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Claus Poulsen

I had to look twice at this one as it’s spelt ‘Terrestial’ and not with an ‘r’ as I expected it to be spelt. Crazy Claus.... This is a lovely looking box on Striate Cortex limited to a paltry 45 copies. Inside the lovely box you get 2 x 3” CD, a nice sq...view item »

The Skull Mask

Cuidad Juárez, Mexico, is a city with a murderous reputation. The war between rival drug cartels and the police made it, until recently, the homicide capital of the world. Life is tough for a civilian just trying to raise a family. I’m sure you can imagine that if you found yourself in that situation you would need a means of cathar...view item »

Spaces Between

Mike Orr is from Bristol and calls himself Spaces Between. He refers to pieces as 'songs', which I always like. His songs are made with guitars and computers, but mainly guitars I should think. The computers are used to provide rhythms rather than a variety of processes, although not in every track. Guitars are layered together, and either p...view item »

Joey Chainsaw / Beren
Wishy Wishy Flower

Striate Cortex's packaging has got kinda fancy lately. This newie comes in an arrigato pack and it's housed on a painted piece of wood and suspended on a nipple. Beautiful. No idea who Beren are but here they've collaborated with Joey Chainsaw on a 3" CD of noisey feedbacky guitar gear. It's reasonably brutal as well with some really low in the ...view item »

Mark Bradley

What better way to energise yourself for the week's reviews than with a bit of droney ambience? I don't know about you but something about beatless, moody soundscapes seriously gets my blood pumping! I'm off for a quick few laps of the car park, see you in a min... Phew.. OK, this one's by Mark Bradley and snideyness aside it's actually really...view item »

Bjerga/ Iversen/ ThrouRoof
Unsettling Starbursts

THROUROOF , BJERGA/IVERSEN  split cdr ( Striate Cortex )   Bjerga & Iversen, main stays of the Striate Cortex imperium with Throuroof (or ThrouRoof as it is spelled on the cover). They (he? she?) open up here with a twenty minute piece of bird calls and drones. The latter are a bit distorted which f...view item »

Cathal Rodgers
Thirty Nine Years Of Decay

After a period of silence Cathal Rodgers is back, but no longer as Wereju ( Vital Weekly 573, 658 ), but under his own name, with a slightly different sound. Before his music was made with guitars to do music that sounded unlike anything with a guitar but long form drone music, here its music with guitars and sound effects that play music that g...view item »

Daniel Thomas
Delighted In Isolation

This is essentially one continuous piece divided up into individual tracks... each segment possessing a Hafler Trio twilight. A beautiful occultist origami of time spans groaning with oscillatory majestics, rifling deep into your psyche with a chemistry of grainy concretes, tectonic shifts, and funnelling hypnotics… A glimpse into the voi...view item »

Star Turbine

It seems fitting to begin this year's reviews with the latest from last year's best label, especially when the release in question is of such impeccable quality. Take note everyone: Andy Robinson's Striate Cortex has not only set the bar ridiculously high but also nonchalantly hopped over it whilst the rest of us were taking off our tracksuits....view item »

Concentric Spaces Vol. 2

Here's a tasty comp on the reliable Striate Cortex label. These things are packaged in spray painted textured sleeves with various extra gubbins to keep your fingers and eyes entertained whilst your ears are. This is a 10 track comp featuring some of the more underground luminaries of the...view item »

Dead Wood
Slow Threat

Dead Wood is a chap called Adam Baker and the digipak for this new album is one of those eco recycled jobs. But inside there's a bit of tree bark (I think you'll find it's balsa wood?? - Brian) functioning as the insert. Make your mind up fella, kill 'em or save 'em but doing both is just confusing! I don't know if his music will do either but I...view item »

Small Things On Sundays

The band name is appealing to me. I often feel like a small thing on a sunday after a week here. I don't know who this is or anything about it indeed but what I do know is that it's limited to 100 copies on the Striate Cortex label (who specialise in Bjerga Iversen releases) and it's packaged in an an oversized DVD-style case. The music is alien...view item »

Small Things On Sundays
Mass / Flux

Henrik Bagner and Claus Poulsen, together being Small Things On Sundays, found on the internet sounds from the LHC, the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. I assume they no longer use the treated vinyl which was apparent on their earlier work, but I am not sure if they exclusively use the LHC sounds, or that they perhaps...view item »

