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Comfortable Silence

Cazals latest single 'Comfartable Silence' has just  arrived from the Young and Lost Club label.. This is fairly upbeat, chirpy guitar indie............view item »

Young The Giant

This is the most polished sounding debut I think I've ever heard. These guys are being nurtured by someone with cash as it's super clean sounding. Sounds a bit like early Coldplay or someone. The guy who sings has a slight wavering in his voice which reminds me of that Martin fella. It's actually very good for what it is and if you're into reall...view item »


Hey!!! we've got dueling guitars going on!!! It's like the 70 's. Here I've got STYLOFONE and 'Nighttime' and its the most incredible thing i've heard since a car alarm went off at 4 in the morning last night. Its like the Darkness at their worst, Spinal Tap at their very best. If this was tongue in cheek it would be a ...view item »

We Only Can Because We Care

This band of plucky young Sheffield upstarts have a pleasantly DIY sort of indie rock feel that belies their songwriting ambition, with this tune snaking its way through a few twists and turns before the needle gets to the run-out. Impassioned vocals, clangy bass and trebly guitars.. I imagine this is what 90s types Tiger might've sounded like if t...view item »

The Steps

The Steps (not to be confused with the now defunct over manufactured UK pop act) have their debut 7" 'Outlaw' out on Young & Lost Club. This is radio friendly, polished rock and roll in the vein of Oasis and The Stereophonics with a big lead guitar solo.They've recorded it in Texas too to keep in with the cowboy theme. ...view item »

Odd Situation

Semifinalists: Odd Situation (Young & Lost Club) On the other hand, compared to every other indie kids staccato jerk, comes this eighties styled symphonic, disco mish-mash of falsetto vocals twinned with slapped bass, linn drum ping, histronic guitars and slow-down speed-up dynamic. The flip side is a Tapedeck remix. A limited picture disc on t...view item »

Fred Page
Concrete / Wars

There's some songwritery business from Fred Page on this single. Who's Fred Page and what does he do I hear you ask. Well judging by this 7" he's a man with an acoustic guitar and some cinematic production wandering aimlessly around an imagination-free folkpop territory squarely aimed at the same beige masses who buy the records of ...view item »

Naked And The Boys
If You Find Love/ Tralfalmadore

Now for something different entirely. A 7" from Naked And The Boys. 'If You Found Love' is a well written acoustic guitar singer songwriter tune with all the catchiness and much in the same vein as Badly Drawn Boy. This aint my bag but I can appreciate its appeal and I reckon if you're a fan of the aforementioned Springsteen lover then you'll ...view item »


You've got to worry when a band not using Myspace is a unique selling point. I mean, fair dos and that but going on about it like you're well clever sort of undoes all your cool points doesn't it? At least Loverman seem like a reasonable enoough proposition, kicking out dirty scuzziness without seeming horribly forced like the recent Primal Scream ...view item »

Young & Lost Club
Tote Bag

Calling all cat lovers and music fans: to celebrate the ten year anniversary of London based independent record label and club night 'Young & Lost Club' the label are selling some really quite snazzy tote bags with green cats on them. These totes are limited to just 200, so be quick if you want one....view item »

Perfect Vision / Waiting Waiting

Big pumping catchy radio rock from Philadelphia quintet which executes what I call the 'X Factor breakdown' perfectly. This is the bit of the song at the end which breaks down in such as way that it will fit right in when going into the ad break or back to the presenter's waffle. This is MGMT's first album as perform...view item »

Air / Dance Bear

I’m not sure what’s going on with all these vocalists sounding so...tired all the time. Is there a gas leak in south London? I blame The xx. This lot are from Australia though so its obviously infiltrating over through the earth and it could also explain why they have chosen the most ridiculous name f...view item »

Little Racer
Split For The Coast / The Town

60s infused japery from these surf obsessed Brooklynahs (should that be Brooklynites..?) they appear to be a somewhat newish act as their MySpace page has all the information you need...NOT! Details and pictures of this perky pop act are quite thin on the ground but I reckon I've got what ...view item »

