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Aaron Turner
Interminable Conniption

Guitarist Aaron Turner has been operating in the Washington punk / metal underground for the past 24 years, mostly known for his bands Isis and Sumac. He has worked with a string of bands bands and individuals from House of Low Culture, Jodis, Old Man Gloom, Tashi Dorji, Justin Broadrick, Caspar BrŅ†tzmann, Daniel Menche, Stephen O'Malley, Kevin Martin/The Bug and many, many more. Interminable Conniption is his new album, released on cassette through The Tapeworm.

Jay Glass Dubs
Two Devotional Songs For Spacemen 3 In The Style Of Love Inc.

Jay Glass Dubs AKA Greek composer, musician and sound artist Dimitris Papadatos, strips dub music down to bass, drums and vocals by placing disparate sounds side by side. How this works with 90s Canadian chart-dance group Love Inc. and Rugby’s favourite psychedelic minimalists, Spacemen 3 is a curious thing indeed. You’ll have to buy Two Devotional Songs For Spacemen 3 In The Style Of Love Inc. to find out.

Moon Ra

Moon Ra, aka Marie e le Rose, presents a heartfelt suite of sound art exploring physical pain. GCT has at its core the tantalising wonder of the grand Buchla at the EMS in Stockholm: the timbres and textures of this super-synth are supported and surrounded by cassettes, instruments, tape-reels, effects and more. Released by the ever-reliable Tapeworm.
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  • The Tapeworm

Davide Luciani
Calming Counts

Calming Counts by Davide Luciani explores various sounds from noise, rock, drone and minimal music. Luciani is an electronic producer, based in Berlin, with a background in the Italian noise-rock scene. Both his previous and current work have influenced the sounds on this recording. The cover was illustrated by epic Swedish musician Anna von Hausswolff - don’t know how this affects the music, but at least it shows he has friends in high places.  
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  • The Tapeworm

John Macedo
Left Behind

Electroacoustic bossman John Macedo has rounded up a selection of sound goodies that have never been released. Left Behind features material from the period 2006 - 2013, recorded using all manner of set-ups, from advanced vintage synthesisers to no-input mixer feedback, cracked CD player to Doepfer modular. It’s all high-grade stuff, fizzing with electric texture. Cassette from The Tapeworm.
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  • The Tapeworm

Kostis Kilymis
Second Saturation

A fresh new Tapeworm, plucked from the ground. And what does it contain? Why, two sides of exciting materials from Kostis Kilymis of course! The work presented here is grown out of a Stockholm live performance and some sweetly detailed field recordings, all treated and processed by various means, some of them pleasingly dubby. Second Saturation is a tape on The Tapeworm.

Zeno van den Broek

Cassette label The Tapeworm have been running a tidy racket for almost a decade now. Since 2009 the London label has released great little tapes from the likes of Stephen O’Malley and Derek Jarman. Their 111th release (very satisfying, that) comes courtesy of Dutch composer/sound-artist Zeno van den Broek. To create Entrop, van den Broek built a synth, modded it with feedback loops and set it to trigger percussive sounds on a drum computer. The musical results bridge noise, music concrete and IDM.