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Soft Candy
Bixarre Luv Pyramids

Soft Candy get strong comparisons to the likes of The Byrds, White Fence, and The Zombies, but I would definitely chuck The Beatles in there as well. Delicately crafted, and deeply psychedelic baroque pop, warbling vocal leads and group chanting over a bed of the hypnotic trance of the everlasting youth of the late 60s. Where are my kaleidoscope glasses?
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-185)
  • £6.49 £3.89 (saving: £2.60)
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The Band In Heaven
The Boys of Summer of Sam

Named after one of the most serious and beautiful Talking Heads songs ever written, the Band In Heaven are prepared to take themselves seriously, with delicate but ever-brooding shoegaze that sounds marred by psychedelic dirge. It's hazy, it's foggy, and we don't really know where we're going when we listen to it, but 'The Boys of Summer of Sam' has that deep pervading evil to it. Recommended for fans of Slowdive, Total Control and the Wytches -- all at a pretty sick tea party.

The Terminals

The Terminals are arguably one of the finest examples of the New Zealand indie underground: they did contain members of a whole host of other Flying Nun bands after all. Uncoffined is their debut album, from 1988, and it is at once dark-edged and beautifully tuneful. It's had a remaster, and is now reissued by the HoZac Archival label.
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-189)

Mike Rep and The Quotas

Sweaty, gritty, gold. Sounding like a nutter running around a single mic in a room and someone hitting cardboard boxes, and to be fair it probably was. Filled to the brim with energy, reminds me of the tunes written by Beck for fictional band Sex Bob-Omb but with manic laughter and screams. Hellbender has loads of previously unreleased madness recorded between ‘75 and ‘78.
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-182)

Chicos de Nazca
Fire Ride

Chicos de Nazca are the sound of psychedelic Chile, and Fire Ride puts them right up there with the world’s best spaced-out riff merchants. The players behind the band were formerly involved in Cindy Sisters, but this is all the better. The album is released on HoZac, in a limited edition of 300 LP copies.


Prix are a lesser-known band that came about when members of later-period Big Star shot off on their own. Historix is a set of ferocious mid-70’s rock music, packed with riffs and flaring vocals. Barely any of this material has been widely heard: 2 singles released at the time and a Japanese CD release 15 years ago is all the attention it has received. So praise due to the efforts of HoZac Archival.
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-177)
  • CD (HZR-177CD)

Killer Kane Band
Killer Kane Band

Killer Kane Band was a kind of spin-off from the New York Dolls, formed in 1975 by some of the Dolls plus Blackie Lawless (later of W.A.S.P.). This self-titled EP, containing just 3 tracks, is a classic slice of attitude-rock. Remastered (by Andy Jay) and reissued in an edition of just 500 7” vinyl copies, on HoZac Archival.
  • Label(s):
  • HoZac

Heavy Times
Black Sunglasses

Heavy Times are a garage-rock band who are always worth your attention: for this new single on the HoZac label they add raw synth to the mix, where it sits comfortably with the frantic rhythm and Nick Cave-esque vocals on the title cut. The Black Sunglasses single is limited to 500 7” vinyl copies only.
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-180)

Made In Japan
Instant Hit / You've Never Had It So Good

Made In Japan were unearthed by the HoZac label after hearing their work in New Year’s Evil, a 1980 B-movie. The band never made it far, but it turns out their power-pop / rock is high-quality. Ironically for a single named Instant Hit, neither of these 2 tracks have ever even been released before, let alone become a hit. But that makes this HoZac Archival 7” a unique proposition.
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-178)

Kitchen's Floor
Battle Of Brisbane

Grinding garage rock 'n' roll from Brisbane malcontents Kitchen's Floor. The guitars seethe, the drums pound, the bass thumps and the vocals express existential terror through a filter of cynicism. For fans of Australian legends like The Saints, Radio Birdman and The Celibate Rifles as well as the more contemporary likes of Blank Realm (whose Luke Walsh recorded the album).
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-181)

