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Kostis Kilymis
Second Saturation

A fresh new Tapeworm, plucked from the ground. And what does it contain? Why, two sides of exciting materials from Kostis Kilymis of course! The work presented here is grown out of a Stockholm live performance and some sweetly detailed field recordings, all treated and processed by various means, some of them pleasingly dubby. Second Saturation is a tape on The Tapeworm.
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Jon Wesseltoft & Balázs Pándi
Infinite Vice

Tantalising pairing of Norwegian electroacoustician Jon Wesseltoft and powerhouse Hungarian drummer Balazs Pandi, who has recently been prominently in action with a certain Merzbow. Infinite Vice is less relentless and more explorative than the Merzwork: though some of the electronic textures are pretty fizzy, the general vibe is of listening and improvised textures. Tape on The Tapeworm.
  • Tape (TTW110)
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Zeno van den Broek

Cassette label The Tapeworm have been running a tidy racket for almost a decade now. Since 2009 the London label has released great little tapes from the likes of Stephen O’Malley and Derek Jarman. Their 111th release (very satisfying, that) comes courtesy of Dutch composer/sound-artist Zeno van den Broek. To create Entrop, van den Broek built a synth, modded it with feedback loops and set it to trigger percussive sounds on a drum computer. The musical results bridge noise, music concrete and IDM.
  • Tape (TTW111)
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Hanno Leichtmann

The Tapeworm present two different recordings of Hanno Leichtmann's SY-4 installation in which he creates loops almost only using the sounds of SY-1 drum machine. Always interesting to listen to music and art collide and this tape is no different. Installations aim for something different that recording so this sort of thing always sounds fresh.
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Christos Chondropoulos
Music From The Early Robotic Societies Of The Basin

Further oddness coming from The Tapeworm, this time featuring Greek musician Christos Chondropoulos. A seemingly tech-utopian society is depicted here, where robots understand the joys and transcendence of performance, making sonic links with the cultural links Athens has with the Asian and African continents. 


NYZ aka Noyzelab mastermind and Aphex Twin pal David Burraston with another dose of head-scratching, logic-defying synthesis. Past releases from the mad scientist have seen him delve deep into forgotten gear and arcane processes, emerging with sonic oddities that inspire baffled cries of “how?” and sometimes “why?”. This Tapeworm cassette promises more puzzling thrills, limited to 100 copies that won’t hang around for long.

Damo Suzuki's Network featuring Chateau Laut

These days Damo Suzuki is a perpetual tourer, playing with his Network, in other words an ever-changing gang of whichever musicians are available in the city he’s playing that night. This particular show, recorded in Berlin in 2010 at the titular Ausland venue, is a good fun but of organic improvisation, with Chateau Laut making up part of the band. Limited edition cassette from The Tapeworm.

Rishaug Marhaug
Corneal Clouds

Your two favourite ‘Haug’s Alexander Rishaug and Lasse Marhaug reveal the second fruit of their two-decade collaboration: Corneal Clouds. Rishaug Marhaug spent several years developing and redeveloping the fine textures of this work of noisy electronic abstractions, and the results are released by The Tapeworm in one of their typically stylised minimal designs.

Lightning In A Twilight Hour
Quiet Actions

While I had a dream that the Field Mice reformed and played a sell out UK tour, in real life Bobby Wratten and Ann Marie-Davies from the band have been making low key music as Lightning in a Twilight Hour. This is a limited cassette of two long form compositions that highlight the dreamy ambient side of the legendary indie poppers. 

Something You Are Or Something You Do

Sound artist Richard Chartier’s polarising and parallel running project Pinkcourtesyphone takes his minimal, distant and abstracted drones to an emotionally and musically elevated level, over bearing but still remain incredibly minimal. Mechanical drones meets micro tonal harmony. Previous collaborators include William Basinski and Cosey Fanni Tutti. Incredibly limited cassette on The Tapeworm.

Simon Scott

Slowdive drummer Simon Scott was just heading out onto stage to play a set of his solo work when he heard the news of the tragic events at the Bataclan in Paris. This recording of his November 2015 set is therefore dedicated to all the victims of that terrible night. This is a room recording of the entire show, a one-off set showcasing his lovely drifting ambience inspired by the natural world. 

Jay Glass Dubs
Dislocated Folklore

Jay Glass Dubs is Dimitris Papadatos on a mission to imagine a different pathway that dub music might have taken. Dislocated Folklore stirs spoken recordings of the Quran and time-stretched samples from old Ragga tunes into the usual Jay Glass Dubs ingredients, and ends up with an hours-worth of strange soundworlds. Cassette release on The Tapeworm.

