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Zola Jesus
Live At Roadburn 2018

Zola Jesus has been churning out her dark industrial and gothic sound for over ten years now but one crucial thing is missing from her back catalogue (until now)... the live album. Jacob Bannon of Converge invited her to perform on his curated day at Roadburn 2018 and as luck would have it someone taped the show and so now you can hear her performance in all its glory. 

Be Aware Of Your Limitations (Live at Roadburn 2017)

We have UK exclusive on this pressing of 300 copies of Gnod's incendiary live set at Roadburn in 2017. The Manchester collective were artists in residence at the festival and this is one of four shows they played. Consisting of two near twenty minute side long jams, their inventive nihilistic first set that day has been recorded onto wax and exclusively mixed by none other than Andrew Liles. Be quick. These won't be around long. 
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Oranssi Pazuzu
Live at Roadburn

Oranssi Pazazu are a Finnish psychedelic black metal band, not that they necessarily want to get bogged down in all that genre stuff. They are just the kind of band to go down a storm at the Roadburn festival which is what they did in 2016 and 2017. Live At Roadburn will help you experience their blistering and innovative experimentalism in the comfort of your own home. Essential fact: Their keyboard player is called Evil. 

Live at Roadburn 2010

Give me YOB, me mama! YOB, me mama! YOB, until the morning come! (Un)Fortunately, a similar name is about the only musical similarity between this group and a beloved advert for a certain yoghurt-based breakfast drink. Live At Roadburn 2010 shows off the full might of the Oregon group’s cosmic doom sound. At the festival the band ripped through their set as if attempting to simultaneously summon demons and rip bongs.

The Unreal Never Lived – Live At Roadburn 2012

YOB hail from Eugene, Oregon and play extremely heavy doom metal, which is the way it should be. Following a two year hiatus in the mid ‘00s they returned to great acclaim, Including a couple of ear-damaging sets at the Roadburn festival. The Unreal Never Lived- Live At Roadburn 2012 captures the band in fine form and is previously unreleased. Double LP and CD on Roadburn Records.

Streetcleaner: Live At Roadburn 2011

Streetcleaner is the second (some say definitive) album of Justin K. Broadrick’s legendary Godflesh, and Roadburn is the Dutch festival renowned by fans of heavy music the world over. On this record, the two meet one another, with Godflesh playing a beefed-up version of the album in front of a rapturous live audience at the festival in 2011. Definitely a new flavour added to Streetcleaner here. Released by Roadburn Records.

Live At Roadburn 2010, 2012, 2014

Roadburn is Tilburg's premier festival of metal and the noise that exists adjacent to it. I'm pretty sure we had one of these live records from them when Gnod were doing their drone ritual business over there, and now we get one from Bong, the band so stoked on being stoned that their drummer puts his head down on his kit when they're doing the more Sunn O))) inspired bits. As slow and steady as you could possibly have a doom metal band, they're arguably at their best when playing out, so I'd say this is a good compromise for anyone who can't be bothered to leave their house.

Subdued - Live At Roadburn 2017

Roadburn Festival clearly keep good archives of what goes down at their annual heavy music occurrences, because the live albums keep on popping up on their Roadburn Records imprint. This one is SubRosa’s set from the 2017 festival, with the band running through seven of their tracks in what some attendees reckon was the highlight performance of the festival. CD edition.

Salem’s Pot
Live At Roadburn 2015

After four studio albums, Swedish rockers Salem’s Pot feel the time is right to release a live one. Live At Roadburn 2015 is just that, capturing the band playing their oxymoronic brand of gritty, dark glam rock to a packed house (tent/field) at the Dutch rock festival. LP on Roadburn Records.
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Futurians Live At Roadburn

Roadburn festival in Tilburg, Holland, really is a crucial place for the gnarlier end of heavy music, and it has been good to see documentation released recently of various bands giving their best to the Roadburn audiences. Here we have Slomatics doing their dense sludgy thing Live At Roadburn 2017, sounding as great as they ever have.

My Brother The Wind
Live at Roadburn 2013

Psych disciples extraordinaire, with a prog-rock name to make Gentle Giant red with envy, it's My Brother The Wind! 'Live at Roadburn 2013' captures a performance that comes off the heels of their last record, 'I Wash My Soul in the Stream of Infinity', a slab of impromptu rock that took under five hours to record. Taking democratic prog bands as their inspiration, My Brother The Wind try to make live shows that use each instrument as its own vessel, treating each sound as having equal weight in order to make the most layered sound possible. Did I mention they like prog? All songs over nine minutes or your money back.

Live At Roadburn

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Live at Roadburn

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Live at Roadburn 2014

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Live At Roadburn 2012

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The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation

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White Hills
Live At Roadburn 2011

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Live At Roadburn 2010

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Live At Roadburn 2009

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Guilted By The Sun

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