David Peel & Death
King of Punk

A little-heard record here from a punk original, David Peel (working with his band, Death). Howling out of the New York gutter, King Of Punk is gnarly as hell, and is produced to sound like it is bleeding through the wall of a rehearsal studio, for extra viscerality. Vinyl reissue courtesy of the HoZac label.
  • Label(s):
  • HoZac

Mates Rates / Echo Beach

Synth punk on 7” from Ausmuteants. The two tracks, Mates Rates and Echo Beach, are exclusive to this release, and hold together an almost new-wave melodic sensibility with the forward pummel of punk. Oh, and the second track is a cover of Martha & The Muffins. Gnarly times, on the HoZac label.
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-169)

Brown Spiders
It's Something To Do

Brown Spiders get straight on with it with this single: It’s Something To Do thrusts in with an underslung bassline, soon backed up with a spiky riff. These Spiders hail from South Africa and make a fine, spooky sound for you to unsettle in with. 300 copies on HoZac, with a creepy third-eye image on the sleeve.
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-171)

Kim Salmon & Leanne
True West

A contemporary off-shoot of the legendary Australian post-punk band The Scientists, Kim Salmon & Leanne’s True West album offers a healthy injection of classic minimalism and dirty rock with a Rolling Stones cover thrown in for good measure. Limited to 400 copies. Out on vinyl LP from Hozac.
  • Label(s):
  • HoZac

Idle Times
Idle Times

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-074)
  • Limited edition
  • CD (HZR-074CD)

Decay / Cycle

These Australians are named after what they’ll leave you needing. Their minimalist drum-computer driven and haunting music scratches its way into your skull, numbing you down with ice cold synthesizers. Repairs will break you down, with Decay / Cycle, their 7” follow-up to the Nun LP, as a testament to their patience and persistence.

5 Imaginary Boys

You'll find Connections at the place where traditional indie and punk cross paths, where things aren't quite chill but they are fun, not quite slacker but definitely stoner. '5 Imaginary Boys' is their newest EP and offers raw pop tunes that harken back to the days when Guided By Voices could get at your heart and be done with it in under a minute. 
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-161)

Electric Eels
Accident / Wreck and Roll

Old show-you-how-its-done punks Electric Eels continue to get celebrated by HoZac with this 7", another scatterbrained piece of guitar abstraction nonsense with duel vocalists who can scarcely be heard behind the racket. It's the way it was ment to be, and on "Wreck and Roll" they even try their hand at this thing you call pop music.
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-159)


Whipcrack drum machines and darkly low-slung synths drive NUN’s self-titled debut forwards. This is a pretty great sound they have, tightly focused and propulsive. The band are from Melbourne, but no Australian sun has seeped into these recordings. LP packaged along with a poster, released on HoZac.
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-163)

The Chrome Cranks
The Chrome Cranks

The early '90s are an unappreciated musical era, with everybody pretending nothing happened except for Blur and Nirvana. Thankfully, HoZac are preaching the gospel by reissuing The Chrome Cranks’  self-titled debut album. It’s a piece of slow-paced and nihilistic punk, relentlessly packed with youthful energy and still appealing today. The first pressing is limited to 500 copies!
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-165)

Mil Mascaras

  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-124)

The Man
Carousel Of Sound

Thoroughly anti-corporate but pursuing their promotion through an allegory of the world of big business, Carousel Of Sound by The Man delivers crunching guitars, throbbing bass and chaotic drums to the masses via the medium of the 7” single in a way that will please fans of Wire, Reatards and Baseball Furies. This is a 1st pressing and is very limited, only 375 copies!
  • Label(s):
  • HoZac

Cola Shock Kids

  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-117)

Southern Comfort

Australia’s Southern Comfort are made up of guitarist Angie Bermuda and vocalist Harriet Hudson Their new single will appeal to fans of The Dum Dum Girls, Circle Pit and Wax Idols among others. Suzanne is available through HoZac Records on a limited edition black vinyl 7” single (400 copies).
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-149)