The Trees Are All Blocking The Forest

The spec: an apparently hand-made cardboard box, lined and sealed with a little Velcro button, houses a full colour double-sided insert on which are mounted two cdrs decorated with full colour ‘on body’ (as I believe it is called) printing.  Also included is a separate insert (not pictured) which gives details of the artists...view item »

Concentric Spaces

This is a collection of tracks that the Striate Cortex found by sifting through various friends Myspace sites. Rather him than me. Have you been on that thing recently? God almighty. The Murdoch clan really know how to bugger things up good and proper. Anyway what we get is several diverse drone atmospheres from the opening Earth(y) At the Feet ...view item »

Silver Conch

Packaged  in a  heavy/paint/glue/thread sleeve , Posset is  a purveyor  of  indistinct Sounds rooted in extremities of no-fidelity. The Silver Conch is beyond-woozy music That’s more like looping , borrowing  broken-clockwork than conventional sounds – Even at this extreme end of ...view item »

On The Wrong Planet
First Visit

I like the packaging on this one. It's a foldy piece of paper over a paper-mache sleeve which has a a view of a planet and a couple of moons on there. It's sparkly, textured and sturdy yet springy. That's not normally the case with something you'd slip a CD in so I'm impressed! This has been constructed with a bit of guitar and loads of classic ...view item »


This EP has some of the sweetest droned out meandering "riffs" , hazed passages and beautiful vocals, which are reminiscent at times of Cranes' Alison Shaw. Listening to this conjures up images of explorations through silver twilight lit forests , ancient burial mounds and late autumnal earth. Textures and loops are deep with color and light, a ...view item »

Six Eyes

This tasty limited CD release from Striate Cortex showcases two new compositions from Brighton/High Wycombe based recording artists Plurals. Now this is a proper intense drone-athon essentially made up of a brooding mix of synth ambiance and deathly space howls. The use of synth here is spell-binding and conjures up all sorts of interstell...view item »

Culver/ Karst
Quarter Mile Volcano

CULVER AND KARST ~ QUARTER MILE VOLCANO  cdr ( Striate Cortex )   The third in a series of  slow-burning epics, this pair of drone/noise makers seem intent on mining the sound of twisted power lines. Akin to the sounds captured of some prison detail ploughing an endless granite field with a hill of...view item »

Peter Wright
Dissolving Into Light....

Okay this is a slightly confusing one. Basically there are two different versions of this release. Basically the first edition (50 copies only) comes with a CD and DVD plus a live CD. The second edition is the CD and two different live CD's. Check the listing for more information. I have no idea what this sounds like as all copies are nicely sealed...view item »

The Hideous Pariah Dog

I once had a house mouse. It used to leave droppings behind my toaster after it had scoffed all the crumbs i'd left. I could never have caught it though for it was far too cute & no bother, really. I don't know why people kill mice, they really are cruel bastards (I eat burgers!). I loved the idea of my mouse having a massive network of tu...view item »

Andrew Perry / Dead Wood
The Sweetest Meat

The 'drone' tag is rarely this self-descriptive, but on The Sweetest Meat Britain's Andrew Perry and Adam Baker (Dead Wood, also runs Dirty Demos) hypnotically drift their way through three utterly miasmal meditations. Opener 'The Presentation' starts off shimmering and pretty but bends towards ...view item »

Sindre Bjerga & Robert Horton
Broken Wisdom On Its Wild Lone

ROBERT HORTON & SINDRE BJERGA & CAREN OHLSON - BROKEN WISDOM ON IT'S WILD LONE  cdr ( Striate Cortex ) Royal, shimmering drone which constructs vast polar landscapes in one's mind (see cover) -- or, perhaps, limitless, moonlit desert. Robert Horton (Egghatcher) on gong and c...view item »

Bjerga/ Iversen/ Paulsen
River Of Ashes

Bjerga/Iversen/Paulsen with River of Ashes. Droney. Soundscapes. Vague cover. Larking about with contact mics and laptops. Pretty good. Squelchy. Clangy. Industrial humming. Rhythmic noise waves. Sounds like living in a pipe in a factory. I like pipes. 80 copies on Striate Cortex....view item »

Bjerga/ Iversen
Amplified Crystal Rust

Bjerga & Iversen have been knocking around for ages and they seem to have conquered the limited edition of 50 or less market as almost all of their collaborative or solo releases are ludicrously limited. I can't imagne how tricky it is collecting their stuff. Here's a new one called Amplified Crystal Rust which is limited to 50 in an oversized ...view item »