Mark Fell
Focal Music #3, #4, #5a, #5b

Abstracted rave-technician genius Mark Fell presents several variations on his Focal Music piece. The concept is that a subtly-morphing percussive pattern is played, via headphones, to a performer who must then try and follow the pattern (the audience does not hear the pattern). Versions #3, #4, #5a, and #5b feature Laura Cannell, Aby Vulliamy and Sandro Mussida. Tape release on The Tapeworm.

Marta De Pascalis

Marta De Pascalis works with a self-devised tape-loop system and synthesisers, a combination that allows her to make sounds, spin them around, and send them fizzling off into the void with an intuitive touch. Anzar is a pair of improvised pieces that drone and seethe and fizz: high-grade stuff, out on The Tapeworm.

Biting Tongues
Still On Hawaiian Time

Biting Tongues were a noisy experimental post-punk group from 80’s Manchester, little known today. Still On Hawaiian Time compiles two live performances from the early 80’s, featuring tape manipulation, electronics, spoken word and avant-grooves. Very rare stuff, put to cassette by The Tapeworm label.

Saturn and the Sun
Harsh Realities, Broken Bones and Skull Tones

Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander are part of Swedish rock group The Skull Defekts. However, as Saturn And The Sun the duo the make music that centres around cacophonous electronic music and drones. Harsh Realities, Broken Bones & Skin Tones is a 38 minute-long cassette featuring four pieces of such music for your pleasure.

Dale Cornish & Phil Julian
Two Warhol's Worth

Dale Cornish and Phil Julian are renowned for a number of solo works on a variety of labels. Dale Cornish was intrigued by the Hewlett Packard test tone generator that Phil Julian had recently acquired. Dale Cornish wrote the words and sang them over Phil Julian’s HP generated electronic noises to create Two Warhol's Worth. Two Warhol’s Worth is available on cassette.

Television Set
Emma Hauck's Letters

Emma Hauck’s Letters by Television Set is music inspired by the 1980s. It was recorded by chameleon-like artist Roger Semsroth, who also goes by the name of Sleeparchive. This is music written for the eternal singleton who does eventually get the girl or boy. Emma Hauck’s Letters is available on Cassette.

Paul H. Williams

Aeroforms 1 & 2 were recorded using a BBC microcomputer and Music 500 outboard synthesizer around 1984/85. Paul H. Williams says that he wrote a programme to make music within a certain set of parameters. Sounds of differing quality, length and frequency were selected then the programme randomly selected order and length. This meant that each time the programme was run, different sounds would result. This cassette features the first 45 minutes of parts 1 & 2 which are essentially never ending.

Michael Muennich

Michael Muennich recorded 'Schamprozessionen' in Hamburg throughout the past two years, a collection of gasping, wheezing field recordings with fluid, leaking sounds and plenty of surface noise. The record offers up a variety of natural sounds that show off the transience of real life ambience. And that rhymes, so you know it's true.

Spire Live in Bergen

Curated by Touch's Mike Harding and organist Charles Matthews, Spire is an organ-based live project which has been going for ten years, and this cassette captures a series of performances which took places on a single day and featuring a pipe organ in Bergen. Matthews himself contributes pieces by Arvo Part, Giacinto Scelsi and Johann Sebastian Bach, and there are also appearances from BJNilsen and John Beaumont's "Black Death", Marcus Davidson and more.
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  • The Tapeworm

Osman Arabi
Destroying Symmetry

Lebanese composer and producer Osman Arabi is a singular figure in the international noise and industrial music scenes. Recorded in one take at Tunefork Recording Studios in August 2013, this cassette release channels an electrified energy captured during the recording process after retreating into creative hiding over the past decade to develop his craft, and all the better for it.   
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  • The Tapeworm

Graham Dowdall
Outside Broadcast

Graham Dowdall used to drum in Manchester's cult post-punk outfit Ludus, and has also toured with Nico in his time -- he now plays in as many avant-garde rock bands as he can find the time for. 'Outside Broadcast', hi newest solo offering, continues to prove that he's the quintessential artist of the underground and leftfield, with a strictly lo-fi sound that collects together memories of childhood through radio broadcast noises -- the whole thing was made on "a radio-cassette player alongside two iPad apps", bringing together old and new. 'Outside Broadcast' is something of a transient release: Dowdall hopes that the more it gets played, the more the tape will get worn, and the better it will sound.
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  • The Tapeworm

CM Von Hausswolff
Dark 80ies

As well as running a gallery and a record company and playing in three rock bands and the duo Phauss with Erik Pauser, CM von Hausswolff found time to make his own experimental sound art installations, a selection of which are compiled here from throughout the '80s. Sounds range from his daughter's own heartbeat in the womb, Iranian propaganda tapes, and an automated phone which would call random numbers and declare "We want to take control over your life. Do you have any comments?"