Button by Button

Cozy Powell. Peeder Powell watch out. This is the debut release from Cozy who play a banging style of 70's glam power pop that gives Gary Glitter a run for his money. Fans of The Sweet and Bay City Rollers take note; there's a new gang in town and they are armed with fuzzy guitars, stack harmonies and stack heels galore. If you are allergic to handclaps you better look elsewhere, baby.  For fans of Slade, The Raspberries, Games and Mud. 
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-152)
  • In stock and ready to ship
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Timmy's Organism
Singles & Unreleased Tracks

Timmy's Organism consists of Detroit's Timmy Vulgar, a fellow who makes shivering punk rock out of riffs that bend and shriek around vocals that occasionally stick to time and sometimes just stutter around the parameters of songs. He's like a dude driving his car into a lake after a very quiet drive through the countryside. 'Singles & Unreleased' is a bizarrely thrown together selection of tracks that can go from full-on cosmic heaviness to acoustic crooning in the space of minutes. Where am I?

Mary Monday & The Bitches
I Gave My Punk Jacket To Ricky

Early Bay Area punk single I Gave My Punk Jacket To Ricky by Mary Monday & The Bitches is given a new lease of life here reissued for the first time. Fronted by the mysterious former stripper Mary Monday circa ‘77, this long forgotten band offers here a two and a half minute distillation of punk and a decent stab at pop hooks. Out on 7” vinyl from HoZac.

Little Elise

Games got a lot of admiration for their debut album of power pop and here they come with a raucous blast of 70's pop fun. One part Big Star, one part Dwight Twilley Band and one part Bay City Rollers this is an absolute heap of be-mulleted fun. They have all those 70's glam moves down pat that you'd swear that this was taken from the lower reaches of the Top 75 back in 1976. If you like Raspberries, Shoes, Scruffs, Slade etc etc you'll love it. Great stuff.   
  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-154)
  • Label(s):
  • HoZac

Miss Destiny
House of Wax / The One

Another slice of Australian punk rock here: two lo-fi, stripped down tunes from quartet Miss Destiny, a band proud of their barely tuned guitars, snarled vocals and stifled noise. Miss Destiny brings the good ol' days of glam and early punk to mind, recalling the Muffs in particular and sounding as gritty as possible while doing it. This 7" is tightly performed and crassly thrown off, which is of course part of the fun.
  • Label(s):
  • HoZac

Liquid Diamonds
Aw Maw / Long Ago

The latest from HoZac's wonderful archival series of snotty lost gems returns its focus to Sonny Vincent, whose Fear were the first band to be archived. This time round it's a 1973 platter from Liquid Diamonds, a shortlived group he fronted between the abandonment of Fear and the formation of his subsequent band Testors. These two cuts are the only two Liquid Diamonds tracks available and showcase a Stooges/MC5-inspired proto-punk sound full of jagged distorted guitars, hollered vocals and a pummelling rhythm section. Fierce.

Mike Rep and The Quotas
Mama Was a Schitzo

The latest in Hozac's attempt to re-issue every Midwestern proto-punk record ever made, this was recorded waaaaaaay back in 1975 but predates punk via a good few years and lord knows what was in the water in the midwest of that era to produce such underground punk rock savagery. Mike Rep's generally been overlooked in the past but this harshly primitive garagey rock has a snarl and a sneer. Its horribly recorded but that just adds to the grinding gruesome charm of these mid 70's Stooges-like grinders.   

England's Glory
City of Fun / Shattered Illusions

England’s Glory? No not UKIP’s latest musical foray but a band from 1971 with Mr Peter Perrett of the band Only Ones in it. A lost album of only 25 copies, now the storming single City of Fun is here on 7” wax goodness. It’s a stomping like rock number which sounds quite lo-fi and as if recorded in a shed with a bunch of mates just having fun. That fun comes across to make a really nice little single with a slight psychedelic interlude in it too. Fun for one. Fun for all.