Whales In Cubicles
We Never Win

And the winner of worst band name of the week (pipping Full Toilet to the post) goes to London newcomers Whales In Cubicles, who've appeared out of nowhere with this totally charming indie pop single with chiming guitars and the old Pixies quiet-verses-loud-choruses formula that has ser...view item »

Magic Wands
Magic Love & Dreams EP

We've got this Magic Love & Dreams EP by Magic Wands so we're listening to it. The lead tune is called 'Kiss Me Dead', a pleasantly gothy notion transmitted via an expensive-sounding production that reminds me a little of The Big Pink and Phil of a slowed down Raveonettes. The remaining four tracks pretty much follow an 80s-inflected disco rock...view item »

Little Green Cars
The John Wayne

An uncomplicated offering from these Dubliners. The title track 'The John Wayne' is a fairly understated single, which picks up towards the end. It starts off sounding like Fool's Gold, with less of a world music feel, and becomes a driving song by the time it reaches its short running time. The flip side is a m...view item »

New Moscow
C'Mon Up

brand new on Young & Lost Club is a single by New Moscow which I thoroughly enjoyed. More than I expected to if I'm to be honest.. The vocalist sounds just like Bob Dylan and imagine that over a a catchy slab of indie... I'm reminded a bit of that Autolux single a while back on Full Time Hobby and there's...view item »

Pull Tiger Tail
Mary Jane

Pull Tiger Tail are a baffling proposition. They must be the briefest signing to B-Unique ever and now arrive back on previous home Young & Lost Club, battered, bruised and a little wary. They do that head noddy indie pop with soaring vocals & melodic shmindie riffs very well indeed and are starting to sound like they could just appear on a...view item »

Planet Earth
Falling Into Love

I've come across the twee pop styling's of Planet Earth before and i can't say i was blown away. Saying that, they most certainly know how to craft a proper indie pop song. Featuring Tom and Charlie of Noah and the Whale as well assorted members of I Know I Have No Collar, Planet Earth's style evokes the work of Belle and Sebastian and the like ...view item »

Othello Woolf
Doorstep / Deep Water

I like this guy. Doorstep sounds like the best 70s FM radio song ever written. It's smooth and sticks to you like a stick insect that has just been made professor of sticking at The University of Sticking in Dusseldorf. I reckon it sounds great and is memorable in an old fashioned sort of way. 'Deep Water' is a strange one. It reminded me of Chr...view item »

Flaws/ Icarus

Bastille peddle some sort of electro rock with a kind of bouncy afrobeat feel that reminds of Noah and the Whale mixed with something a lot of types are doing nowadays... I hate Noah and the Whale. These guys aren't too bad. Just massively bland. Of the two tracks here the title track is possibly more memorable. It's easy to listen to and do...view item »

Swanton Bombs
Doom/ New York City Cops

We sold about a million copies of the last Swanton Bombs 7" mainly cos it came with an entire album on CD which is a complete genius thing to do if you ask me. Everyone likes a bargain. Now Young And Lost Club have their hooks into them and here's the bands 2nd single which this time is 2 tracks of infectious indie rock harking back to older d...view item »

Lord Auch

Lord Auch are 2 ex-Black Wire types & an ex Courtney Love guitarist/slave who've decamped to the slimy streets of London to engage themselves in the assembly of smoky baroque pop. A new 7" on Young & Lost Club, 'Mareado' is full of ominous piano clunks, perky drums, terse string flourishes, ghostly ad-libs and a deep yodeling vocal somewhere betwee...view item »

Lunar Youth

Ahh the warm glow of indie rock. How i like to somtimes bask in your prescence. Lunar Youth's latest 7" is quite nice. The Title track is called "Misfits"and it sounds like a less scuzzy Strokes. It has a slight verse and a catchy hook driven chorus that would sit well on the O.C. The b-side is called "Peppermint Lounge" an...view item »

Iron Deer Dream / Egyptian Aberration Cult

Sounding so similar to this weeks other Young and Lost Club release by Young Buffalo that it could be the work of the same band, this is more indie band plays the hits of Animal Collective stuff. Bloc Party guitars marry complex harmonies to give an uplifting anthem that doesn't sound unlike The Polyphonic Spree. Again The Futureheads spring to ...view item »

