer I'd have found more to remember. It's not that Chastity Belt are bad by any stretch of t...view item »

Dude York

Seattle label Hardly Art have been killing it since day now, and their career-long purple patch continues with new signing Dude York. Producer John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney) coaxes the raditude out in spades here - opener ‘Black Jack’ is a pleasin...view item »

The Moondoggies
Don't Be a Stranger

To celebrate a full decade of Moondoggies activity, the band are reissuing their debut album Don’t Be A Stranger, through the Hardly Art label. Proper American rocking. This the first time that Don’t Be A Stranger has been released on vinyl, and to make this reissue even more special, five unrelease...view item »

Ian Sweet

Ian Sweet (which is a band by the way, not an individual man) release their full-length debut in the form of Shapeshifter. Brooklyn-based Jilian Medford drives the group with her self-inquisitive lyrics and unusual singing style, with the rest of the Sweet outfit weaving strange instrum...view item »

The Julie Ruin
Hit Reset

Kathleen Hanna’s new pop-punk band are on album two, and though it’s called ‘Hit Reset’ I would probably subtitle it ‘Keep Doing The Good Stuff You Are Doing Because This Band Is Gr8’. Admittedly I’ve never written t-shirt slogans. The record’s opener perfectly combines the electro-pop with the pun...view item »

Lost Time

Album the third from Tacocat, a group who spit intelligent fire about a few of the bullshit aspects of society: sexism and disrespect for service industry workers for starters. The songs are propelled with a beautiful pop-punk sound, bright melodies and thrashed guitars. Lost Time...view item »

Die Alone

Man, I don’t know. Does this record even have any hooks or are they just retroactively photoshopping them into the songs? How the fuck do any of these songs even stay glued together? Gazebos begin on a song that’s an excuse for a reason to go eat cheesecake -- called “Just Get High”, you’d be excused for assuming it...view item »

Shannon and The Clams
Gone By The Dawn

Shannon and The Clams specialise in short-but-sweet ornate rock tunes, and Gone By The Dawn has a full complement of such numbers. This record is, on the surface, relatively straightforward, but the production and aspects of the instrumentation are subtly quite weird. Out on the the Hardly Art label....view item »

Grave Babies
Holographic Violence

So… this isn’t a goregrind band? Okay then: on first take, it seems that your average grave baby wants to make sombrely anthemic hard rock with old-school riffs and industrial beats. I want to make a joke about Trent Reznor being in a dated rawk band, right now, but I don’t know any bands, so...view item »

Colleen Green
I Want To Grow Up

If stuck then think of our office as a kind of gruff northern version of the Sugarape offices from Nathan Barley. Lots of men-children playing and messing about. Who can blame them? Growing up involves things like dealing with broken taps and gradually getting more and more depressed until you eventually get worn down by it and die. Coll...view item »

Chastity Belt
Time To Go Home

A lot of people have ordered this of late which makes us wonder what it is we don’t know. On first spin through they don’t do anything we haven’t heard before  - it’s wiry, taut American gloom rock that recalls the twin W’s of Walkmen and Warpaint The...view item »

S (Jenn Ghetto)
Cool Choices

This was a fairly popular album in our office over recent weeks from former Carissa's Wierd member Jenn Ghetto. 'Cool Choices' is actually her fourth; she's seemingly become a hot cult act in her own right over the last 13 years. S, for that is her working moniker, builds songs in the vein of quali...view item »


South-London indie band Childhood's debut album Lacuna is a chilled out, melodic record. Featuring the singles “As I Am” and “Falls Away”. Lacuna was produced by Dan Carey (Steve Mason, Toy). This is an indies-only vinyl version including a bonus 7” fea...view item »

La Sera
Hour Of The Dawn

On the newest La Sera album, the former Vivian Girl who's not a Baby, Katy Goodman, heads into a harder-edged full-band territory than her previous bedroom efforts. She talks in the press release about being influenced by The Pretenders and The Sm...view item »

La Luz
It's Alive

I’ve been enjoying this album ever since the promo arrived in our office a few weeks ago. La Luz are playing the kind of blurry, wistful ‘60s inspired pop that you’re used to hearing from your Beach Houses and your Best Coasts ...view item »

Jacuzzi Boys
Jacuzzi Boys

Here’s the third album from Jacuzzi Boys, and they’ve decided to go self-titled this time. Their ‘Live At Third Man’ LP resulted in probably my favourite review in Norman history from the much-missed Dave (f'realzies. Look it up), but what’s in store this time round? Well, it&rsquo...view item »

Unnatural Helpers
Land Grab

Here’s a band I’ve never heard of before, Unnatural Helpers, knocking out a brand of indie rock that sounds ever so familiar already. They’re the kind of band that was ten a penny in the post-grunge era, with spiky mid-paced pop...view item »