Cretin Stompers
Looking Forward To Being Attacked

Cretin Stompers landed in our lap on an other-worldly afternoon one day, sent directly from the future and completely ready to bury your past and everything you've ever held dear. Not even a fully formed embryo upon their first recording, the interstellar project began as a long-distance collaboration between past members of the ethereal Barbaras, Magic Kids, Boston Chinks, (and later, Jay Reatard Band/Wavves) in Memphis, and their mysterious cohort, (who had never been met or even spoken to while making the record!) BIG MUFF RADIO, living up north in Brooklyn, and has reached it's fully-developed final mutation in the form of the Looking Forward To Being Attacked debut LP. And just like a Xenomorph wrapping its way around your head right before that inevitable lobotomy, the Cretin Stompers infectious oozing pop slime will find its way into any of your exposed orifices, so be sure to wear a tight belt as this is one debut album with the power to entrance and eviscerate like never before...

Midwestern Family Values

Chicago is luckily a large enough city to engulf a multitude of polarizing bands, and one of the best and most ominous of the darker side of the spectrum is the powerhouse known as NONES. Originally forged as an exact opposite blueprint of the archetype female-fronted punk group, this band is a fully-BACKED female force of contention with one deranged and sufficiently blurred frontman slashing forth and breaking the stereotype into micro shards of glass you will never be able to completely pick out of your fine upholstery. 

Electric Eels
Jaguwar Ride / Splittery Splat

This is still hard to even fathom, let alone anywhere near realistic, but HoZac Archival Records is proud to present a little piece of history for you here, which, if you are still unexposed, will knock your "punk clock" back a few years, resetting your concept of what punk evolved from, where punk germinated from, and how unhinged the Midwest (Ohio in particular) was in comparison to the East & West Coasts in the days before the Ramones & Sex Pistols records littered the land. The Cleveland-based (and formerly Columbus) electric eels were unrivaled in terms of sonic mayhem for 1974/1975, especially for the Midwest, where extremities in music were very much unwelcome and were not given the opportunities that the art scenes of the coasts got to foster. Despite the fact that this band was the starting point for not only Nick Nox, later of THE CRAMPS, it must be understood that this was not composed, blues-based Stooges-style grunt, gorgeous VU-type noise, glammy Alice Cooper-style grime, or high-frequency bombast like the MC5.

Heavy Times
Fix It Alone

  • CD (HZR-132CD)

Ruined Fortune
Ruined Fortune

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-142)

Radar Eyes
Radar Eyes

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-097)
  • CD (HZR-097CD)

You're Not Gonna Get It (1978-81)

  • CD (HZR-137CD)
  • £12.49 £6.25 (saving: £6.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

First Base
First Base

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-141)
  • CD (HZR-141CD)
  • £12.49 £6.25 (saving: £6.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

The Peoples Temple
More For The Masses

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-122)

Georgiana Starlington
Paper Moon

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-131)
  • CD (HZR-131CD)

Ragnaraak / Chrome

  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-135)

Cop City / Chill Pillars
Gift Shop / Brand New Neighbour Blues

  • Vinyl 7" (HZR-134)
  • £5.49 £3.29 (saving: £2.20)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Shocked Minds
Shocked Minds

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-136)
  • CD (HZR-136CD)

Wax Idols
No Future

  • CD (HZR-094CD)
  • £12.99 £6.50 (saving: £6.49)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Black Bug
Reflecting The Light

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-127)
  • CD (HZR-127CD)

Glitter Wizard

Puffy Areolas
1982: Dishonorable Discharge

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-118)
  • CD (HZR-118CD)

Far-Out Fangtooth
The Thorns

Rayon Beach
This Looks Serious

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-113)
  • CD (HZR-113CD)

Nice Face
Horizon Fires

  • CD (HZR-112CD)
  • Vinyl LP (HZR-112)
  • £13.49 £6.75 (saving: £6.74)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

Subtle Turnhips

Rock N Roll Dreamer

  • Vinyl LP (HZR-089)
  • £12.49 £6.25 (saving: £6.24)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy


  • CD (HZR-084CD)
  • £11.99 £6.00 (saving: £5.99)
  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Last copy

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