Young Buffalo
Catapilah / Only We Can Keep You From Harm

The standard of spelling amongst today's youngsters is shocking. Its CATERPILLER...I think. Is that right? Luckily they are much better at wielding guitars than pens and pencils. The A side is a fabbo blast of nu-indie (did I just make that phrase up?) which reminds me a bit of bands like The Young Knives funnily enough. They sound extremely Eng...view item »


More single fun to come in the form of 'Warrior' by Cheatahs. This is pure MBV with it's lilting vocal line and loose strum-along melody. It's not a bad tune but it's not really registering with me today. B-side 'Minotaur' is on a similar tip, bedroom indie pop treated with loads of cheap reverb and distortion. The vocal melody is simple and catchy...view item »

V/A (Bombay Bicycle Club, Noah and the Whale, Johnny Flynn, Good Shoes, Larrikin Love etc)
Young & Lost Club Compilation

Started by two eager indie lovin' London-based ladies, this is a most welcome retrospective of label highlights from the first few years of The Y&LC. Originally a cool boutique label, many of the acts on here went on to much bigger things, galvanizing the label more into an industry launch pad for raw, young talent from Das Kapital & oth...view item »

Johnny Flynn
The Epic Tale Of Tom And Sue (Tickle Me Pink/ Cold Bread)

JOHNNY FLYNN AND THE SUSSEX WIT: in which the Ye Olde England return to traditionalism stlye folk is apparent not just on the naive cover artwork, but the brass, plucking and bass drum thump coupled with the 'ship-ahoy' styled vocal wail of "The Epic Tale of Tom & Sue", uhmm, very English and quite catchy after a couple of...view item »

Gypsy and The Cat
Time To Wander / Jona Vark ( Wax Stag Remix)

This Melbourne two piece come out of your speakers like a summers afternoon spent boffing lifepipes in a park. It's shiny dance music with a hint of 70s pop. It reminds me of Empire Of The Sun. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It is quite catchy and upbeat and somehow also makes me think of Simon and Garfunkel with synths and bri...view item »

Lord Auch
To The Shithouse EP

Lord Auch is solo artist who plays everything and misses nothing. I don't know what that means but I can tell ya what the 'To the Shithouse' 12" sounds like. It sounds like The Birthday Party. His vocals are so much like Nic Cage (I mean Nick Cave) I thought he was in the room with me. I didn't really think he was here, I'm just saying.... Any...view item »

Everything Everything

I don't really understand acronyms these days. I presume the new Everything Everything single is/has one as it's called MY KZ UR BF. After a quick search of acronymfinder I reckon it's Master Yuppie Killing Zone Underground Resistance Baseball Field. God bless the internet and it's many informative websites. And let us not forget the many quick sea...view item »

Human Nurture

The cover of the new Loverman single is an interesting one. You'll either love it or hate it... It's got a lady breast feeding a wee lamb on there which isn't something I've seen before. I remember once feeding a lamb a bottle a milk and it ragged it out of my hand and wolfed it down in seconds so I fear for that poor woman's nipples. Boobies aside...view item »

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
Dance The Way I Feel

This song is a legend :)Love itt, the chorus is really catchy and brings indie to life.  Dancable and the lyrics are fun.stop! well i just dance the way i  feel ..woooo x...view item »

Oh Minnows
Might EP

There's a splurge of releases out on the Young & Lost Club label at the mo. Here's one by Oh Minnows which starts of sounding like Mister Mister before it lunges into a male fronted Cocteaus. Big cheesy sythns over some massive echoey drums with a big epic chorus. It's all very 1985 which is making me feel young again and anything which makes m...view item »

Planet Earth
Bergman Movies/ Big Babies

A super twee slab of indie pop courtesy of Planet Earth, appearing to be in the vein of Belle and Sebastian or possibly early Beat Happening if i wanted to make it sound really ace. 'Bergman Movies' is not really ace but it is very nice and couldn't possibly offend anyone other than fans of the Southern Lord label, hard house or complete anti-music...view item »

