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Rites Of Spring
Six Song Demo

Pretty excited about this one coming into the office. Dischord are finally treating us to a definitive official release of the mythical first demo of Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty’s pre-Fugazi emo trailblazer...view item »

The Messthetics
The Messthetics

What happens when you take the rhythm section out of Fugazi and add a jazz guy? Something like the Messthetics I imagine.  Here's nine songs they recorded in their practice space, semi structured with lots of room for improvisation. Simple guitar, bass, drums set up explored by some of the finest players in the...view item »

Red Hare
Little Acts Of Destruction

The fine tradition of D.C. hardcore appears to be in safe hands with Red Hare. Their second LP, Little Acts Of Destruction, is a bracing dash through fourteen taut, muscular punk tracks. Tracks like ‘Affirmation’ bristle with energy, packing plenty into their short run times. If you needed a seal of approval...view item »

Eyes To The Light

Est. 2014 in Washington, DC during a fight for control of the caps lock key, the EFFECTS are a trio specialising in riffy, post-punk U.S. indie. On this debut LP Eyes to the Light, the band follows a can...view item »

A.C.R. 1999

Lungfish are a band who never really fit into any kind of “scene”. Locking into their sensuous repeato grooves with pagan psych vibes over which Dan Higgs...view item »

Shudder To Think
Ten Spot

Shudder to Think’s 1990 LP, the first that they dropped on Dischord, is put to wax once again here. In some senses - the palm-muted rhythms, the ferocious tub-thumping, Bad Brains-y squaws of guitar - it’s classic Dischord fare. In others - the theatrical flourishes that pepper each ...view item »

The Argument

Fugazi return from a long absence with a new single and album out on the same day though am not exactly sure how intentional it was. The single (called Furniture) is classic Fugazi along the lines of Waiting Room. Top chuggy indie guitar rock. Don't really need to say much more about that. Note ...view item »

Margin Walker

Ian MacKaye, Brendan Canty, Guy Picciotto, and Joe Lally provide one of the strongest outfits in all of rock history. Fugazi is a band that believes in the fans, it is their policy that all their shows be at an admittance of seven dollars or less, and all their albums be sold at a price of $12.99. They are really a band for the people, and Margi...view item »

Minor Threat
Minor Threat

That familiar bald head can only mean one thing.. a repress of the first Minor Threat album! Unbelievably succinct and vicious hardcore punk, though the whole thing is only 17 minutes it has the weight of something far larger. It even accidentally created a whole lifestyle with ‘Straight Edge’, the band’s clean...view item »

Red Medicine

Probably the best summation of Fugazi is said by singer Ian Mackaye "We play loud electric guitar music, and we'd hope that that doesn't mean you have to act like an asshole". It's a statement that makes sense when you put on one of their records and what better record showcases this than their 4th LP Red Medicine. K...view item »

First Demo

Fugazi are now lauded as one of the most influential punk bands of all time, both for their contributions to the lineage of hardcore (continuing what Minor Threat started with a little more "post" in the mix for the new era) and for their political standpoints, uncompromising live shows and complete autonomy. 'First Demo', though, charts Ian Mac...view item »

The Evens
Get Evens

The Evens' second album doesn't deviate from their debut in any way and this is a good thing. Comprised of former Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye on baritone guitar and vocals and his wife Amy Farina on drums and vocals, the Evens make surprisingly simple and melodic songs. The sparse arrangements give the songs both an intimacy and...view item »

Dag Nasty
Cold Heart / Wanting Nothing

The session that produced Cold Heart and Wanting Nothing for Dag Nasty’s new 7” saw the Washington DC band’s original lineup of Brian Baker, Shawn Brown, Roger Marbury and Colin Sears reunite in the studio for the first time since 1985. It also marks their return to the legendary Disch...view item »


Scream-Dischord records other "stars" (see Minor Threat) come at you on this release with both barrels burnin'. "Fumble" is a downright killer...from the Bad Brains-influenced "Land Tore Down", seriously impassioned vocals by Peter Stahl on the pounding "Dying Days", the very Wo...view item »

In On The Killtaker

In On The Kill Taker is one of Fugazi's most shamefully overlooked works, too straightforward to appease their later fans and not punx enough to piss off a hardcore kid the way they like it. What you get instead is a furious dance: some of the band's catchiest cuts, including "Public Witness P...view item »

The Evens
The Odds

It’s been a while now since Ian Mackaye’s legendary Fugazi went on hiatus and he started recording and touring with Amy Farina as The Evens, producing an altogether quieter and more contemplative style of ...view item »

Edie Sedgwick
We Wear White

Edie Sedgwick is the long-running solo outlet of Justin Moyer, who has also been variously involved in El Guapo, Supersystem, Antelo...view item »

Office Of Future Plans
Office Of Future Plans

This is probably exciting news to some - J. Robbins (Government Issue, Burning Airlines, Jawbox, producer extraordinaire) has a new group with an album out on his first home - Dischord records. Formed after a supposed one-off performance supporting Chicago punkers The Bomb, the group has ...view item »

Nation Of Ulysses
Plays Pretty For Baby

An entertaining band that owes its sound to a single song from Mission of Burma - "New Nails." This band is not an evolution of anything from the MacKaye circle of music -- it doesn't sound anything like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, or Bad Brains. It's not a hardcore album, and it's not immediately obvious why it appears on the Dischor...view item »

Dark Days Coming

It's amazing how a CD that is over a decade old can still school every band in its genre years after its initial release. This is just another chapter in the long years of Dischord records. It features 3/4 of what would become Grey Matter and our favourite 'straight edge' drummer from ...view item »

Q And Not U
Different Damage

Also worth a hearty mention this week is the newie from Washington's Q and not U, an album on Dischord called 'Different Damage' which is a proper grower. Like a stripped down and funky party version of Fugazi (obvious mention-sorry!) they play wiry disco punk with intelligent lyrics which should...view item »

The Evens
The Evens

The Evens are Ian Mackaye of Fugazi (I had to look that up on the internet as I was too embarrassed to ask Brian) and a lady. 25 seconds in and its sounding good. The Breeders crossed with Stereolab. Nice sparse arrangements with man and woman vocals interchanging. Quite a nice suprise this one. On Dischord...view item »

The Unanimous Hour

In the world of the arts we look for someone's own unique perspective on things, the way they process information and return it to us. Over the years (1988-present) Lungfish has been an interesting force far and beyond the usual perspective. The band's frontman, Daniel Higgs, has certainly abandoned the norm (even in the world of experiment) an ...view item »

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