Noah And The Whale
Presents... The A Sides

I was at my mate Angry Steve's flat a couple of months back and the UK top ten was on the telly and Noah and the Whale were in it which I thought was weird because I didn't know they were a big band. And they sounded reasonably good as well which was weird because they were in the top ten. This A Sides 12" was apparently recorded in spare stud...view item »

The Virgins
One Week of Danger

Cor blimey.. Onto The Virgins with their 'One Week Of Danger' 7" that's about as dangerous as going paddling with a life jacket and flippers on. It's not an abomination or anything.. Don't get me wrong like. Phil is reminded of The Dandy Warhols. Fairly average indie pop/ rock on Young & Lost Club. It's quite polished with a catchy chorus ...view item »

Bombay Bicycle Club

The Bombay Bicycle Club are this weeks latest hot shit to grace the stereo. Each week we're inundated with the latest sounds from the world of music and this is their 3rd attempt to try and thrust us into submission where we declare them the saviours of music. Evening/ Morning is the name of this beast and the immediate comparison is a more bouncy ...view item »

Lord Auch
The Digg Inn/ Grass Fingers

Lord Auch then. Debut single on Young & Lost Club....called 'The Dig Inn'. I like this.. sounds well early 90's.. reminds me Crime & The City Solution if anyone remembers them. Hints of Nick Cave in there 'n all. Doesn't sound new but I like that about it.... Amazingly it's people from Black Wire who were dreadful. Maybe a band to keep an e...view item »

Noah And The Whale
2 Bodies 1 Heart/ Rocks &; Daggers

Second single from another one of these young fops who are taking over the UK with their psuedo-folk/pub-pop. Sounds like the sort of song he's written to please his mum or make housewives cry while they're washing up on a grey, cold afternoon alone. The music is of the neuvo-folk styling with up - beat brash blasts and shuffling drumbeat. We gave ...view item »

Friends of The Bride
You Think You Can Dance DJ/ Moments

Friends Of The Bride have a new single out on Young & Lost Club called 'So You Think You Can Dance'. This has a sort of 50's groovy feel to it and it sounds like it should be played at weddings and barmitzvahs. Lively nonsensical trouser wearing gear with some nods to Ben Folds Five and other such party goer funster music. One the whole family ...view item »

Noah And The Whale
5 Years Time

Noah And The Whale: '5 Years Time' (Young And lost Club) Starts off with a whistling refrain which brings to mind the idea that if you have the milkman or even the window cleaner whistling your tunes then you're onto a winner. This is a faux folk number with some infectious percussion and drums, more whistling, handclaps, a nagging chorus and an ...view item »

Johnny Flynn
Ode To A Mare Trod Ditch

Johnny Flynn And The Sussex Wit: "Ode To A Mare Trod Ditch" (Young & Lost Club) The office is split on what they think of this, Me and Maggie are fans and gets our continued backing whilst Ant and Mr Phil are not convinced. Not as immediate as the debut, more of a slow burner methinks. You get fiddle, drums, guitar, banjo combined wit...view item »

Maybe Baby / He Said She Said

More retro sounding indie pop on a kind of skiffle tip. Maggie reckons that Sigma's 'Maybe Baby' sounds like The Libertines. She has a point. This is going to appeal to you peeps digging the sounds of bands like The Bishops. It's the debut single from this York band. Maybe they're cheering all the York folk up after the chocolate factories closed d...view item »

Friends of The Bride
Buckle Up, Sunshine! b/w The End of Loneliness

Young and Lost Club's latest 7" comes from Friends Of The Bride. 'Buckle Up Sunshine / End Of Loneliness' is an almost 50's sounding pop record with hints of Frank Sinatra in the vocal... Crikey!!!...view item »

Fear Of Flying
Three's A Crowd/ Forget-Me-Nots

FEAR OF FLYING are all over the place at the mo. I picked up the Metro the other day and the was a mediocre review of 'em. Still it's some good exposure for 'em. 'Three's A Crowd' is apparently about about the problem of cats in relationships (ie your missus likes your cat more than you). Not an ideal situation to be in I reck...view item »